2017 Yearly Horoscopes

ARIES - This year you'll focus will be on key relationships and how they evolve. You will want to continue with developing any new bonds formed and you'll seek the same energy you're giving to be displayed back at you. Financially you will want to set targets and do work that makes you feels whole and complete. Your family will definitely be supportive of you more so than past years and they will go along with any ideas you have. You'll have to work extra hard to make others see your vision but you can achieve it. TAURUS - If you're single this year will continue to hold some valuable lessons for you and will help you understand why certain people didn't work out. You may have to spend some

2017 Predictions

In Numerology 2017 is broken down as 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and 1+0 = 1. So ONE is symbolic of being the beginning and more importantly it represents new beginnings, rebirth, and a new cycle. You will see many changing jobs and careers this year. You will see a lot of people gravitating towards networking and expanding their capabilities. In our world, we are going to see a lot of new events and policies we have never seen before. Many will be positive and some will sadden us as spiritual beings here on earth. 2016 was a year of major changes and controversy. It was struggle for everyone at some level and lots of turns and twists on every path. I too was hoping I would get insight from my angels

A Spiritual View on GOD

Being a clairvoyant and spiritual medium I often get asked what is my take on GOD. I was once asked if my gifts were from GOD or did I get them from another source. I was drinking a cup of tea of course and almost spit it out as I thought the question was sort of silly but then I thought about why this person was asking. After some thought it does make sense why they asked this. Some people tend to work through spirit, the light, GOD, angels, and the heavenly spiritual realm. You have some though who do have abilities but use the dark side of it and it is not GOD who they believe in and they use the lower spiritual realms for their information as a source. Having years or researching, readin

The Alchemist: Understanding Your Place in the World

When we hear the world Alchemy or Alchemist you immediately think of scientists changing metals into another substance or transformation of things. However, we are alchemists every day. We can change our lives and change circumstances by the way we perceive things in ourselves and those around us. An alchemist liberates themselves in the world as we know. Our spiritual side and truths can transform our life here on earth. This world is full of rules, beliefs, social conditioning and much more but we all have an inner power and control of our own destiny. Being an alchemist is not about being perfect but finding ways and doing things to get in touch with your higher self and not allowing exte

Twin Flames Part II: The Chase and Run

Now I had covered that the twin flames sometimes come together and unite or spend some time during this life time but for whatever reason they separate. In most cases the reason is the similarities in personalities is like staring into a glass mirror. This can cause you to have that moment of feeling like this person is so deep and knows you better than yourself. While this is all fine and dandy, many of us fear others knowing our thoughts or not having some level of privacy. There are several phases that Twin flames who come together in this life experience and I will outline them here. Plutonic Phase- The relationship may start off very plutonic with strong surges of romance or attraction

Energy Shift 2016 & 2017

On December 14th, a Full Moon or the final super moon of 2016 will occur and be in the sign of Gemini. This is going to be signaling the ending of the year but more importantly the ending in many aspects of our lives. 2016 was a number 9 year meaning that we witnessed many changes occur in the world on a global scale and impacting many. This ranged from natural disasters, celebrity deaths, and presidential elections, and many more events which are too many to list in this article. So what does the remainder of this year have in store for you? That’s a good question. Now this moon is in the sign of Gemini which is a sign of creativity, constant change, mental stability, and communication. All

The Twin Flame Frenzy

I can't tell you how much the Twin Flame topic has come to the forefront and in recent years but let me start by saying. When I was around 7 years old I told my mom what if I had a twin out in the world like me. Someone who talked like me, looked like me, etc. Lol thinking back I had a HUGE imagination but I still like to think I do. But this always stayed with me until my spiritual calling and path took place and I remembered uttering those words. I guess I knew I have a twin flame out there. I have seen my twin flame but have not made a connection but let me explain further the questions around this concept. First thing is why is a twin flame called a flame was my question? The answer w

Witchcraft and Witches

There are many who associate witchcraft or witches as being something evil. This is a big misconception you will find by those who are spiritually asleep and have believed the social conditioning that is enforced up on as a society. You will find there are many people who practice a different set of beliefs or modalities. Everyone is going to have an opinion but from a spiritual perspective magic is always around us. Being a witch whether natural born or you adopted a pagan/wiccan path does not mean the person is evil or going to use their craft for dark purposes. There are good witches and bad witches. Those who practice the light and are called the White Witch. Then you have the dark witch

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