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Witchcraft and Witches

There are many who associate witchcraft or witches as being something evil. This is a big misconception you will find by those who are spiritually asleep and have believed the social conditioning that is enforced up on as a society.

You will find there are many people who practice a different set of beliefs or modalities. Everyone is going to have an opinion but from a spiritual perspective magic is always around us. Being a witch whether natural born or you adopted a pagan/wiccan path does not mean the person is evil or going to use their craft for dark purposes. There are good witches and bad witches. Those who practice the light and are called the White Witch. Then you have the dark witches those who practice the dark and self-destructive path. Then you have those who like to be a gray witch meaning they stay mainly in the light and work with this but can turn to the dark side if and when they are provoked or someone hurts them or their families.

The world is comprised of a balance between good and evil. Light and dark and it’s how you choose to use your gifts and what path you choose that follows that determines your position in life.

Let’s take a look at the Natural Born witch and how to recognize if you were born one? Many who are natural born quite possibly had a past life in which they were a white witch because when we sign up for our blueprints we don’t always choose something that is foreign to us so these would people who were witches in the past and chose to be that again in their present life for whatever reason. In most cases there are lessons to be learned.

Here are the ways to recognize you are a natural born witch:

  • Connected to the color black and while some may say no no this is not true. Black is a powerful color but not evil. It is a color witches are usually drawn to because it can bind negative energies.

  • Drawn to the occult, witchcraft or books quite possibly. Spells, but you may find you have a way with poetry and putting thoughts out into the universe.