Spiritual Warfare

Within our physical plane (Earth) and beyond there is a spiritual warfare occurring. This is a battle between good and evil and many of us are witnessing this being manifested in what is occurring in the world right now but this is just a distraction to take our thought process away from the bigger picture. There is a divergence occurring with humanity in which we will have to pick a side. Which energy do we claim evil or good. The last 2 months I have been praying even harder to God, angels and my spiritual team. I have been seeing things shifting. This mainly had to do with Mother Earth and not humanity. For the last couple of weeks I have seen butterflies yellow and monarchs flying but th

Haunted or to Be Haunted, That is the Question

It’s that time of year when some of us like to hit the cemeteries and haunted houses that has a legend or folklore tale attached to it. Perhaps there were tragic events that took place there. Sometimes while doing this we try to prove our ghost hunting skills by stalking these places or going on tours. During this time everyone has their EVP recorders or cameras and flashing pics. Here is the thing you need to understand about hauntings (earthbound spirits). These are spirits who are stuck here for some reason or another. They truly want to be left alone. Some want assistance to cross over. This was a person who was once living and either stuck reliving how they passed or attached to a place

Spirits are Not the Lost & Found Department

Being spiritually gifted many individuals will ask for you to find missing items that they have either lost or misplaced. I mean you are gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience and you have a direct connection to the spirit world so why can’t they help you with this? This is a good question. Many psychics and mediums will not be able to help assist you with this because spirit will NOT participate in something you have lost. Spirit is not a lost and found department. Yes, it may have sentimental value but spirit is more concerned with healing messages, and providing you with other types of insight that can heal you. Spirit also has duties on the other side such as learning and evolving. In s

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