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Confessions of A Celebrity Psychic

It’s 2am and I’m sitting here burning the midnight oil, drinking some coffee and doing what I do best when I can’t sleep. I will sit behind my laptop and let my fingers type away but the words this time hit very different. It’s almost 2021, let me just say that I have so much to say so be sure to get some tissues because some of you may be able to relate.

3 years ago, I felt something deep within me shift. I felt this big shift and it was not just spiritual but on the love front. Yes, I’m 38, single, and still looking for my prince charming. Sorry ladies, I bat for the other team! LOL surprise, right? It was about 3 years ago that I fell deeply into a “situationship” looking for love and developing unrealistic expectations. This was all online and probably also a result of me receiving some kind of attention. This friendship became something volatile because of a third-party situation which is something I have NEVER spoken of and will NEVER utter names. The tea here is that I was the invisible one and sadly while I do live my life in the spotlight of YouTube, I didn’t feel it was necessary to discuss any of this. I think now I’m older and wiser, but life keeps teaching me lessons. I’ve always helped many people around the world and continue to do so on this journey. I swore to myself I would not open myself up to love ever again because this was a painful ending of a person I truly cared about and who because of the other person they were with, things got even more confusing and guess who was the bad guy? ME!!! I don’t see myself as a victim, nor do I harbor any ill will to this person but only have love for them and their partner. I learned that this was NOT about them but rather me learning my self-worth. I’m NOT perfect and I have many triggers. I think the damage from this not only sent me into a mini episode of depression and self-loathing that I ate my feelings away. Yes, I turned to what felt good and for me that was sugar. Anything and everything sweet. Almost like how an addict turns to drugs for satisfaction. That was my relationship with sugar. I learned the hard way in July 2019 being at my heaviest weight.

I started to feel dizzy, sick after eating and super tired and sleepy too. I did not know what was wrong with me but I knew something was NOT right. This led me to getting my blood sugar checked. Spirit told me you are probably Diabetic. Again we sometimes try to reason and say NO this is not right. No spirit is WRONG. So I went in for blood work and a check up and sure enough I was diagnosed as a diabetic. To hear the words diabetic, especially after losing family from this horrible disease cannot compare to the words Cancer but they are not too far apart. If you know what diabetes can result in, trust me amputations and comas are not my idea of how I want to live my life. This scared me shitless (pardon my language). I was very scared and then I fell back into that pity party and realized NO one was responsible for me, only MYSELF. ME, MYSELF and I. How others treat us, has NOTHING to do with us but rather with them. As an empath I also began to take on the emotions of clients and it all became so overwhelming, so much that I felt like a child learning to walk again. I looked at food differently from that point. Telling me no sugar, no salt, no pasta. Are you kidding me??? Like what am I supposed to eat. Air? Lol did I suddenly become a model and now on the morsel diet (no shade intended). Ha! I had so many questions and didn’t have a support group. Although a good friend and her husband who is diabetic helped me as well as a great nurse practitioner.

I learned quickly what was for me, what wasn’t for me. I had to learn a new language of food. As the months progressed, I had the weight come off and I plateaued in my weight loss. Meaning, I no longer could lose weight it just became a number on the scale, frozen and never changing. I know my metabolism and body had to make additional changes. Being a psychic medium who primarily works out of his office, sitting all day, I literally did not move much. It was then around July 2020 that I began this whole 30 diet that a friend recommended to me and bought myself an exercise bike. I started to see movement again on the scale. So the reason I’m sharing this whole backstory is because 2020 has felt like this. Life all of sudden came to a standstill in 2020. No movement and progression forward. I reversed diabetes and I also published my 2nd edition of my oracle cards Starseed Footsteps. I began to do more for myself including monthly facials at the spa, getting my hair done at the salon. These days are sacred for me, almost like my relationship with GOD. I thank GOD each and every day of my life. Over the years I have had many people come into my life and show me one thing or another. One thing that I have learned is that people in our life come and go. Many seem like a ray of sunshine and fill a temporary void in your life and then others are there for a lifetime. When I became more vocal in my political stance and who I supported, the hate intensified. I had many of my so called “friends” leave or exit willingly because it’s easier to give up on a friendship than to look past differences in opinions or thoughts. In their mind, YOU are the problem, and YOU are brainwashed. Though, this is just their EGO speaking. What I found so ironic is that the same friendships who have left my life still look at my page, Instagram posts and keep tabs on me. Many to see me fail. Some of these individuals I won’t even go into the level of fuckery that they have done. You would be surprised. Being emulated is very flattering but creating fake accounts using your photos and then adding the same people you follow, trying to make money off of your own hard work and dedication is NOT FLATTERING, its sick. Being called racist because I’m light skinned and support a certain political candidate is NOT spiritual. Yet many in the spiritual community who claim to be leaders, psychics, mediums, and have these beautiful messages of unity, became the ones expressing disdain and hatred towards me for my beliefs.

Cyberbullying was amped up and every video I made on YouTube was automatically filled with these haters I call Drusilla’s flooding my pages calling me fake, saying I’m wrong or if they couldn’t find anything with my words, they would criticize my pronunciation or spelling errors. That song of Britney Spears, “Piece of Me” could never have rang so true to me. In retrospect, when I reflect on this past year, I went from being the most liked psychic medium to the most hated one because I share different beliefs than others! The same people who would compliment and say, Ray, “You’re the best!” became “Ray, how can you call yourself a psychic and be so blind.” Yet nothing you present to them is going to change their mind or opinion. People who are brainwashed by the media or have become puppets and trust CNN as their everyday news source can no longer differentiate the difference between the truth and the lie.

I even had some psycho send me personal mail to my postal box with a photo of President Trump and myself with the devil next to it. I never have spoken of this until now. The level of insanity and things that go on behind the scenes is expected. But because we are celebrities or public figures, we are expected to take it right? Well actually NO!!! I fought back by praying to GOD because despite being a psychic medium, my love for GOD is unwavering and my love for our country is unwavering as well. I will NEVER change my core beliefs in a higher power. It’s scary to think some people mock God, Jesus and Mother Mary and serve a darker power. It’s flat out insulting and it’s these same people waging war on cities and people. It’s the same people spinning narratives and hoping our President would die when he came out with a diagnosis of Rona. How can you equate that to love and unity? How can you say you work with GOD or that you are spiritual with that hate? I have sat and observed the boundaries pushed by the BIG tech and other corrupt politicians who have strived to put their own selfish needs, not to even say the countless celebrity millionaires who sit in their mansion and use their platforms to tell you who to vote for, when they have NEVER and would NEVER give you some of their millions when you found yourself on the unemployment line this year. When you were evicted or lost your job, where were these people? I can say I did not have the money to give but I gave in other ways, bringing some laughter with Madam Gina (a character I created on my YouTube channel). I brought joy and peace by creating content that was subjected to censorship and political ads being ran on my channel for the opposite candidate who I will NEVER support or claim as my president. Yet what did these celebrities do for you, other than getting you brainwashed to vote a certain way?

The shift to the AGE of Aquarius has brought on a huge shift to 5D consciousness. The Christ Consciousness and yet there are people who are resisting this shift. However, I feel like this year has divided so many people. To the ones who have made it this far and are still reading my confessions thank you. For those of you Rays of Light who still support me despite my views and way of being, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for my loyal soul family. To anyone who felt offended or triggered by my posts, memes or YouTube videos I want to say FUCK YOU! Yeah You!!! I’m not here to be a cookie cutter version to make you happy! What you see is what you will always get whether you like it or not! I’m 38 and I have no tolerance for hate, racism or movements that promote hate and division. I will NEVER shut up or be quiet to express my freedom as it is our constitutional right! I am tired of being censored and I’m tired of dancing on tippy toes for those that I care about and prove me right every single time. I’m tired of having fake friends who are there for benefits only. I’m tired of confused men coming to me looking for some solace. I can’t teach a man to wear his pants, as I’m still finding myself and trying to figure myself out. I’m a firecracker, I’m sour and I’m sweet. I’m not just a celebrity psychic, but rather a human being with feelings. Our society has become so polluted with people who want to cancel you for saying what is on your mind or punish you by stopping the support. The old Ray you knew is NO longer here. This one is going to be a very fearless and outspoken rebel.

2021 for me is going to be scary but beautiful because I know I have many new beginnings and opportunities. For me at this point in my career, my main focus is continuing to expand and bring you content that makes you happy but staying true to myself. I am also focused on LOVE. I’m on my quest or journey to find a man who is emotionally available, who is sure of himself. Someone who is looking for a long-term relationship and sacred union. Someone who is willing to be honest and not just into a nice body or looks. I’m looking for someone who I can cook for and treat like my king. I’m looking for an alpha male who is not filled with toxic masculinity. I think the perfect person is someone who can just be free and spontaneous without caring what others think because they hold a position and fear what their family or friends think. I want someone who will not bail out when I share my own issues or problems. Someone who is willing to be calm when life is stormy.

I’m a hopeless romantic and my ideal vision is to walk on a beach at night, holding hands and just sitting looking up at the stars. Sitting on a rooftop and just taking in the view of the city. I know I will find this and as you can see, I’m more like you single folks out there who also have not given up on love. I know that person who is my soulmate is coming. Helping clients has helped me understand life and the universal theme out here is that everyone is LOOKING for love. Everyone desires to be with someone. Everyone deserves to have a partner and soulmate. My messages for you men and women reading this is to NOT settle and do NOT turn to someone just to fill a void or to make your family and friends think you are not pathetic. You don’t owe anyone shit! Stop waiting for the right one to come in, manifest it like I am. Keep praying and do not resign yourself to LOVE!

After this year, many think I have changed or that they won and silenced my voice or my support for a certain party and the real tea is that you did NOT win. I will support who and what I want on my own terms.

2021 is almost here, take the trips you need to do. Leave the abusive and toxic relationships that shatter your soul little by little every day. Speak your truth and dance in the moonlight. This year has been super hard for many friends and clients who have gone through a difficult divorce or separation. Keep your crown on girls and keep that chin high. Remember nothing stays the same. This time next year, you will be stronger and happier. Things can change in one week, month or even a year. Each day is a new beginning.

I’m signing out to celebrate the New Years and I’ve never been happier with saying we MADE IT!!!!! Stay tuned to my journey because I’m just beginning. I love you all and my greatest wish is for you to find love, happiness, abundance and good health in 2021.

Your fave Psychic Medium,



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