To Be Secretly Gay & Spiritual

For those of you who are reading this probably have been following and supporting me for years but for those of you who are new, I want to personally say thank you. I felt compelled to speak on a topic that I rarely speak about. That is our sexuality and our preferences. Often so many people are living double life's and it's very scary for them to come out. I remember coming out as gay around 18 years old and it was the most painful experience because I didn't know the outcome. I came from a strict Catholic background and didn't know what to expect and the fact that I knew once I came out, I could never turn back. I compare this to jumping out of an airplane and although you have a parachute on your back and you know where the string is to pull, it's quite terrifying to do it. Because you start playing so many scenarios playing in your mind. I decided to write this because I have many clients who are lesbian, gay or bisexual and yes even transgender. I think it's beautiful that we live in such a way. What is harder is that even in 2001 it was a quite scary time. Not many gays had a voice or rights as we do now. Even now, many gays suffer being bullied, beaten or in worse case scenarios, killed. I can only imagine how things were before the 1990's for the LGBTQ community.