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Power of Spell Work

When we hear someone say they are a witch, let's face it, we think of the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. She has green skin, a wart on her nose, and wears a conical hat. That is fiction my dearies, as she would say. However, witches are very real and modern. They exist and look like you and me. We don't have green skin. Movies have given us an image that is simply not true. Although, we all wish we could just snap our fingers to bend the will of others or make shit happen. However, magic or spell work does NOT work like that. No! It is quite the opposite. Not all witches are bad witches and not all do sacrifices and are worshiping Satan. The biblical doctrines out there have condemned us witches for simply wanting to be one with nature, for loving GOD's creatures, for working with crystals and using herbs to heal those who need it, including ourselves. Being a witch is empowerment and not all witches are female either. Just like the color pink has been identified as a woman's color, society has used the term witch to describe a female but men can also be identified as such. The word witch does not discriminate.

Spell work, what is that? Why do people want to mess with witchcraft? Isn't that all evil or can backfire? I do believe in karma and that any spell work done with ill intentions can definitely backfire and have repercussions for the practitioner. However, if the work you are doing is for yourself or to heal or help others and has the greatest and highest good of all concerned, then NO there aren't any side effects. What many people don't realize is that spells are done daily and you probably do spell work without even realizing. Have you ever said something to the effect that you wished a certain outcome on a person and it happened, maybe not immediately but it happened? Have you been wishing your boyfriend call you or text you and he does? Have you cussed someone out? The words we speak daily or say are spells. Spells sometimes utilize words, sometimes they are thoughts, intentions, or any aspect of energy. Anything we do has some energy attached behind it. Why? Because you are composed of energy! When we do things on a energetic vibrational scale, it sends out that energy into the world. So if you have heard of psychic attacks, when you are verbally hurting someone, that is a spell you have just performed. That's why many wise men and women from the past have always said to watch what you say or what you desire because you might just get it, and at the same time, it might also cause some disturbance in your own life for wishing it.

Candles, incense, food, money, jars, and incantations are all tools that can be used in spell work. They are tangible things that also have energy behind them. However, they will not do the work you want by themselves. It takes your energy and intentions to create and use those items to spark the flame to your magic. I think many just think that witches are born with these powers and can do anything they want, when in essence that is a huge concept. Now as there are good witches as myself, there are darker witches who would use blood sacrifices, use demons to be summoned and even worshiping the father of perdition. Though, those individuals do not see anything wrong with what they do because it's their form of magic. I do not judge. However, I will say anything rooted in darkness will fall apart because the angelic realm and good energy does not align with a dark vibration.

When you have sex, there is energy exchange being done with another person. That form of intimacy is a spell in itself. However, in this case, you are using your bodies to perform the ritual or sexual act. So as you can see, spell work is everywhere and has been around since the beginning of time.