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2019 World Predictions

It's that time of the year again where I make my yearly world predictions. I have taken some time to connect to source and these were the visions/insights revealed. Many ask me why don't you see anything good, but what I need to see and deliver is what spirit feels is imperative for us to know and to be aware. Being aware helps us use our free will to make any lifestyle changes or make decisions to help navigate through our life path and these world events. Some timelines/events can change and be accelerated or pushed out further due to free will. 2019 will be a year of huge transformation and while there has been a lot of separation in humanity and disconnection, this year seems to be promising in bringing more people together and consciousness being elevated. Light workers all around the world will feel the convergence of awakened souls all around the planet.

There will be more solutions to problems but we all must work together. This will be a year in which many of us will work through our stagnated life paths and work through healing areas that we have not been able to heal prior to this time period. More people will be called to seek unions so higher birth rates will occur and bring forth Starseed souls & Hybrid souls (New Race of Starseeds) that will bring healing and unity to our fellow brother and sisters. Many of these new souls are actually old souls being reincarnated so there is a lot of ancient power and wisdom. A greater connection to source. Ancient Magic/The Veil to spirit will also be much thinner and stronger. More skeptics will become believers as events and personal experiences shift them from skeptic to believer.

President/Administration – I see more scandals centered around the administration. One in which the President is questioned by the FBI, some information is leaked once again. I am getting that Melania takes more of a step to do more and be seen more. This is part of her stepping into her power. I do feel that Trump’s sons will also be involved in scandals regarding other staff members.

US Army – There will be more scandals on women who have been abused and men as well. There is a lot of underhanded and abuse occurring at the hands of those who are overseeing our men and women in uniform.

North Korea – President Trump and Kim Jong-un will be back at it about the nuclear issues at hand and it will cause heated arguments and threats will continue to occur.

Economy – There will be some huge deficits in the government budget. I see cutbacks in many programs possibly even affecting SNAP, Welfare, and other areas. This will affect many who truly do need assistance from these programs. I also get there will be some changes in qualifying for public housing. Trump Health Care rates will go up over the next 2 years. National Debt will also increase compared to other countries.

Oil/Gas – Gas prices will continue to increase and where there were many cutbacks over the last few years around oilfield workers, I see more of a need for workers. I also feel if the drilling is not careful in the Gulf of Mexico there could be a major oil spill which would be expensive to clean up and also kill and damage many of the eco-systems, shrimp, fish, and creatures that live in the gulf or frequent the area.

Mexico – Has a lot more issues dealing with the Cartel and murder rates will be at an all time high. There is also some scrutiny around the President of Mexico and his way of handling local state/govt issues. Also get some epidemic of sorts that spreads throughout Mexico affecting most of the population. This will be airborne and is almost like flu like in ways.

Venezuela – I see threats being made by leaders, lots of innocent life’s threatened and senseless deaths. Natives will continue to immigrate to Columbia and other areas. There is a lot of fear among the public and the situation will not get better until the govt admits its faults. There is corruptness massively there.

World Wide Flu/Epidemics – This flu season will be one of the worse. I do feel the strain has changed and it will continue to affect those with a weak immune system, children and the elderly. However, many who are healthy will also continue to have cases that lead to death. There will be a resurgence of the Ebola virus in Africa and also another disease that is airborne and will affect parts of Asia and possibly spread but will be contained.

Terrorists – There will be casualties all around the world but I see certain areas in the USA affected. Areas that need to be watched is Chicago larger structures such as the Willis Tower, New York taller buildings around the 9/11 site, one structure is the Statue of Liberty, and in Europe London, and Paris. I keep seeing the central area in Paris and again violence during the late night/early morning hours. All these area’s spirit says are areas of danger.

Amtrak – I keep seeing a derailing and many life’s at stake, possibly injuries and deaths.

School Shootings – These are going to continue but not at the magnitude that I saw for 2018.

Nightclub Shootings – 2019 is not a good year for club nightlife. There will be domestic terrorists who have mental issues and carry out mass shootings in clubs. If you must go to a club know the exits and have a plan. Security also needs to be stepped up.

Marijuana – While Marijuana is legal in some states and been passed for legal marijuana. I am being told by spirit that there will be forms of the synthetic version being sold as authentic and affecting many and causing death. There is a need of caution for those who are using it. The new strain/synthetic can cause seizures, paralysis, and cause long term effects such as memory loss, respiratory issues, swelling etc.

Natural Disasters – I am seeing catastrophic earthquakes all around the world and some affecting parts of the USA, Mexico, South America, Indonesia, India and China. Yes we have earthquakes all the time and some go unfelt but these that spirit see are not going to be small ones but HUGE large ones. Capable of collapsing large tall structures and burying people like we have seen in the past. Tornado alley is going to have some major Tornadoes and places that have never seen huge twisters will see them. There is a lot of weather engineered disasters such as the California Fires which will continue. These are NOT natural, but man made. I see hurricane season being active in 2019 with some major storms affecting parts of Florida, Gulf of Mexico. I am shown Louisiana and Upper Texas should prepare. There could be a tropical storm/hurricane hit this area. Almost the same area affected in New Orleans during Katrina. Puerto Rico should also be on high alert. There will be at least 2-3 Category 3 and 4 Hurricanes during hurricane season. Winter will be harsh in 2018 and going into 2019/2020. Areas that are normally warm will experience some weird weather patterns. Flooding occurring in parts of the North of the USA.

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