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2023 World & Celebrity Predictions

2023 Celebrity Predictions

Tory Lanez - I see that he was found guilty because he is but that he wants revenge against Meghan thee Stallion.

Rihanna - I see her falling pregnant within 2-3 years or sooner. She’s wants at least another even if she’s said the contrary.

Kanye West - I see he will continue to spiral out of control but he has a plan to make a comeback. I see he will eventually be forgiven and rise up from this. I see him going into production of movies or television series eventually.

Dua Lipa- She’s on the path to reinvention and I see her working on new music but it may be a different sound from what we are used to hearing from her.

Justin Bieber - I see him bouncing back from his major health scare from 2022. However, I do feel he has an autoimmune disorder which could cause other health issues to surface.

Clive Davis - I see his health is not good and will continue to decline. This is something that we will eventually hear about.

Jennifer Lopez - I hate to say that I don’t see Jennifer and Ben staying together. They will eventually separate or divorce. All is not well despite what they show the public and paparazzi.

Lady Gaga - I see her writing a book and also wanting to do more acting. There will be new music from her too within the next year and a half or sooner.

President Biden - I keep seeing his health deteriorating but the public won’t know immediately. I sense he has difficulty with his hands and neurologically as well. His memory will begin to fail more.

Ariana Grande - I see her going through many life changes and still trying to get rid of depression. She has too many snakes around her but she will eventually leave the person she’s with and that will set her on a healthier path for your career.

Netflix - I see Netflix continuing to become less and less popular. There’s a lot of revenue loss for the conglomerate and I see major reduction in staff due to inflation and other factors.

Jenna Ortega - Her career will continue to soar. Her role as Wednesday has propelled her into stardom and we will see her in horror movies in the future and other tv roles. It’s just the beginning for her.

Britney Spears - There’s a lot of speculation if Britney is truly okay. I feel she’s angry at her family and she needs to release all negative feelings tied to them otherwise she will be having a onset of further mental and depressive health challenges. She’s a prisoner to them as she gives her power to them. I feel she will continue to display weird antics but it’s to give others something to talk about. She’s far from being crazy.

Sam Smith - I see Sam being comfortable in his skin but he’s going through hormonal changes and this has caused his weight gain. He will eventually get the gastric operation to manage his appetite better and his overall health. We may see different music from him as well as time goes by. I see him wanting to be a father at some point he may adopt or use a surrogate.

Doja Cat - I see her continuing to be scandalous and having some legal issues in the next two years or less. She will come out with new music and collaborate but I see her having some health setbacks too.

Demi Lovato - I see her relapsing with drugs. She might say she’s sober but I feel she may fall back into a negative cycle and she hasn’t learned the lesson from her near death experience. She needs to take her mental health more seriously.

Cardi B - I see her continuing to feud with other celebrities. She’s going to be involved in more legal issues concerning the projects she’s putting out. I see her falling out of love with offset. The relationship and dynamic we see of them in the publi