2020 Celebrity Predictions

Epstein Scandals – His death was not due to suicide and we all know that. However, I do see more scandals and people being exposed who are a part of this ring. There is some leaks of information and Prince Andrew is someone who has already stepped down. There will be more exposure among the Hollywood elite but I am seeing some major celebs could be taken out and they would disguise this as a “suicide or died of natural causes”. Shane Dawson – Seeing another possible collab with Jeffree Star and just him stepping into the world of Tv, possibly Netflix. He will be having more scandals as a result of those who are in the beauty industry and will be jealous of him. Kardashian Brand – I see the K

2020 World Predictions

Trump Administration – So many are wanting to know if President Trump will be re-elected. This is the HOT question but people also want to know if I see impeachment going through. Here’s the thing, I am just the messenger and I’ve sat with spirit and these are my predictions. I by no means claim any support or have any information from any other source than spirit. I know these predictions will not be well received by many. Regarding his impeachment I am seeing right now that the Republicans and some democrats who are secretly republicans and support Trump. That’s right, this gets really twisted. Ever asked why some democrats sitting in congress have not really done anything against Trump, i

New Ager or Nah?

I recently had someone bring this question to me and wanted my thoughts personally on the subject. I have heard this label tossed around quite a bit by those who are in the spiritual community as well as religious fanatics. For me, I will say this, Nothing is really New Age because much of the practices, knowledge all is ancient and comes from another source. When I hear New Age mentioned, I feel like it was created by someone religious or someone who is an atheist and does not identify to the topic at all. So what is considered New Age, well according to numerous sources, New Age is a movement that originated in the 1970's and incorporates a new cycle or beliefs and practices that up until

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