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2017 Yearly Horoscopes

ARIES - This year you'll focus will be on key relationships and how they evolve. You will want to continue with developing any new bonds formed and you'll seek the same energy you're giving to be displayed back at you. Financially you will want to set targets and do work that makes you feels whole and complete. Your family will definitely be supportive of you more so than past years and they will go along with any ideas you have. You'll have to work extra hard to make others see your vision but you can achieve it.

TAURUS - If you're single this year will continue to hold some valuable lessons for you and will help you understand why certain people didn't work out. You may have to spend some time alone before you can fully trust another person to enter your life. If you're in a current relationship you'll notice some changes occur and some may be towards feelings for each other. Seek out wise council from family. Financially you will see some setbacks due to unexpected expenses but by June you'll notice things ease up. In your family area you might be the responsible for bringing two people together if they are separated. You have the magic touch.

GEMINI - Your creativity takes center stage this year and you'll step into new roles or take on new projects that will yield you a profit when it comes to money. You will also realize the Importance of team work and will be working with others who share your same vision and together you will all bring forth a new phase in each other's life. If you're single you won't be for long Gemini. Your charm will captivate someone and this allows them to now enter your life. If you're in a relationship you will need to work on what has died in your relationship to rekindle the fire. Family life will be amicable and peaceful because you did a lot of work on that this year.

CANCER - Hold onto the edge of your seat because this year you will be more focused in your family life and putting the pieces that are missing together. The fact is that when you aren't on speaking terms with your family you hurt and affects your job and relationships as well. Not only you feel the effects but so does your partner. Focus on spending more time with your loved ones and saying No to others when it creates a burden for you. In your career you will be pushed by bosses and if will be imperative you speak up and let them know how you feel otherwise you may find yourself miserable and complaining on how bad your job sucks. Stay focused moon child.

LEO - Life picks up where you left off in 2016 but one key change here is your relationship. If you are single you will remain like this until around after September and then be in a committed relationship but if you're in a relationship right now you will continue to heal what isn't working and move on if you see it necessary. Carrying worries around you is not your style. You might also want to continue working on projects you haven't finished and you get the support to do so. Financially you'll see more money but it will require hard work and you're used to this Leo. You manifest what you envision. Everyday create positive mantras for yourself and you're one step closer to making 2017 the utopia you seek.

VIRGO - You are going into 2017 with a lot of self doubt and double guessing going on. Don't doubt yourself and listen to your intuition when it comes to your career. Moving into a new place of employment will be very easy for you and you will feel reconnected to your old self. The version of you that had that confidence that you may be lacking now. Things heat up in a existing relationship and you'll notice this year may be the year of pregnancies, engagements, and marriages all around you. The question is which one will be yours! Finances will have some slow start around the beginning of the year but by the end you will have extra spending money and resources to help you.

LIBRA - When it came to love this year you may have suffered some setbacks and felt more in tune with other people's relationships than your own. You won't have time to daydream this year Libra and someone who has feelings for you may appear to be more direct with you. If you have been thinking of the past and taking back someone who hurt you the answer is in front of you not behind you. Stay true to you. In work you may notice that self employment could be viable at this time and you may contemplate initiating this. Your spiritual growth is a focal point in 2017 and you'll discover some new things about yourself and abilities you have only tapped into very little last year. This year will be a thrill.

SCORPIO - Can you forgive someone Scorpio? Although last year was about growing in your relationships someone led you on or didn't respect your feelings. You don't like pouring your soul out to just anyone and this year you have the chance to forgive and try once more. Everyone deserves a second chance including you and you don't want to be the person who asks Years down the road what would have happened. With finances you save money like you always do and spend some too. You'll be very focused on your health and getting in shape or at the level you feel most comfortable with. This year don't let anxiety create illusions and problems that don't exist.

SAGITARRIUS - This year your spiritual growth is dependent on how firm your feet are planted in the ground. You may have been too worried on what others thought of you in 2016 or let their judgement control your level of happiness. This year it's all about putting everything behind you with a clean slate. You deserve happiness and it will happen but you must replace fears with confidence. You got this :-) In terms of your career you'll find that change is needed as well but if you don't want to start over again then you may need to speak up at your current place of employment. The truth is that others may be feeling the same way you do but are too scared to speak up. Do what's best for everyone.

CAPRICORN- As the year begins you may feel the sting of someone's words but not because they are being mean or disrespectful but because they carry a certain level of accuracy and truth. Accepting this will be painful but you may need that extra push. Something in your relationship is no longer working and you will be more cold with a partner and as a result they will inquire why. Be prepared for a verbal war. There will be peace afterward and in your career you have been pushing yourself way too hard. Bring back fun into your work space and let this continue.

AQUARIUS - No one knows that makes you happy except yourself and this year you spent a large portion trying to find out if someone would change or if they would be able to stay in your life. While some of you decided to say goodbye others still clinged to the past. Right now you're being given opportunities for your future and for true happiness. If you are now seeing things differently a new relationship may begin. You will need to stay grounded and allow your spiritual self to grow with this new person. In your career you will take the initiative to make things work. Spend time with your friends and family. You are always needed for guidance and support.

PISCES - You are growing and evolving as a spiritual person. In the process you may have shed a lot of your old self and views in 2016. This has helped you going into 2017 and you now understand why things have happened as they have. Taking that extra leap of faith is just what you need. Financially you will want to create more independence and focus on building your own funds. You won't cling to someone else to help you as you've been thrown this in your face so this new outlook on life helps you. In terms of finances you will notice that you are tempted to make purchases for things you don't need. The key this year is to save money for a rainy day. It will create less stress later on in the year.

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