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2020 Celebrity Predictions

Epstein Scandals – His death was not due to suicide and we all know that. However, I do see more scandals and people being exposed who are a part of this ring. There is some leaks of information and Prince Andrew is someone who has already stepped down. There will be more exposure among the Hollywood elite but I am seeing some major celebs could be taken out and they would disguise this as a “suicide or died of natural causes”.

Shane Dawson – Seeing another possible collab with Jeffree Star and just him stepping into the world of Tv, possibly Netflix. He will be having more scandals as a result of those who are in the beauty industry and will be jealous of him.

Kardashian Brand – I see the Kardashian brand losing some of it’s luster and momentum. In the past this family has been glorified and products have been selling out like crazy. This is due to the amount of publicity and marketing, but I see something changing in 2020. This could cause some panic among them. Expect more scandals surrounding Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris. I see Kris Kardashian having some health issues and this will deal with her stomach area and possibly a hospital stay. She definitely needs to slow down and avoid stress. While she does come across very confident, I see her health being at the forefront in 2020/2021.

Camila Cabello – Don’t expect her to marry Shawn Mendes. I feel they are both giving the public what they desire but it’s all for business. They are good friends and that will remain the same. I see Camila with another man and I see her working on new material/album but also being asked to join a tv show/movie quite possibly.

Mariah Carey – I do see Mariah going through some health concerns privately in 2020. I feel this has to do with her blood sugar quite possibly but also stress. She will go through some weight gain/loss. I am also getting that she will be casted into another movie. We may see some type of NEW projects and a clothing line she may work on as well. I keep feeling like she is expanding her empire. Her book which is being written will be a success and clear the record on many things the public does not know about her. I feel this will talk about her career and what she truly endured but up till now, we had no clue. I also see a mention about Michael Jackson in the book.

Billie Eilish – I see her career expanding and growing exponentially in 2020. She is america’s sweetheart and very talented. She will be taking the music world by storm and collaborating with many others. I do see she needs to be careful because people on her team or around her like to party and she could get easily hooked into substances or go through a darker period. We will see her slowly evolve and eventually dress more her age.

Lil Nas – He is confidant with who he is but I do see danger and attacks surrounding him in 2020. There will be homophobic slurs and people who could try to cause an uproar at one of his public appearances/concerts.

Channing Tatum – He is a hot guy but I don’t see him lasting with Jessie J. While I love both of them, I see Channing having player tendencies and that’s something he cannot avoid. I also feel he may have some bi-polar in him. This causes him to act erratic. Spirit is saying he does need to watch his temper. I see legal issues surround Channing and I see no peace right now.

Britney Spears – We are all wanting to know when will Britney give us a NEW album. I do feel her hands are tied right now and this is more legal/contractual issues that the public is not aware of. I also feel she is not motivated and is trying to find some coping mechanism. I do see that she is fighting hard to push past this and produce another album but she was America’s sweetheart and the public tore her to shreds. Couple that with her mental issues, she enjoys laying low but I see that we will hear more scandals regarding this in 2020.

James Charles – He took the internet by storm and was cancelled. I feel like he is still trying to find himself. I see there being some major changes and projects he is going to be involved with. I see James entering the fashion world in some way and perhaps working on a clothing line apart from what he has already which is the sister’s apparel and his collabs with Morphe.

Jacqueline Hill – She is another famous Youtube celebrity who was really taken down by the public in 2019 with her infamous lipsticks that had foreign materials in them. I see that she is not truly happy and trying to be strong. She is going to make a comeback and have success with future products but she does need to be more humble because that will bring back fans she lost. I feel like there is a love/hate relationship with her fan base. However, her true fans will have her back. I see a pregnancy for her quite possibly. We shall see but I feel she is ready to be a mommy. Everything indicates that this is very possible.

Kesha – I see her focusing on her career and wanting to make money and free herself from the record company and Dr. Luke. Her legal battles are far from over. However, I see her trying to push past this while she continues to pursue her freedom. I see 2022/2023 being a year where she could potentially free herself from that contract once and for all and be happier and make the music she has always wanted to make. Only time will tell but I do see her making a comeback and producing new music.

Justin Bieber – I see him and Hailey having major issues and fights. Their relationship will be at a crossroads and divorce isn’t too far away. He wants a baby but I feel like Hailey is not sure. She is wanting time. A pregnancy would not be out of the question but that wouldn’t save the volatile issues she is having with him.

Adele – Expect to see a different side to Adele than we have seen before. I see a sultrier look and she is on the rebound. I do feel she will be working on a new album, but it may not be released until 2021 but I do get that she will have an edgier sound. More pop infused.

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