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2017 Predictions

In Numerology 2017 is broken down as 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and 1+0 = 1. So ONE is symbolic of being the beginning and more importantly it represents new beginnings, rebirth, and a new cycle. You will see many changing jobs and careers this year. You will see a lot of people gravitating towards networking and expanding their capabilities. In our world, we are going to see a lot of new events and policies we have never seen before. Many will be positive and some will sadden us as spiritual beings here on earth.

2016 was a year of major changes and controversy. It was struggle for everyone at some level and lots of turns and twists on every path. I too was hoping I would get insight from my angels and spirit for 2017 and although it would be impossible to know everything that occurs, what I’m about to share with you is only a snippet of what was revealed to me. Keep in mind prayer and faith can at any time change the outcome of any predictions and our free will but at the present time this is what I see and hear.


US Govt – With the new administration taking office in January we are going to see a lot of revisions to existing policies. Healthcare in specific will be changing and although they said they would revise it to something similar I am hearing that Obamacare will be removed completely.

Administration – I keep seeing key people who were part of Trumps campaign now being replaced as we have seen. Those who are appointed will either leave willing their position or step down as they are temporary. This administration will be very spontaneous in that unlike other presidents we saw more of a continuation of policies and appointed people but I see at least within the first year 2 key people who are like advisors to Trump will willing step down or be replaced. It will be something that causes a lot of finger pointing and messy but this is for the greater good of this administration.

Border Security - Although media shows Mexico to be opposed to the wall that President-Elect Trump wants to build I am seeing there be opposition by many. I do see him initiating the building of the wall but he may have to hold off. There will be stricter laws and screening process for those who want to come into the USA as I mentioned last year. I still see microchips being used to monitor those who enter the USA.