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Energy Shift 2016 & 2017

On December 14th, a Full Moon or the final super moon of 2016 will occur and be in the sign of Gemini. This is going to be signaling the ending of the year but more importantly the ending in many aspects of our lives. 2016 was a number 9 year meaning that we witnessed many changes occur in the world on a global scale and impacting many. This ranged from natural disasters, celebrity deaths, and presidential elections, and many more events which are too many to list in this article. So what does the remainder of this year have in store for you? That’s a good question. Now this moon is in the sign of Gemini which is a sign of creativity, constant change, mental stability, and communication.

All these aspects of a Gemini will be what is brought to the forefront during this moon. You are going to find that your ways of thinking will also be shifting. How you saw things within your relationships, work, family life in the beginning of the year are no longer the same as they are now. Sure, some of you will say well, nothing truly has changed in my family or personal life but if you dig a little deeper you can’t say you have the same level of faith you did in the beginning of 2016 or you don’t carry some uncertainty on what our future holds. Yes, this does not mean you are not vibrating at a higher level or you are resisting the shift, but it does mean you are not the same. The evolution is constantly occurring in our subconscious and the universal consciousness within us. Some of us have learned some valuable lessons at the beginning of December with our finances and more importantly with family values. Although we have witnessed much division in the last part of this year specifically concentrating on November and December, this was just an illusion. If anything, there has been more of the human race uniting and coming together to support their beliefs or ways of thinking. This is part of the theme during this Super Full Moon which is the ever constant change.

For those of us who have been living in a situation that no longer serves us or we have been in denial you will have a few weeks to review your feelings and inner most thoughts. Some of us have buried these deep within our hearts and have either given up hope or have constantly pushed our higher selves or consciousness out of the picture. So many may have felt disconnected with their spiritual guidance team of angels, spirit guides, etc. What is happening here is that we have told ourselves it’s okay to live in a situation that is not good for our spiritual self or physical self but we have buried our feelings and masked them due to fears. Remember fear is a real thing and it’s paralyzing and it is an illusion. It’s a reality we have created within ourselves but can simply be dismissed by living or accepting what is the best for you. By being able to accept the change and gravitational pull of your consciousness and true feelings that come to the surface of who you are and where you want to be, you are acknowledging your true self. This is what is going to happen this month. Many of us will be thinking of where we are positioned right now and if we are not happy you are asked to make changes. These will be your own thoughts or signs from the universe given to you. Ultimately your free will has the final say. If you choose to continue living in a suppressed state of mind, 2017 will start of difficult and many of the same lessons you learned will be following you into the new year but you aren’t trapped. At any time in 2017 you are able to realign and refocus on these feelings, however during a super moon our consciousness and portal (doorway) to our higher selves is opened and helps accelerate these lessons or things we need to change within ourselves so that things flow harmoniously. This is something we aren’t seeing too often these days.

You communication will also need to be balanced. Yes, the holidays are super stressful during this time of the year but if you are not in tune with what you are saying others could start some drama. During this super moon in Gemini you will notice a shift in our communication. Some of things you want to not say will be said but it’s not what you say but how you say it. Others could take offense very easily, you could express things wrong. It’s important to detach yourself from saying things that are hurtful. Yes, somethings need to be expressed and said but be sure to use tactfulness. Therefore, many families find get together result in chaos or someone saying something that makes the other family member feel unwelcomed. Be very precise and clear on your intentions. Things are sometimes held within our hearts and we can’t find the ways of expressing what we feel. This is where prayer comes into place and meditation. Praying to archangel Metatron and asking him to help guide you with your words will also help. You can also meditate to ensure all of your chakras are balanced, specifically your throat chakra (communication). If you are holding onto some intense emotions that have resulted in anger, it’s time to change that anger and convert and expend this energy into positive thoughts and emotions. Channel that anger into the universe and release it. Holding onto it, is not serving you or your higher self and it’s only self-destructive.

Finally, you will notice that some of us have accepted things to be the way they are and we have resigned ourselves from seeing any other changes in our life. We may have also lost a loved one and these times of the year are especially difficult without that special someone being there. However, our loved ones are always with us in spirit.

The most pressing question by many is what does this shift have to do with 2017. Well, let me start off by saying that this coming year will have POSITIVE shifts in place for those of us who did a lot of work on ourselves in 2016 and let go of many situations and people who only brought our spirit down. Many of us will see an advancement or acclimation of our soul and the lessons will continue to be there but in a sense you could say you will be more prepared. The shock-value some hold onto will be replaced with more compassion and acceptance. The hardest part of 2016 was accepting things, people and our paths. There was a lot of the unknown and this led to fears manifesting. If you did the major work and planting of the spiritual seeds this year then 2017 will most likely start off smoothly. You will have a greater connection this year with spirit and also with your gifts. No matter if you have been spiritual for 20 years now, our gifts are always evolving. Some spiritual abilities or gifts that you have always had will now be unveiled or revealed to you. Some may notice that their gifts are more powerful or stronger. Some gifts you may have had stronger in 2016 will be put on the backburner so newer ones can come forward to help you in 2017 on your life path and spiritual path. 2017 will prove to be full of excitement and many changes on all levels but you will be begin to see results and the manifestations. I would dare to say that 2017 is the year of Mother Mary (Mother Earth) and COMPASSION! This will be a year in which those of us rooted in love will actually see the light within us connect like a grid worldwide and see positive changes both economically speaking and spiritually. Many more people will be awakening and with this comes a whole lot of energy within the world. Some must decide whether they choose to side with darkness or light but this isn’t as apocalyptic as it may sound to some.

Forgive those that have hurt you and seek forgiveness from those you have hurt. Some of this is our ego that holds us back. Say goodbye to those who are hurting you or your spiritual path. This year out Mother Earth will see miracles manifesting and some peace being spread among earth. This does NOT mean that there will not be conflict, terrorism, violence or other things witnessed or occurring on earth. However, the magnitude of our consciousness and world events will have HEALING behind it. Miracles do exist and they will be viewed by the world. So as we say goodbye to 2016 and usher in a new year, make a list of what you want to accomplish in the new year and what you no longer want to see yourself doing. This will help serve as a constant reminder.

Blessings in love and light to all of my brothers and sisters out in the world.

Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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