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Raymond's readings are conducted as zoom online video sessions or by email. He is bilingual and therefore reads, writes, and speaks in Spanish. Readings can be done in Spanish if needed.


Send me a message today or email me at

Being able to connect with the divine, angelic realm and the spirit world, Raymond is able to provide insight and clarity to areas of your life that you need answers. He also can bring healing/closure with my messages from the other side. Now my readings are one on one and are done via messenger or by email.

Why schedule a reading?

 Life sometimes if full of challenges and upsets and we may not understand why they occur but through the assistance of a psychic and medium you can gain clarity and a better understanding. Areas seek advice/insight is Relationships, Careers, Spiritual Path, and Future. With the assistance of a psychic medium you are able to get life validations you deserve to know.

As a psychic medium you can also reconnect with your loved one to hear any important messages they may have for you. Losing a loved one is often traumatic and leaves you with emotions of grief, anger, and guilt. Our loved ones only wish for us to be happy and live out our life plans. Life on earth is temporary but the soul is eternal and lives on. There’s more to this world than you think.



Email/Psychic Reading - This reading provides you with specific insight to areas you need answers to but not limited to love, career, spiritual guidance, & life path.  Again a single photo will be needed. Email your photo along with no more than 5 questions to upon making payment. The turn around time for all readings is between 5-8 weeks but could be sooner depending on volume of reading requests. 

Mediumship Reading - This reading involves spirit communication and for messages of your passed loved ones to be brought forth. Spirit will usually tell you what you need to know the most right at the moment.  Once you purchase be sure to email me at and send me a recent photo of your passed loved one.  The turn around time for all readings is between 5-8 weeks but could be sooner depending on volume of reading requests.

Emergency Psychic Reading- This reading is 30 mins  just like a regular psychic reading and provides you with  insight in all areas of your life including love, career, spiritual guidance, life path & mediumship. A Single photo of you will be needed. Email your photo along with  no more than 5 questions to upon making payment. This reading is done by email and has a turnaround time of 24-72 hrs and includes weekends. 

Past Life Reading - This type of reading deals with your past life's and current karmic issues. To understand your present you must first go back to the beginning. Over lifetimes, karmic lessons follow us and affect us in our current life. This reading is done strictly by email due to the length and how indepth it is. Once payment is made be sure to please email me at celebritypsychicmediumray@gmail.comwith a recent photo of yourself and any questions about your past life or current issues. The turn around time for all readings is between 5-8 weeks but could be sooner depending on volume of reading requests. 

12 Month Reading (Yearly Outlook) - This reading gives you an in-depth outlook on the year ahead. Email photo of your photo once payment is made to This reading is done by email due to the length.  The turn around time for all readings is between 5-8 weeks but could be sooner depending on volume of reading requests.  

Video Reading (30 min or 1hr) - This reading is a psychic reading via zoom. Both parties the sitter (you) and myself must be present. Readings give you insight into current events and situations. You must email a photo prior to the session to me at and respond to my email so I can schedule your time and date. These types of readings are limited so once spots fill up that time is allocated. 

All Follow up questions must be asked within one week of the reading.

BOGO offers: Bogo offers must be utilized/redeemed and scheduled during the same year acquired even if the reading is scheduled out in advance. They can be utilized by the person who purchased the reading or gifted to someone. 


I am now available for parties or group readings in the Austin, Houston and San Antonio areas. If you are interested please contact me for more information. 


If you do not show up to a video reading you automatically will need to reschedule with me. There is a $100 rescheduling fee that must be paid within 72 hrs of the missed session to reschedule. A new scheduled time and date will not be given until that is paid first. If you do not pay the rescheduling fee you automatically forfeit the reading and  my no refund policy applies to all readings. You must email me at to let me know you would like to reschedule. Because these readings are specific to 30 mins or 1hr long, if you arrive 5 minutes late we will need to reschedule and rescheduling fee still applies. I do not give partial readings. I want you to get the time you paid for. I also have other sessions scheduled and blocked off so I cannot let a reading bleed into that next session. This is why there is a need to reschedule. If you cannot attend my session you must notify me by email at least 24 hrs in advance (rescheduling fee still applies). I cannot guarantee that your rescheduled date/time will be within the same week or month due to how fast these sessions are booked and date/times taken. I will however, will try my best always to schedule you in for the most soonest available spot. 


Payments (PLEASE NOTE):

All readings are a digital service and Non Refundable. Payment is due at time of scheduling. If you cannot make your appointed schedule at the given time, Raymond does require 24hr advance notice to reschedule. We also reserve the right to deny any service at any time. Pricing is also subject to change due to sales, seasonal, etc.

Disclaimer: By booking a session with Raymond you are acknowledging that you are at least 18+ years of age and agreeing and understand Raymond is not a Medical Expert or Attorney and cannot give Legal advice or Medical diagnosis. Raymond will not be held responsible for any action or decisions you make pertaining to your life using your free will. Services are not to be used in place of any professional, medical, financial, or legal counseling. Raymond is not responsible for any decisions you make as a result of a service with him. Your consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation. *For Entertainment Purposes Only*

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