Lessons within a Soul Family

There are so many different reasons why our soul’s experience the lessons that we experience here in the physical world. Some of these lessons are to help us grow spiritually and deal with karmic patterns from other past life’s we’ve had. One of the things that my spirit guides have revealed to me as well is that sometimes the way we choose to pass, the hardships we endure, and the joy we share are all intermingled and have connections to our current life and are lessons cause lessons for those in your soul family to learn. I’ll repeat it one more time. Our lessons create lessons for those in our soul family. I’ll give you an example, Bobby passed at age 23 and he had his whole life in front

Waking Up during Odd times

We are all focused on time and try to measure our life here in the physical world with the use of time. However, the spiritual world and spirit do not go by earthly time and our own bodies are spiritual souls in a physical body so our bodies will respond accordingly to the amount of spirit around us and the things occurring in our daily lives. It is quite interesting when you notice that there may be days or weeks and you wake up around the same time every single day. Then suddenly it gradually dissipates and you return to a more normal sleeping cycle. I will give a more spiritual explanation for the reason why this could be occurring to you. Waking up between 9pm – 11pm This is the time som

March Monthly Horoscope Forecasts 2017

ARIES – This month starts off with you focusing on your life and last month you may have had periods where you felt like you were not standing firm in your power and decision making. This month opens the pathway for the communication to flow and for you to stop feeling stuck. You also will gain more clarity about decisions you make and have good reasons for everything your initiate and there may be someone who questions your authority or is discontent with your decisions but they will understand once you communicate the reason why. You will be super focused in your career and work area and for many of you, there is potential here to start an idea or be promoted and for this to yield you more

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