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The Twin Flame Frenzy

I can't tell you how much the Twin Flame topic has come to the forefront and in recent years but let me start by saying. When I was around 7 years old I told my mom what if I had a twin out in the world like me. Someone who talked like me, looked like me, etc. Lol thinking back I had a HUGE imagination but I still like to think I do. But this always stayed with me until my spiritual calling and path took place and I remembered uttering those words. I guess I knew I have a twin flame out there. I have seen my twin flame but have not made a connection but let me explain further the questions around this concept. First thing is why is a twin flame called a flame was my question? The answer was that the spiritual union between two like souls is an intense spark of energy and when they are together the synergy can be often seen like a flame. A flame carries no shadow. If you don't believe me light a match stick and hold it against a wall or surface it holds no shadow. Hence the term flame...the twin flames hold intense light and both are lightworkers usually. Together as one they can easily bring light stronger than by themselves into this world. When together they both shine spiritually like a flame and the energy is quite intense. Twin flames often dream of this person, feel this person, meet this person, or never meet this person but still feel them or see them in dreams. You don't have to know this person to feel them. In my case I have always felt I had a twin our there but I didn't know it was called twin flame. The twin flame isn't every soul in the planet. Meaning not all people have twin-flames. If you have a twin flame it is most likely karmic bonds and patterns you both had to learn in a past life but for some reason failed to master and so you're given a chance to work together or at least feel the energy of the twin to work out your life lessons. You don't have a half soul and the other person has half soul. That's nonsense and yes we all have our own souls but you have what I call more like a spiritual marriage or bond. So essentially if feels like your other half. Twin flames can be in a different parts of the world, and still work together at a vibrational and spiritual level. Because twin flames have telepathy most of their lessons can be done while in sleep mode or dream time. Since our souls can transcend space and time the union is usually in dreams, although you can meet in person. If you're lucky to meet your twin flame the relationship will be plutonic and often very intense emotions that you feel the connection so strong that you both flee. Yes the love of your twin flame is so intense you can literally go to battle with words, find their other half is so much like them and they get scared. One twin doesn't have to be present to know or feel the others thoughts, emotions, so they often know if secrets are being kept. It is rare for flames to be couples and because of their intense relationship they often remain more of friends bonded but rarely are the relationships fruitful or last. Usually twin flames will be in their own relationship and still think of their other half of have jealous feelings about them. They make even just cheat on their current partner to have a moment with their twin flame. Again if you are lucky to meet yours. Most people who have twin flames see the angel number 11:11 because this frequency is a spiritual call at the soul level. So just like angels and ascended masters use this number for messages....11:11 is often a synchronicity among twin flames. When you see this number know that your twin flame sees it too! 11:11 adds up to 4 and 4 divided by 2 souls who are twins is 2! So there is like a code among twin flames. I see 11:11 a while bunch. Now some may not agree with me on this concept and again I don't expect you too...but my guides and angels have explained this. I share this information humbly. Twins may also go through their spiritual awakenings or lessons at the same times and crave more teachings and information. The lessons carried out by twins is to leave an imprint in this world and change it for the better. You both learn your lessons together. Most flames are givers and give so much time and energy to others. They are usually selfless, and love their families unconditionally but always love their other half as well. You will know when you have met your twin flame or if you have one because the energy is very well defined and cannot be confused. You'll just know. I hope this article has helped you understand some talking points and questions that many people have. Blessings in love, light, and harmony. Raymond Guzman (Psychic, Medium, & Author)

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