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Starseed Footsteps Oracle Cards

Over a year ago I was so excited to get my book Starseed Footsteps out to the public. While I poured my heart and soul into that passion project I was simultaneously was working on another project. I’ve always worked with Tarot/Oracle cards since around the age of 12 years old but at the time I didn’t understand much of the meanings behind the cards. In my work as a Clairvoyant and Spiritual Medium I don’t need to use cards to do my private readings and bring forth messages from spirit. However, over time I have slowly been developing my connection to cards. Learning to read for myself since sometimes we don’t want others to know what is going on in our life as some things are private.

That’s when I started to focus more on the Rider Waite and numerous Oracle Cards. While I have learned to read a lot of these different tarot/oracle cards using my intuition and not manual, I thought of my clients from all around the world. One thing that was a common denominator and that was that the majority of you are super gifted. However, I would hear clients mention how they were struggling still with their gifts and then a lightbulb went off. I said to myself how can I help others awaken their own gifts with a tool of divination.

At first, I had so many ideas. However, the one vision I had in 2017 was that I needed to make some oracle cards. Ones that would be easy to interpret just from the image. Conceptualizing this was very much and undertaking but I am meticulous with everything I do. This is where I drew from frequently asked questions clients had and birthing images that would look like snapshots of the visions I get when someone is cheating, when someone is looking for a new job. I wanted these cards to be easy for anyone at any point in their spiritual journey. I started sketching utilizing my background as an artist. However, time was the one factor I did not have and would have required me to put a hiatus on personal readings. So I allocated a few hours each day for the course of a month and did some rough sketches of the designs I wanted for each card. However, I needed a talented artist who would combine their personal artistic talent and help me with the illustrations/card designs. This is where Alex Bjelica came into place. He was able to use his passion for art and caricature to help create these beautiful oracle cards. I’m forever grateful for Alex’s help because without his assistance this project would not have even been possible. I had numerous revisions and then I had to find a good printing company. I wanted to go with a publishing company, but most do require an upfront payment which is a huge fee, or most publishers pocket the majority of the profits and so any royalties are minimal at best. I decided to go the solo route this time around and work directly with a printing company to bring this into fruition. Fast forward we are here. The Starseed Footsteps Oracle Cards are now here.

I always have had faith that my journey here would involve helping others awaken their own spiritual gifts and that’s the part of being a spiritual teacher, mentor and colleague. I feel good about these oracle cards and know they will go on to help those of you out there who want a deck that is full of love and light, has good energy and universal. A deck comprised of 41 cards with the back illustration featuring a moon to remind us that even through darkness in life there is light. That the universal love and higher power will always illuminate our journey here in the physical world. The stars all around the moon also remind us of the beauty of the galaxies and universe. We are all interconnected, and we all have our own inner unique light. Each card design is unique and colorful. Each image evokes a different real-life situation to help you understand the message of spirit. When you hold these cards and pull out a few to read someone or yourself, the messages will be easy to interpret.

These cards are dedicated to all the lightworkers, all spiritualists, all of my Rays of Light who have my back always and have been there in day one. To everyone who has been on this journey with me and has believed in me, I thank you. I thank you for believing in me and all of your love and support. I am getting emotional as I write this because this emotion, I feel right now is nothing but goodness. To all of the people of the past, present I thank you for each moment, memories and regardless of where our paths are at the present, I send everyone love and thank you as well. This is a NEW timeline for me and all of you reading this. I’m focusing on the positive and undergoing powerful transformation on all levels in my life. For those of you who still are in my life in some way, shape or form, I’m forever blessed, and I surrender to the higher power as I always have. God is with me and with you, and I hope you enjoy the ride along the way. There is so much excitement in the air and positivity. I love you all forever and always. A ray shines brightly but not without the lights. Keep shining bright no matter what live throws at you, know you are stronger than any problem you are facing and when a door closes, several will open. All rejections are the universe redirecting you to where you are meant to be. Do not fight it, do not wallow in sorrow or feel pity for yourself. Pick yourself up, lift that chin up and remember the divine being you are. Stay blessed and awakened.

Love and Light,

Raymond Guzman

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