December 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – This month you will feel as if you are having to re-examine every action and your decisions will not be easy. At times you will struggle on choosing the right path, however, your intuition is still present and helps you. A boss could be very stressed out and expect you to help them out more than you ever have. This can easily drain your energy so it’s important you balance your work and personal life. Make sure you are getting adequate rest in all areas. You could also find delays in finding the right gifts just in time for Christmas. Either they will run out of what you want or not have enough in stock. Be patient. TAURUS – You normally don’t feel agitated but your patience this mon

Spirit Clock vs. Earthly Clock

Have you ever wondered how a loved one who has passed knew you were going to be in some accident and saved your life? Perhaps there was a life and death situation and your guardian angel were there protecting you. How did they know to be there? Spirit is all around us this is true, but it’s a little more complicated than you might think. Perhaps you had a visitation from spirit weeks prior to you going on a paranormal research trip. How does spirit know you are the one appointed to help? How do they know you are a medium perhaps coming to help them cross over? These are all great questions and I will explain this in greater detail. Recently, I had a conversation with a colleague Dr. Patricia

Are you a Natural Born witch?

People can identify themselves as witches because they either practice witchcraft or can identify themselves as either pagan or wiccan. However, how do you distinguish someone who was innately born with mystical powers or abilities? This article will be providing you with a list of characteristics that can help you determine the possibility you were born a natural witch. Many also believe that the term witch relates to just a female but what do you call a male who was born a natural witch? The answer would be that there is no specific gender to be called a witch so the term can be used synonymously for both females and males. Here’s a list of characteristics that you may display if you were

November 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – This month will be challenging on the work front for you dear Aries. You have worked hard all year long and now are entering a period in your life in which you need rest and relaxation. You love the holidays and want to possibly spend time with your family or just enjoying things you normally cannot do when you’re working. Be sure to take out some time for yourself and start your holiday shopping early. You don’t like to plan things at the last minute. A good cup of cappuccino and a talk with a friend can also help you gather some ideas for the near future. Spiritually you might be very interested in taking any abilities or tap into abilities this month and you should consider develo

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