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Kayne West the False Messiah

I'm going to be doing more blogging on celebrities and situations just like I do celebrity readings on my Youtube Channel. Many of you have recently wanted the tea from spirit on Kanye West and his sudden conversion to Christianity or even better his support for Trump. In an interview Kanye recently said "I told you I'm only afraid of God" but if this was the case all of his prior work would be going against the doctrine and what most Christians consider as being saved. What is this sudden change? He also mentions and calls out us liberals as being in denial and says him supporting Trump as the president of the USA is God's joke on humanity. Really Kanye? While it's undeniable Kayne is super talented and a genius. I don't feel all of this conversion and support for Christianity is really coming from an authentic space or place. As a psychic medium I am seeing a lot of his own agenda and agenda of others who he serves. This is all political. Think about his sudden change and when it occurred? One year or so before the Voting Election. So no, I'm not buying this conversion. No one like Kayne suddenly wakes up and finds Jesus.

While I'm not bashing religion and I do respect Christians, I find Kanye's epiphany more centered around the agenda of justifying his support for Trump but furthermore justifying his wife's support of Trump. She took has the agenda. Many saw her appeal to free a woman from prison but the reality of all of this is money, power, and control. So while he is not going to come out and say his own agenda is to garner the support and respect he has lost by many who were fans at one time, it seems this is just an attempt to justify his actions. Those of us who are spiritually awakened can see beyond the BS. I have seen some instagram spiritual practitioners come to his defense and say who are we to judge Kanye? I don't feel I'm judging with this article, nor do I feel he is being judged by others but rather by his own actions. The world wants authenticity and sadly there are supporters of Kanye who will say he has truly changed. To me that is malarky and I don't see him changing. When in the future we have a different presidency he will change and waiver back to his old ways. Kanye is using Christianity from what I see to garner new fans who would also be okay with his previous work that deviates far away from the model of religion.

I see Kanye has more scandals ahead of him and unfortunately this will be people seeing glimpses of Kanye losing his hinges and showcasing some bipolar behavior and instability. Drama is something Kayne feeds on and I don't see him changing those ways or that this new album is going to push him into a new direction. You see once you are in the circle and tied by powers at be, you NEVER change. They will allow antics so yes there is a higher power and it's not GOD calling the shots here. This is something more sinister at play. If he was religious completely why not donate all of his money to the church and entirely not be ruled my material possession. You can't have it both ways.

There will be those who support him and say, "Well GOD doesn't discriminate" and he can continue living the life of a millionaire but him denouncing all of his previous works as works of the devil or non-Christian, I don't see that happening. Even if he would denounce it, he will continue to earn royalties from it. So it's not about money here but more about authenticity and what his true agenda is. Justin Beiber did it recently. That's another example, so it's like a FAD, much like being vegan now days is the "IN" thing. It's easy for people to say GOD made me do this or GOD led me to do this, however, it's not always GOD guiding people. Sometimes it's the ego, the greed, and the thirst for popularity. In Kanye's mind he is seeking to be almost like the Messiah. He has talked about himself being a president. He feels he is being used to reach the masses. Sadly, I see him losing credibility even more and having to seek out his next move. We will continue to see different reiterations of Kanye and it will be something where some will feel sorry for him and support him. However, he is the pariah at this time by many peers who have distanced themselves from him. While his movement currently will open up doors for him, I see many closing and many opportunities lost because of this.

Like I said we can talk all day about GOD but actions speak louder than words and this is what everyone needs to really concentrate on. Watch Kanye over the next year and how he will get even more political and sprinkle in some Jesus and bake it until it's a masterpiece. Don't fall victim to his own propaganda. This is the tea from spirit about Kanye's change. If you didn't know, now you do!

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