2021 World & Celebrity Predictions

When I do my predictions, they are not written in stone, free will can change a certain outcome. I know many of you have expressed the main people and situations that you want insight into. I welcome you to grab some coffee and sit back while I get into what I see and I see a lot for 2021.

2020 Elections – There’s so much to say and so much I could say but I will try to keep this as minimal as possible. Fraud did occur and the intended winner was definitely cheated from this outcome. Let’s keep it real and be transparent. There has NEVER been an election quite like this year or even a year like 2020. This whole year was like a bad nightmare and while I’m writing these predictions the year isn’t over yet. When I tuned into the whole Presidency, I had two different visions. I saw initially President Trump winning re-election, heck many other celebrity psychics or popular mainstream psychics saw it too. Even prophets from all over the world saw this. But the hate towards President Trump runs deep. I do see that many interfered in this election and we are talking about POWERFUL people who I cannot name for my own security, but I will say that there are so many rich Billionaires and such that are not EVEN on the grid or map.

I mean they are conducting businesses in the black market and had their own selfish and darker purposes to take down President Trump. They did not want to see him winning this election because hate is what had to be engrained in the mind and souls of humanity across the globe. The hate is coming from citizens in other countries. However, there’s so many more that love him. Would you believe me if I told you this was spiritual warfare? Would you believe me if I told you that Republican witches and Democratic witches were casting spells to secure an outcome and after the results even more witchcraft and deep magic was done. We aren’t talking about one person but rather covens. Coven against coven, this is something that sounds far-fetched and even like move or film material.

However, I see visions and I’m here to simply share the insights from spirit with you guys. So, going back to the reason many celebs and elites wanted President Trump out was because they do not like that, he doesn’t play politics like many before him. He was not cut from the same cloth when it comes into politics, he is a businessman and celeb. He came from that world and knows a lot about people in the industry. Don’t you find it very funny that Epstein and Weinstein among others were taken down. The corruption runs deep. Human trafficking was another thing he was against and signed and passed laws to stop this. The other reason was that President Trump was actually stopping war and darkness love war, it’s a distraction. Notice under this administration the war was not overseas but rather here in the USA. BLM & ANTIFA rose up and they planted moles and people in every voting precinct, they manipulated the Dominion voting software and the list goes on that I will begin to sound like a conspiracy theorist to some but even Republicans who are now showing their true color are actually Democrat but posers. I had predicted this and this will help you understand why many who are in these positions as Republicans are against President Trump. Not only that but many Californians who are democratic have flocked to conservative states to inundate them and control the narrative. This has not been a plan in the making just now. This all started in 2012 under the most corrupt Administration which was the OBAMA administration. That was truly a dark administration and was the cause of many fatalities and senseless crimes. That was the time that BLM & ANTIFA actually rose up even more and were getting organized. There is no doubt in my mind that OBAMA administration fueled the narrative and hate when they realized their prized jewel Hillary Clinton did not win the election. Like I said election fraud runs very deep in every election but not like 2020. This is a whole other ballpark. The scope of it runs very deep. They made many narratives but their key to stealing the election was constructing a virus that was funded by many of these powerful people and disseminated in China. The virus was actually created many years going back like 14 years or more. I keep hearing that this was experimental, and many knew it would be a new weapon of the magnitude to cause population extinction.

With a virus to control the world, it would strike fear, and this would cripple nations and countries. It would cause fear like no other. However, isn’t it funny that this happened in 2020 the election year. China knew that the only way to secure the election was to also partner with powerful BIG tech like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube to stop the exposure of their lies and magnitude of the truth from reaching the masses. They also knew that pushing mail in ballots would allow for fraud of the magnitude that we haven’t seen before. In addition to that they also knew that President Trump was going to push voting in person. So many of these machines were already programmed from the time a person voted in real time to switch the numbers to Biden. Biden did NOT and I repeat DID NOT win this election. He is not popular; he is not likeable, and neither is Kamala. They are the true illegitimate President Elect. They have many people bought off and many who will not admit the truth. However, the evidence is there and will come out in time. I see that President Trump is not the monster that others label him to be but again, he’s not perfect. He has his own flaws and has made mistakes, but GOD appointed him to be President. It was his destiny. It was his destiny to serve 8 years as well.

So, in the visions I have seen, I saw him getting re-elected. However, the other vision was Biden being president in 2021. Biden does have dementia, and this is not a diagnosis but what spirit sees. I do feel like his health would not be the best and would deteriorate. This was all part of the master plan to get him to serve because it would be temporary. Kamala would be the one who would take over. Is it even a coincidence that Pelosi wanted to pass a law that would ensure if the president is not capable of serving they can be replaced by the Vice President? Under the Biden plan I see another shut down. The economy would suffer but mainly small businesses and the poor. BLM & ANTIFA were promised things in exchange to secure this election. I see him falling through and people who have voted for him, actually turning against him and Kamala. I see them reinstating many new laws that would take the guns away from people and punish others. They would also allow many people back into our country easily which would cause terrorist attacks to occur again. If you notice under the Trump administration we did not have the Terrorist attacks like we had under Bush and Obama. Biden and Harris are guilty of promoting the narrative of racism when they have created racism against White people and supporters of Trump. The amount of accusations and hate that Republicans have encountered has furthered the divide and The Democratic party is the cause of that. Under the Biden administration I see taxes going way up and restrictions on other programs and making it harder to apply and get the govt assistance you need. Social Security would be tampered with and your grandparents or parents or anyone disabled could be disqualified or meet harder criteria to get re-certified. There would be no cost of living increases like we have seen with the Trump administration. I see Kamala calling the shots and being very vocal on what she would like to do. To the blind she will appear as a hero, this SHERO and glorified. However, they would go after many Republicans and make their life a living hell. Literally it’s no coincidence that the AOC is collecting names of Trump Supporters. They are not hiding their plans. I see many innocent people losing jobs and a recession of the likes we have never seen before and this would actually cause our country to become so weak that another powerful country could take over at any given moment. Biden and Kamala don’t even know about this. They are simply puppets being used by the elites who are the ones under control. Kamala could not handle this position and would be freaking out and deferring to her husband and other politicians like Obama and Hillary. I get a knot and cramps in my stomach when I tune into Kamala and her energy. She is not who she pretends to be. In her heart this feeds her ego. Being glorified. I see anarchy taking on the streets under that administration and many Republicans having to defend themselves and the war would be domestic. People who voted for them will be regretting this and this is coming directly from spirit. Don’t complain when your loved ones have lost their jobs or you have and you are on the unemployment line to only be told you do not qualify.

Celebs were promised they wouldn’t see tax hikes, so this is another reason why all of them endorsed Biden/Harris. This benefited them and protected them from being investigated for the tax evasion that they have become used too. However, I do see them taxing the poor. They also talked a lot of crap on Affordable care under Trump and how our healthcare was destroyed after doing away with Obamacare, but the Obamacare was the worst thing ever. It only helped a few who had low income or people who weren’t working. Many who were working could not afford the monthly payments or were penalized for not having it. I see their version of healthcare not being any different and only helping a select few. Under this administration they would pass some bills and laws and have this “healthcare” package but there would be some red tape around this. Again, NOT what it appears to be.

Now that I have gotten through that the BIG question is who is going to take office come Jan 2021. The answer is that only spirit knows but I do not see President Trump giving up and I do believe he will take it to the Supreme Court. GOD is under control. But why would GOD allow BIDEN/Harris to win the election and the answer is that he didn’t. Darkness has taken things before in this world and this election was no different. They took matters into their own hands and the coronavirus didn’t teach them anything. They took it and ultimately got what they wanted. But the people who have done this have major karma and are cursed by the ancestors on the other side. This is a curse that will follow the ones who played this role of GOD. Like I said it may be years before the truth comes out, but it will come out.

Vaccines/Operation Warpseed – President Trump is doing what he felt the people needed to control this pandemic. Partnering with this pharma companies to create a vaccine that can help prevent or slower the spread of the virus. The problem with this is that I do see side effects from a spiritual perspective that would adversely affect people’s health. I see it causing joint stiffness and irregular heart rhythms and in some cases the onset of cardiac events. I see it weakening the immune system because a strain of this deadly virus is still incorporated in there as well as other metals which are toxic for the human system. It’s like chemotherapy but ten times worse. However, the effects would not be seen or felt immediately in everyone but rather be more severe in others. The side effects and outcomes would vary, and some could be irreversible. The vaccines were tested on mice and lab rats. I do feel some healthy people getting it and not having any adverse effects immediately but within 6 months they would start noticing. The thing spirit says is that once the DNA strand of that virus is injected it does something on the cellular level which would allow other deadlier viruses in the future to be more potent, essentially weaking your body’s immune defenses from fighting it. Will the vaccine be mandatory? Under a BIDEN administration it certainly would be and it would start with our healthcare providers, nurses, doctors, hospital staff. If you want to work, you will HAVE to have it. Then the airline industries will also make it mandatory until it becomes a ripple effect. This is when people who voted for BIDEN/Harris will end up waking up and realizing the magnitude of their stupidity. Trump has always promoted living in a free USA, one without basic human rights being stripped from you.

I know that many of you who are reading this are probably saying, geeze is there anything good coming to the USA and the answer is that GOOD is always going to be there but so is evil.

Nancy Pelosi – We all have grown to hate her and some love her, but I do not see her serving much longer or having the power that she has. She too has many health issues that she has not disclosed to the public and things coming soon to the forefront. She will end up having to step down primarily for health and also the stress will not be good for her.

President Trump – What would happen if he is not our president? He would be back at his home enjoying the life he can. He is a president regardless and even though they would try to seek legal cases or try to hurt him in some way or another, they would not succeed. There are protections for Presidents. His supporters and fans will be there until the end of time and they would rise up to help their president. This is not me saying he will not serve a second term but I’m giving you the visions of what I see for him in the event he is not. Believe it or not, he did not see serving our country as President of the United States being a game. He did it because he felt the need to help. The tax evasion that the left has accused him of, are lies. All fabrications but they are greedy bastards (pardon my language) so they would still seek out any dirt they could find on him. Him not being president would hurt him emotionally, but he would be fine regardless.

Ivanka Trump – I see her going away from politics but still creating awareness and focusing on her family and children. I do see her being successful in her businesses and work projects she would take over for her father in many ways and his businesses. Some would love to see her running for President at some point. While it’s not out of the question, I don’t see her wanting to go through what her dad went through. I don’t see her wanting that kind of pressure either, though she would be great.

Don Trump Jr. – I see him going the political route and possibly running in a future election. He takes after his father. He is no Donald Trump, but I do feel like his temper could get the best of him as well. I see him writing more books about what his father went through in the future. I see him also involved in some scandals and headlines. He will stay very relevant even if his father would not serve a second term. I also see him involved in his own business dealings and those of his father’s.

Coronavirus – Many have wanted to know when this will go away. The answer is that it will NEVER fully go away. Think of this as the virus. Fear has been a mechanism to control the masses and nothing has changed with the virus. I do not see the virus going away it will be the NEW flu. Although vaccines are there, I do see the fear subsiding and people returning to how they used to be without batting an eyelash but the laws of wearing those masks may stay there and again under a BIDEN administration this would be a law that I see that will NOT go away. There will be other viruses over the next 4 years that do introduce themselves and also be resistant to common medicine. However, I see humanity rising up and being more spiritually awoke so I don’t see the size of this pandemic or fear that has been created. Many have been asleep in a sense and paralyzed by fear. Those people will slowly have some kind of epiphany and wake up from their slumber to realize they wasted so many years of their life worrying about a virus and death. Death is inevitable and people cannot escape their destiny. We all exit at some point or another. I see a virus affecting food species and that would be the next target. This too will be one that is created in a lab and used as a form of population control.

Voting/Electoral College – The voting system will eventually change completely, and I see states further out into the future exiting the 50 united states of America. They will want to be independent. I do feel if we do have an election in 2024 it will NOT BE the same way. It will be different and seeing that it would be entirely electronic. Again, this is NOT set-in stone but everything is changing and I see it being more fair. Under a Trump administration he would uncover all of this and would also ensure when he exits in 2024 that this would be the case. Under a Biden Administration, I see them serving 4 years and then Republicans voting them out and democrats too. Biden or should I say Harris would only serve a one term presidency.

Qanon – They are a group of individuals who prefer to be kept anonymous, but they would continue to expose those in corrupt power. I see them dropping truth on Biden/Harris and people under their camp. They are always going to be there and present but from the sidelines is what spirit reveals. There is more truth in what they spread than fiction. I see Biden/Harris trying to label them as terrorists, but they do not kill or create violence like BLM/ANTIFA.