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2021 World & Celebrity Predictions

When I do my predictions, they are not written in stone, free will can change a certain outcome. I know many of you have expressed the main people and situations that you want insight into. I welcome you to grab some coffee and sit back while I get into what I see and I see a lot for 2021.

2020 Elections – There’s so much to say and so much I could say but I will try to keep this as minimal as possible. Fraud did occur and the intended winner was definitely cheated from this outcome. Let’s keep it real and be transparent. There has NEVER been an election quite like this year or even a year like 2020. This whole year was like a bad nightmare and while I’m writing these predictions the year isn’t over yet. When I tuned into the whole Presidency, I had two different visions. I saw initially President Trump winning re-election, heck many other celebrity psychics or popular mainstream psychics saw it too. Even prophets from all over the world saw this. But the hate towards President Trump runs deep. I do see that many interfered in this election and we are talking about POWERFUL people who I cannot name for my own security, but I will say that there are so many rich Billionaires and such that are not EVEN on the grid or map.

I mean they are conducting businesses in the black market and had their own selfish and darker purposes to take down President Trump. They did not want to see him winning this election because hate is what had to be engrained in the mind and souls of humanity across the globe. The hate is coming from citizens in other countries. However, there’s so many more that love him. Would you believe me if I told you this was spiritual warfare? Would you believe me if I told you that Republican witches and Democratic witches were casting spells to secure an outcome and after the results even more witchcraft and deep magic was done. We aren’t talking about one person but rather covens. Coven against coven, this is something that sounds far-fetched and even like move or film material.

However, I see visions and I’m here to simply share the insights from spirit with you guys. So, going back to the reason many celebs and elites wanted President Trump out was because they do not like that, he doesn’t play politics like many before him. He was not cut from the same cloth when it comes into politics, he is a businessman and celeb. He came from that world and knows a lot about people in the industry. Don’t you find it very funny that Epstein and Weinstein among others were taken down. The corruption runs deep. Human trafficking was another thing he was against and signed and passed laws to stop this. The other reason was that President Trump was actually stopping war and darkness love war, it’s a distraction. Notice under this administration the war was not overseas but rather here in the USA. BLM & ANTIFA rose up and they planted moles and people in every voting precinct, they manipulated the Dominion voting software and the list goes on that I will begin to sound like a conspiracy theorist to some but even Republicans who are now showing their true color are actually Democrat but posers. I had predicted this and this will help you understand why many who are in these positions as Republicans are against President Trump. Not only that but many Califo