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The Road Less Traveled – Advice for the Light worker

I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and I decided to write this article to give you a better perspective into the lives of Lightworkers and our challenges. We are human like you, we feel things deeply just like you. We are not all knowing or invincible. We all have our weaknesses like you may. We all feel and cry and perhaps deal with hardships just like you do. I have always strived to be the perfectionist in life but now that I’m in my 30’s my soul feels more anchored. I say anchored in the fact that I feel more grounded and know what I want and what I don’t want.

One of the biggest challenges that we face as lightworkers is the free card. So many come to us once they recognize your gift and they want something for free. They will literally ask you what you see or state their case and all the reason’s you should help them but never once ask themselves what they could give you in return. Not that this is about receiving but honoring your spiritual gifts is so important. Always honor thyself and I have said that time and time again. If I could give any advice to anyone, that’s what I would tell them. I would tell you to never overextend yourself for anyone. Having a good heart doesn’t mean you should let another take advantage of you.

My second piece of advice comes to love and relationship challenges for light workers. This is a road less traveled, just like the title of this article. Sadly, being a lightworker is not typically always considered a full-time job to others. So, you may find that you meet the right person at the wrong time, and they cannot accept you because either they are too worried what others will think about you, they don’t believe you have a job that aligns with their own desires, perhaps your goals are different. Finding someone to love you for your abilities is hard because so many are afraid or scared of what you see. It takes a very strong man or woman to deal sometimes with the fact that if they chose to pursue a relationship with you, that they will need to be fully transparent and if they aren’t you will most likely see through them.

Remember to never take it personally. Everyone is looking for a soulmate, everyone is looking for love, everyone wants someone who can be that forever person. I have learned that you cannot force this, you cannot make someone meet you halfway, you cannot make someone reciprocate the same feelings as you have. You can do one of two things, keep loving them and staying open to your options. (Most people will wait a lifetime for someone to see their worth.) The second option is to just be okay with your current situation.

Having a huge following and maybe celebrity status often also raises the question, am I attracting someone because of what I can do or perhaps what I can do for them. You will know when you have met the right person because they will accept all your flaws and love you despite the imperfections. They will remind you always of how much you mean to them and how great you are. The best relationships are the ones which start off as friends and do not job immediately into temporary gratification. You will be surprised how many people enter a relationship because they are tired of being alone and want perhaps to feel alive again, only to find out that there is still a void in their heart.

I’ve also learned it’s okay to be rejected in love. It’s okay to be vulnerable and open your heart to someone and let them know how you truly feel about them. The worse thing that can happen is that they tell you they don’t feel the same. That’s the scariest part and often we never want to tread those waters. However, what sets your soul free is going after what you want. I just want you to know if you are a psychic, medium, spiritualist, healer, or shaman and you are looking for love but want to give up, DON’T!!! Do not give up, you will find someone eventually who is perhaps in a different profession but who will love you. You are worthy and you are deserving of a true love. It might take longer for some of us (38 years and single still) I know LOL!!! I have not given up on love and neither should you!!! The beauty of life is that you don’t need to compare yourself to others and their journey’s. Some people marry young, have children and think they will spend time with that person forever, only to divorce. Again, everyone’s journey is different. Love yourself unconditionally and know your worth.

My third piece of advice is to be unique in your gift and find inspiration from the world around you but make it your own. We live in a world where books, manuals, videos and such all dictate the resources of knowledge that you are provided with. We find that there is one argument or one way of doing something spiritually when the answer is that there are many ways to tapping into your gifts, into developing your gifts and using them to help others. Your greatest teacher will be yourself. Your greatest source of knowledge will be from your relationship with spirit and your ancestors. Remember we are not our earthly age; we are reincarnated beings with a wealth of knowledge that we have accumulated from those past lives. So, your soul has the answers. Don’t get discouraged by negative souls who proclaim to be colleagues but have a holier than thou complex. What works for them is good, but it may not work for you. You should always do what you feel is comfortable and works for you.

I also recommend to never doubting your spiritual path. This is very common when you come across a client who maybe can’t relate to your reading or is hoping to hear what they want to. Never forget that you were given a gift to help others. The most selfish thing you could ever do is keep that gift bottled inside you and never allow others to see or experience your gift. I’m a firm believer that GOD never gives us anything we cannot handle. You were given the gift for a reason and a higher calling. When you begin to let the seeds of doubt enter your mind, you tend to disconnect from your gift, disconnect from your purpose.

The last piece of advice that I can offer is to be strong when everyone else believes or does the opposite. Do not bend or give into pressure. No matter what your stance is spiritually or otherwise, stand in your truth. Don’t be afraid to express what you feel. It may be offensive to others but those who are offended cannot see past their own limitations. Being upset at another person based on their own truths is a sign that you are struggling with your own life. Something in that person’s belief system triggers them. It’s not their job nor your job to convince one another of your beliefs but simply to exist and move forward. You might never understand the scope or magnitude of your inspiration but sometimes the roads less traveled give others the courage and strength to keep going. The roads less traveled are ultimately roads that lead to your destiny and happiness. Embrace your path.


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