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Learning how Panic Attacks are Spiritually related.

Do you ever get so much anxiety or panic attacks about things outside your control? Maybe it’s someone who is making your life a living nightmare or perhaps it’s debt or even just worries about what your future holds. What many do not realize that our bodies contain a spiritual soul. Our physical body feels what we feel at the soul level, and this is when we need Spiritual CPR. We basically need to remember to cleanse our energy and space. When the outside world can affect your mental and emotional well-being and you are triggered with anxiety it’s a sign that you need to turn inwards and take better care of yourself.

At times anxiety comes on when we are suppressing our emotions or not willing to face our inner demons. Some call this shadow work which is getting in touch with the darker aspects of our soul and usually that’s not as simple as wearing your mala beads, drinking kombucha and doing yoga. No, it’s deeper, it’s about not hating yourself or your own emotions. It’s about not wanting to cause yourself any more pain. When we reject what we know deep in our heart to be true, when we don’t acknowledge that we are damaged due to shame or pain, we do ourselves a big disservice. We begin to absorb negative energy and it’s a ripple effect from there. You will literally bring other negative things into your life, and therefore sometimes we feel as if our life is falling apart. The truth of the matter is that your life is not falling apart, however, there are people out there such as friends or family who may want to come into your life and give you that Spiritual CPR. Do you allow others into your vulnerable state, or do you push them away when you need it? When was the last time you truly cried? For men reading this, I think as a gay man myself it’s very hard to sometimes cry because straight men and men in general have been conditioned to not cry to not show pain or they take that as a sign of weakness but it’s not.

Many do not know this about me but when I get emotional, I do cry, and I have no shame about it. It means you care, and it shows you truly love and operate from the heart space. It’s a purge. So how do you get that CPR, it could be that you reach out to a friend and discuss things openly and are open to receiving advice. For others it may look as if they need a psychic or medium for insight into why they are feeling this way. This world is a hard place to live in and it’s not easy. The hardest thing is to open your heart to another person without judgment. Reiki Masters, quantum energy healers and more all are part of the light workers in this world who not only elevate consciousness but help bring balance and healing. I often say the ones who are natural born healers and working as nurses, doctors, therapists, teachers, and in some form of service to humanity are the ones who need the most healing.

You can get Spiritual CPR from the universe too. Nature is healing, plants and herbs are GOD’s creation and teas or other forms are good for your soul and can help with anxiety. If you have a pool, go, and take a dip when you are feeling overwhelmed. Water is a spiritual conduit and one of the deepest forms of therapy that is FREE (well not technically since we must pay for water LOL) but if you go to the beach or ocean then it’s FREE. The point I’m trying to make here is that water is therapeutic.

Pay attention to your pets too, they will often sense when you are going through something darker, and they will lay on you. They will be with you, and they will give you comfort. Our spiritual animals are always with us. They too are healers and GOD made them that way. They are not just our fur babies or companions. They are so much more!!!

Remember that Spiritual CPR will not always look like this, sometimes it’s a kind words given by your partner or confidant. It’s a caress or a pat on the back. It’s a hug given or reassurance that everything will be okay. Sometimes it will come through sex or intimacy as well. The world is full of ways we get the healing we need to help with anxiety and panic attacks. You must try different things and once you find the one that works for you. Be sure to tweak it and use that form of Spiritual CPR when you need to heal yourself. You are loved and we are all one with the universe.


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