Learning how Panic Attacks are Spiritually related.

Do you ever get so much anxiety or panic attacks about things outside your control? Maybe it’s someone who is making your life a living nightmare or perhaps it’s debt or even just worries about what your future holds. What many do not realize that our bodies contain a spiritual soul. Our physical body feels what we feel at the soul level, and this is when we need Spiritual CPR. We basically need to remember to cleanse our energy and space. When the outside world can affect your mental and emotional well-being and you are triggered with anxiety it’s a sign that you need to turn inwards and take better care of yourself.

At times anxiety comes on when we are suppressing our emotions or not willing to face our inner demons. Some call this shadow work which is getting in touch with the darker aspects of our soul and usually that’s not as simple as wearing your mala beads, drinking kombucha and doing yoga. No, it’s deeper, it’s about not hating yourself or your own emotions. It’s about not wanting to cause yourself any more pain. When we reject what we know deep in our heart to be true, when we don’t acknowledge that we are dam