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Projected Reading or Insight from Spirit?

Many people often ask, how can I trust a psychic reader whose giving me a love life reading? That's one of the most pressing questions around relationships. I'm here to tell you that it is not as easy as that saying "You should not take advice from some psychic who is not married or in a relationship." I say this because many who are in a relationship, married or dating someone are not always qualified to give you spiritual insight into your current situation. Just because someone is in a relationship with someone does not mean they have the secret meaning of life, or are the best person to give you advice because they may not be happy in that relationship. That's not a good gauge of a good psychic. So how can you know if what the psychic is telling you is something you can trust?

When the psychic is doing the reading, pay attention to mannerisms that the psychic describes of the person in question, what they sense, if they pick up on your partner's qualities, names, professions, attitudes, likes and more. Now every reading will be different and many psychics will NOT pull the same information from spirit or give you names down to a T. However, there should be things in your reading that should have you saying hmmmmm that sounds right or things you have thought but didn't tell the psychic. A true psychic won't ask you question after question. If you gave them a question they should be able to see and give you more insight.

Sometimes a reader will project their own emotional trauma onto you, this could be a breakup they went through or divorce and now feel like love never worked out for them so why would it work for you. An ego reader or reading influenced by projections of their own damage is easily identified because they will start giving you examples about their love life and their bad experiences with men or women. A reader shouldn't share this information with the sitter because the reading isn't about them! A reader should know how to separate their personal life from the sitter (person receiving the reading). If a reader makes statements that men are all pigs, you should leave someone, this is someone who already has a bad opinion of men and could be projecting that unto you. It's important you listen carefully to what is being shared to know. Now, no one is perfect and I have been guilty of giving examples of my personal life at times but only if spirit guides me too. So if a reader is being biased or projecting, you will feel like they are condemning everyone and there will not be anything in the reading about your love life that makes you feel connected. Listen to your intuition because you will feel it.

Now some things may take time to validate and will not always play out immediately. This is where patience is needed and you need to open your eyes to things. Often if a person is asking about their love life or want a love life reading, some people want proof. Especially when dealing with someone who is cheating on their partner. Sometimes what the psychic says is not enough proof because the person was hoping for another outcome or response. However, as I've stated in previous blogs, that spirit does not always tell us what we want to hear but need to hear. The other thing I will say, if you are going to a psychic asking about your love life, you already have some concerns on some level. No one asks about their love life or a specific area if they aren't concerned or want some insight.

Pay attention to fear readers who also say things that do not resonate or that may strike fear in you. If you are getting a fear in you after the reading, it could be that the person was full of ego or is a manipulative psychic who only wants to keep drawing you back to them for more readings in a short period of time. Be weary of psychics who suggest you get readings from them daily, weekly or even monthly. That choice should be up to you not the psychic.

Lastly, just because a psychic does not see you and a partner together in the future, remember that is an energetic snapshot of the current situation and not necessarily permanent. I repeat the future is unwritten and changes can occur depending on free will. Take what they said if you want to make your relationship work and make changes do not sit with arms crossed and wait for things to play out. We are masters of our own destiny, although some things cannot be changed. However, having this knowledge of discernment about the reader who is giving you the reading, is super important for you to know.

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