Lower Level Entities

We hear this term Lower Level entity often used but what is that exactly. What do we mean? This is a term for a spirit or entity that does not vibrate in the higher levels of earth. These could be people who lived very dark life’s while alive and hurt others. These can include murderers, rapists, racists, and much more. Everyone who is alive or in spirit carry energy. Higher level energy is full of feelings of good health, love, smiles, light, warmth, joy, and everything that reminds you of good and happiness. When a person passes, some are earthbound and do not cross over into the light even after having their life review because they fear judgment. They may have done things in this earth t

Veganism and Spirituality

This is one of the most controversial topics here and before I begin with this article please note that my intention is pure and I respect and love each of you regardless if you are vegan or eat meat. I decided to write this article because there have been a lot of questions asked to me by clients and friends in general in the spiritual community and there is a stigma with meat eaters not being spiritual so I wanted to take this opportunity to shed some perspective from what I know from my spirits, angels, etc. First thing let me start off by saying this and that is that deciding to be a vegan or eating meat does not make you any better than anyone else. You are not less spiritual because yo

Australian Predictions 2017/2018

Normally predictions are made at the beginning of the year or right before a new year ends. While it is untraditional I have been asked by many to do some predictions for Australia which is close to my heart and I hope to visit someday soon. I have spent some time in prayer and meditation and the insight I am seeing is what I see immediately in the next 12 months going into 2018. I want to thank everyone and send all my spiritual family in Oz many blessings in love and light. OBESITY - While Australia is a very fit and healthy place I do see that the numbers in obesity will rise and within the next year where Australia is positioned we shall see that the rank will be higher in the nations wi

April 2017 Monthly Horoscope Forecast

ARIES – The month begins off on an interesting note as you may feel as if life is working with you and not against you. You could also have pushed through some obstacles that could have been blocking your progress and what you were wanting to see manifest. While last month may have made you feel anxiety at certain points, this month is full of bright energy and good vibrations. Within the work area you can bring new ideas to the table and also find working with others as a team will also produce good and polished results. Be sure to pay attention to your energy levels and your body. Sometimes our body as spiritual beings will feel the effects of the energy that we are carrying inside. Releas

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