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2020 World Predictions

Trump Administration – So many are wanting to know if President Trump will be re-elected. This is the HOT question but people also want to know if I see impeachment going through. Here’s the thing, I am just the messenger and I’ve sat with spirit and these are my predictions. I by no means claim any support or have any information from any other source than spirit. I know these predictions will not be well received by many. Regarding his impeachment I am seeing right now that the Republicans and some democrats who are secretly republicans and support Trump. That’s right, this gets really twisted. Ever asked why some democrats sitting in congress have not really done anything against Trump, it’s because many who are in office right now are only covert/secretly republicans supporting Trump. I see too much at stake for our country if Trump was to be impeached and it would make other countries have some plans started to take over or have more influence than the USA. Trust me, many other high-ranking officials from other countries are eating their popcorn and following this, hoping that Trump will be impeached. I am hearing even if he was to be impeached, he would not be kicked out of office. That’s what I’m receiving and it’s a clear message. I also see Trump being re-elected. The republicans and Trump supporters are definitely working hard to get any democratic nominee torn to pieces (figuratively speaking) to get them to either drop out of the race or be publicly embarrassed. Imagine someone just investigating and getting all of the tea on you and then distributing that through newspapers, online articles and such. It would destroy someone’s career.

QAnon – This movement is comprised of individuals who want to secure Trump's re-eelction in 2019. It’s mind control at it’s finest and it’s working. This movement has a danger to it because it evokes strong emotions which can lead to instability in the minds of those who will stop at nothing to clean the human race. This allows racism to creep in and I would not be surprised if the violence we shall see in the form of shooters or shooting will be product of this brainwashing movement. It’s a very darker energy. Regarding JFK Jr. faking his death and running for president in 2020 along side Trump, I call bullshit. Again this is to cause strong shock value and those who supported President JFK or JFK Jr would now support Trump because JFK Jr was friends with JFK. This is a movement to reassure that re-election happens. Much of the QAnon conspiracy is falling apart as some of the information being disseminated has not come to pass.

Medicare/Medicaid – There will be some changes which may take place later in the administration like in 2022 -2023 but I see many who are receiving benefits will possibly lose some benefits or be switched to another plan where you are required to pay into it. There will be uproar regarding this later on. I don’t expect any sudden changes now but it will happen.

Royal Family – The Queen many have presumed to be dead, however, I call that bullshit too. I don’t see that she is dead but I do see failing health. Her life essence, prana, is very weak. There is an exit point for her should her soul be ready to cross over within the next 2 – 3 years or less. I see more scandals surrounding the royal family and spirit is showing me that there will be a second birth. I would not be surprised if Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex gives birth to another child within 3 years or less. I feel there is a lot of press trying to continue to break Meghan and Harry apart but only time will tell. The future is not written in stone and anything is possibly, but I do hear there will be another pregnancy in the royal family and I do feel this could be her potentially.

Climate – I see a lot of fires continuing to plague California, I am also getting that there will be major flooding in South America, Southern USA regions and north east. I am seeing that this winter will be stronger, and we haven’t seen storms like the ones coming. The ozone is thinning and causing more pollution. I am seeing the ice caps melting at a faster rate. Overall mother earth is responding. I am seeing severe summer heat and droughts affecting India, Parts of Australia, Southern USA and South America, Africa. Africa will have some strong brutal heat waves that cause some vegetation to die. Massive Earthquakes will hit the world, India, Thailand, South America – Near Venezuela, Chile, Peru, & Mexico. California could also see other earthquakes. 2019 was the prelude I’m hearing so we will have to watch this 2020 moving forward. Spirit is saying you can tell that our earth is responding. It’s been several years, and we have not seen many mosquitoes. Pay attention because in past years we used to see several mosquitos. However, I do feel there are some of these insect population that is being diminished. Hurricanes will hit Florida and possibly some Caribbean islands. Expect a very active Hurricane season. Kansas and Oklahoma should be very much on alert for Tornado season. I see it being super destructive and active. Other places which commonly do not get hit with tornados will.

Viruses – I am getting that there are going to be stronger forms of viruses being released or experimented with. Some how this virus will be let loose and affect animals I am hearing. I do not know for certain but I also feel like this is bio-engineered gone wrong. Some cows will be affected and chickens too. Expect beef and poultry recalls. This will be in Europe and then trickle to the USA. I am getting that stronger stains of Influenza will also be prevalent.

Power Outages – Expect random Power Outages to occur throughout 2020 in Canada, USA, Europe. I feel this is going to be caused by solar flares and just carelessness on our power grid. I don’t see this being weeklong events but rather isolated events affecting some for hours, possibly a few days.

5G – There is a lot of fear as this is rolled out in 2020 and onwards. I am seeing that there will be a lot of reactions to the human brain. This technology is faster and more advanced but it could also cause small children and babies to have developmental issues. It can also affect the human brain and cause people to have brain fog, to have vision issues. They are testing it and trying to see how they can improve this but unfortunately, we have become greedy people and this technology will cause human and plant growth to be slow. Even plants, trees will be affected.

NASA – Will be producing some enhanced images of life on other planets. They will release these over the next 5 years. However, some will say it’s photoshopped or fake. It’s not!!! We have human life/beings on other planets not known to humanity.

Consciousness – The world is also evolving and so is our human race. Expect some people to come forward and new shows to be rolled out that focuses on spiritualism and paranormal. The world of science and supernatural are being merged. There is evidential proof of this, and it will be coming in waves from 2020 moving forward.

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