2020 World Predictions

Trump Administration – So many are wanting to know if President Trump will be re-elected. This is the HOT question but people also want to know if I see impeachment going through. Here’s the thing, I am just the messenger and I’ve sat with spirit and these are my predictions. I by no means claim any support or have any information from any other source than spirit. I know these predictions will not be well received by many. Regarding his impeachment I am seeing right now that the Republicans and some democrats who are secretly republicans and support Trump. That’s right, this gets really twisted. Ever asked why some democrats sitting in congress have not really done anything against Trump, it’s because many who are in office right now are only covert/secretly republicans supporting Trump. I see too much at stake for our country if Trump was to be impeached and it would make other countries have some plans started to take over or have more influence than the USA. Trust me, many other high-ranking officials from other countries are eating their popcorn and following this, hoping that Trump will be impeached. I am hearing even if he was to be impeached, he would not be kicked out of office. That’s what I’m receiving and it’s a clear message. I also see Trump being re-elected. The republicans and Trump supporters are definitely working hard to get any democratic nominee torn to pieces (figuratively speaking) to get them to either drop out of the race or be publicly embarrassed. Imagine someone just investigating and getting all of the tea on you and then distributing that through newspapers, online articles and such. It wo