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A Spiritual View on GOD

Being a clairvoyant and spiritual medium I often get asked what is my take on GOD. I was once asked if my gifts were from GOD or did I get them from another source. I was drinking a cup of tea of course and almost spit it out as I thought the question was sort of silly but then I thought about why this person was asking. After some thought it does make sense why they asked this. Some people tend to work through spirit, the light, GOD, angels, and the heavenly spiritual realm. You have some though who do have abilities but use the dark side of it and it is not GOD who they believe in and they use the lower spiritual realms for their information as a source. Having years or researching, reading, and just knowing the difference between good and evil, her question made absolute sense.

I was raised as a Catholic and later Baptist but it wasn’t in religion where I felt my complete wholeness as a person. I do believe and respect the doctrine but it never felt quite right all the stories mentioned and written by man. I later found my own spirituality and calling as I like to describe it. Now being spiritual does not mean I don’t believe in GOD because I most certainly do. I don’t like being categorized into a place of whether I do or don’t or I’m being too religious for believing this or that. My truths are what I have experienced, witnessed, my connection to angels. First off let me tell you I am a child of GOD and I do believe in this spiritual being. I don’t refer to GOD as being a male or female because GOD has no gender. GOD is an existence of LOVE! GOD is all powerful and we carry a little piece of that love in our DNA and our soul. I don’t believe GOD has a physical body but is the universal energy that has been here from the beginning of time. I don’t believe my gifts come from any other place or it could be possible without GOD.

I know some who are spiritual or follow another belief system or religion may say well this is impossible because some religions condemn people like us who are spiritualists, mediums, clairvoyants and healing. They call it a work of the DEVIL. Some may even say, how can you be spiritual if you believe in GOD? See, spirituality doesn’t mean you deny the existence of GOD but instead you are open to all possibilities. I also believe in the Blessed Mother Mary since she did appear to me in a dream 2 years ago. I also believe in many figures from the different doctrines.

Do I believe there is a DEVIL? Yes, but not like how it’s depicted or stated in the doctrines. This too is an energy and consciousness. I don’t believe we carry that in our energy or soul at all. However, being in a world that is not our true home there is a constant battle of souls. Like I’ve mentioned before there is a greater battle going on behind the scenes. This is a spiritual battle and a battle of souls. We all have a side to choose one of dark or light. I have chosen the light and will always believe in GOD and the angels. I have had too many experiences including being touched by an angel. I have seen the lower levels of the spiritual realm and the highest levels and so yes Heaven (Higher level in the spiritual realm) and Hell (Lower levels in the spiritual realm). Yes they are very present and the spiritual realm is a like a tier or a pyramid. The levels go up from the lowest to the highest. Not everyone makes it to the very top until they do go through several reincarnations and spiritual development.