Knowing your Blood Type (RH Negatives)

It is important to know your blood type because there are some clues to unlocking certain things in your spiritual path. The entire human race has 4 different blood types divided into two categories. We have A, AB, B, O. These can be either positive or negative. For example, if you are O+ or any other positive blood group you are known to have the rhesus factor (protein in your blood that traces its origin back to the Rhesus Monkey). This could be a possible explanation to your bloodline coming from early primates. Approximately 85% of the world’s population is a positive blood type but there is 15% of the world population with the negative blood type meaning their DNA was mutated and cannot


Have you ever worn a protective crystal and then all of a sudden it falls and shatters or just breaks on you? There’s many reasons for this. Now keep in mind that a crystal’s purpose is to provide some type of healing or protective properties against negative or low vibrations. When we speak of low vibrations we are referring to negative emotions that spirits or people carry. Both spirit and humans can carry anger, hate, aggression, disruption, vengeance. When spirit carries this and is around you the crystals are supposed to absorb that energy and transmute it into positive energy. When you say protect what are you referring to? Protecting your energy field. All around our body there are la


Tomorrow is 8/8 known as the Lions Gate Portal. This is a time of new birth and new directions to manifest what you want and to deal with old situations. During this time, you will receive abundant flow of energies and downloads of information into your spirit. When this takes place you will be transformed too because a lot of this information is coded in our DNA and activates. What does it change in you? It basically activates a new level of awareness and consciousness. You are called into your spiritual path and spiritual work as healers, clairvoyants, shamans, mediums, and etc. Depending on what dimension you’re operating on from a consciousness will determine how well you let the old fal

Transmutation and Self-Containment of Energy

Our energy or Prana (life essence) is a vital part of the human life. However, when we feel powerless or filled with lower vibrations like anger, resentment, jealousy, and etc…we are losing or causing energy leakage. Spiritual wellness is essential to all empaths, healers, psychics, mediums, and etc. Being able to turn negative energy or lower vibrations into positive energy and higher vibrations is essentially referred to as Transmutation. You are taking unwanted energy and turning it into wellness for your mind, body and soul. So what in particular causes us to lose energy or cause a leak in our energy? Here’s a list of energy leaks Obsession – When you have obsessive thoughts about others

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