Symptoms during the Moon Cycles

During the different phases of the moon you might feel many physical differences. Believe it or not the lunar cycles strongly impact our physical and emotional aspects. We are all part of the universe and interconnected as I’ve explained in other articles so there is an invisible grid of energy that looks like a spider web. Whatever vibration is going through the universe at any given moment can set off a chain of events and change our behaviors. Humans and animals feel it the strongest. Let’s take a further look at what is felt and some of the affects. FIRST QUARTER SYMPTOMS: During this lunar cycle you might strongly emotional, depressed, relationship issues may surface, you might feel utt

Tuning into Spirit with Disabilities

A big misconception is around people with disabilities and this could range from a physical or mental standpoint. Our gifts tend to become stronger when one of our 5 senses are compromised or if we go through some type of medical trauma or situation that transforms our live on a deeper level. When we consider people, who suffer from autism, ADHD, or other condition we may think they are not able to tune into the spirit world or they may make comments to us and we pass them off as being in state of mental illness or etc. While science continues to make progress with many medical diagnoses there are numerous cases reported of the wrong diagnosis or cases in which spirituality is involved and t

Cloaked Spirituality

We have spiritual people and then we have those who are cloaked in spirituality. As I embarked on this journey I have seen so many things in the spiritual world of psychics, mediums, healers, and I’m sure I will witness more as time progresses. For those of you just starting out on this path you have yet to experience the many ugly sides of spirituality. Yes, not all is sugar coated and rooted in the light. We do have quite a bit of “professionals” and I use the term loosely who pretend to be spiritual but are talking about someone behind their back, sees everything as a competition, their way is the only correct way and the list goes on and on. But why? Why are there so many people who stri

Empath Wounds

As empaths, psychics, mediums, and healers we may not realize that the energy of others can affect us not only physically but also spiritually. Since we are highly sensitive people (hsp) and able to connect with others emotions they can latch onto the person who is tuning in. If you are beginning your spiritual journey as an empath, you may feel suddenly like the emotions you are carrying are not yours. These could feel out of place and not the norm. Sometimes we may not even realize we are a different person spiritually until a loved one mentions to us that our personality or energy seems off or different. Although our soul is composed of energy and cannot be destroyed, it can still make us

Prepping for the 6th Dimension

If you are on Facebook or have some other form of communication you already know the universal shifts are taking place. The shifts are not just changes in our reality here on earth but at the spiritual level (your spiritual self) and the universal consciousness. For many who are still stuck vibrating at the 3rd and 4th dimensions you may have noticed that you are still shocked by humanity and what is occurring in our world. Some are just beginning on their spiritual path and awakening. This is what we are seeing in our world as chaos. This is what social conditioning and propaganda has done to our consciousness and to a certain extent we have become divided as humanity on earth. If you are v

Cheaters and Spiritual Breaks

It’s an interesting concept when you think you have found the person who you would spend your entire life with just decides to either dump you, leave you, or cause heartbreak. However, why do the people you have trusted the most often hurt you the worst? They were your soulmates or at least you thought they were and now your world is shaken up and torn apart. While we all have a blueprint, we design and work with our guides and spiritual guidance team before being born into this life and existence, that same blueprint contains exit points not only to leave the world and return to the spiritual world but also contains exit points in your free will and areas of LOVE. We all heard that certain

Sneak Peaks at your Past Life

If you think this is your first time here on earth you are mistaken. The truth is that many of us are what we call old souls (individuals who have spent many lifetimes here on earth and display a certain level of advanced consciousness). Old souls usually feel disconnected from worldly matters that have no value like money, trends, and popularity. They tend to be more focused on compassion, earthly issues, protecting the environment and much more. If you have found yourself as the black sheep of your family or misunderstood by friends and society you could be an old soul. Most old souls as children display a certain level of maturity or knowingness that adults find intriguing. These types of

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