Tea with Spirit Weekly Show

I'm so excited to announce that starting today I will be hosting a YouTube show called Tea with Spirit. Those of you who may be seeking answers to one specific question in your life. I will be giving you the tea from Spirit into your Love Life, Career, Family Issues, and more. All you need to do is to send me one specific question and an alias. I won't be using you real name due to privacy so be sure that you use an alias for you or the person you have questions about. I will select the top 5 questions each week and the show will air once a week on YouTube. So stay tune and listen to the entire show because during the show I will also announce a giveaway. If you don't have an alias you can j


Twin flames are often separated by insecurities and fears or shifts in their life path. Most twin flames have a strong telepathic connection and may be able to tap into the other twin at any given time. This 6th sense or intuitive ability is like remote viewing. Many twins can easily see things that their other twin is doing but this isn’t the case in every single twin flame relationship. When twin flames are single, separated or in a new relationship the connection you had with your twin does not leave as it’s there and always activated. There is healing that takes place over time, but you may always feel frustration especially if your twin has left you for someone else. There are different

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