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2019 Celebrity Predictions

Below are the celebrity predictions for 2019. Enjoy!

Ariana Grande – I see her entering a new relationship and her career also going through some difficult setbacks. There is also something with an eating disorder that she doesn’t admit but may come out in the following years. However, her emotional and physical health is not the best. She may consider taking time away at least 2 years break like many artists do then come back. She has a lot of thinking to do.

Billy Cosby – While he was involved in a lot of scandals and has existing issues I keep seeing his health declining. Heart issues and there is something about Cancer as well. This could be rumors that he has cancer, but spirit tells me there will be more revelations in 2019/2020.

Cardi B – Cardi and Offset will have tons of legal issues rising and this will put a strain on their relationship. I do feel there may be thoughts of another child but Cardi may not want that immediately. There could be a possible separation between these two for a time.

Kim Porter – Mystery will continue to surround her death and there are several who know the truth. Her death was not natural according to spirit and there is foul play. More revelations will come out in 2019. People are curious and will not let this be swept under the rug so easily.

Khloe Kardashian – There will be more issues with Khloe and Tristan and I do foresee him turning back to his playboy ways. There will be more scandals in the Kardashian family and their partners.

Justin Bieber – Haley and Justin will continue to make headlines as there is news about their relationship. I do not see this being a long-term relationship/connection.