February Monthly Horoscopes 2017

ARIES – This month you are encouraged to push past any self-limiting beliefs you have been holding onto. Where you may have been stuck or in a financial rut, you may have a little more flexibility and able to carry out whatever you couldn’t do before. While you do have money, you may find someone in your family will become aware of this and want something from you. They may not be satisfied until they get what they want and rather than having them bothering you, you might decide to just give in and help them. Now in your work area, if you have been noticing that your management team is giving you more work lately they might give you more tasks and expect more out of you while someone new who

A Psychics look into the illuminati

Who is the illuminati and are they real? The answer is yes and they are a global cult (phenomena) known by many as the ELITE. These are bloodlines but the elites would be the leaders of the nations, World Trade Market, Recording Music Industry, Hollywood and the major corporations, and the drug cartels. There is so much going on underground and behind the scenes and half of what we see on the television is not real but fabricated and twisted to make ratings and sell. It’s compromised of money and Money is the GREATEST EVIL to ever exist. Although we do live on earth and require money to make a living it is underhandly the most evil thing out there. There are theories about most people in the

Clairalience – The Psychic Smell

Often we speak about the other clairs (clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentient, and clairaudience) but we rarely speak of the clairalience. This is the sense of being able to smell energy. When you are spiritually awakened or born with these gifts you often have moments where you may at a certain location and pick up on certain fragrances and not even be sure what you are smelling. This could be random and take you by surprise. We often try to find another explanation which could be more scientific and think that our smell is affected by our environment but the truth is spirit is in our environment wherever we are and they can affect our own environment leading to clairalience or as som

January Monthly Horoscopes 2017

ARIES– Life takes a positive turn for you this month especially if 2016 ended on a sour note things are changing for the better here for you Aries. You will notice that there will be a lot of firsts being experienced this month perhaps your first promotion in years, buying your first car, owning your own home, or traveling. Whatever it is, that you have never experienced or done, this is a month where you can fully embrace those changes and experiences. If you are single you could also meet someone new or start a spiritual union. There is the possibly that you aren’t even looking but someone comes and sweeps you off your feet. Anything and everything is possible. Those of you in an existing

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