Soul Agreements and Setting Boundaries

Have you ever noticed that during sleeping you have dreams and travel in your dreams to locations that seem very similar to where you live now or extensively different? Some people all this astral traveling or dimension hopping and the list goes on. Now why this occurs is because your soul learns lessons while awake here in the physical world but also learns and works while asleep. Let’s say you wear prescribed single vision glasses in your daily life because your eyesight is no longer 20/20. But in your dreams do you notice that you can see without the assistance of the glasses? Also you may see everything in color but be colorblind when awake. The reason for this is because the soul is per

Why Gifted People cannot read for themselves?

I often get asked this question and find myself having this issue where I cannot read myself. I can read most people but not myself. I did encounter some colleagues who have said well if you have tarot cards you can read for yourself. My whole issue here is that the level of information you could obtain for yourself would be limited. This is one of the reasons why many psychics get told often if you have the gift why aren’t you a lottery winner or rich? My answer to that is our gifts were designed to help the greater good and also helping humanity but if we were privileged to such information for ourselves how likely would be to follow our spiritual calling and help others? How likely would

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