The Earth is Rumbling

Spirit often visits me at night when I sleep but sometimes I get premonitions of world events before they happen. What I have been experiencing the last couple of nights I have written down in a journal, but I wanted to share this with each of you as well. So, for the past couple of nights I will be asleep and wake up around 2am or 3am and just as I’m about to wake up I hear and feel the earth moving. I know this sounds totally insane to some of you maybe reading this. However, many of you have asked how I get the world predictions and sometimes its visions, sometimes I feel it or see it, sometimes I just know. What I have been feeling is the earth rumbling deep inside and I hear this BOOM!

Christian Psychics, Christianity vs. New Age

This may be the most interesting blog for many of you out there. This is a subject I don’t like bringing up because there are so many reasons but the main reason as a Spiritualist I have learned that we must respect religion, new age, and basically people of all walks of life and their decisions. However, when does one cross the line between their belief’s and hypocrisy? I must say I have been doing spiritual work for years now and I have come across many people from all walks of life in the spiritual community and Christian community. As many of you know I was born and raised Catholic and slowly that belief system contradicted everything that was in the bible or religious doctrine. My exper

Can Spirits Harm the Living

We all have seen a haunted movie or heard that spirits can inflict harm to the living if they are truly angry or upset. Is there any truth to this? You have to understand that just like there are good spirits, there are a lot of bad spirits. These were either dark souls who lived a very dark path while on earth and have chosen to not cross over into the light. These are earthbound spirits. Most earthbound spirits do not cross into the spiritual realm because they either feel scared that they will be judged on the other side when they cross into the light. The other reason is that they want revenge. If they were murdered or died in a tragic manner, they may also be staying behind because they

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