Symptoms of a Love Spell

I chose to write this because while many still don’t believe in the POWER of witchcraft it is very real and is often used by men and women to hold onto someone who they want for themselves for whatever reasons. Sometimes they have feelings for this person, sometimes the other person is oblivious and has no signs, sometimes they are just there for the money and want to be with this person. Whatever the case is, doing a love spell or going to a witch to have one done is something that has become more common than you think. It’s like a dirty little secret that most won’t confess to but when you come across a psychic, trust me we may not say what you did but know what you did. Many come to us wi

Dangers Mediums Face

For many who haven’t yet awakened or are vibrating on the third dimension of consciousness it can be rather difficult to understand what a Spiritual Medium goes through. Many have a misconception and think that our connection to spirit is simple and that spirit gives us the answers and we share it with you. This is only part of what goes on. We often hear people say, “I wish I had your gift!” The reality is that being a Spiritual Medium has consequences as well. I’m writing this for many of you who have spiritually sensitive children, young mediums, and those of you where are beginning your journey as a medium. Yes, Mediums communicate with the dead. However, I will explain this better. We a

Stuck After Death

Many clients have asked me how do we know if we are going to stay earthbound when we transition into spirit. We have heard a lot about earthbound spirits not crossing over to the other side, but we sometimes never stop for a minute and contemplate what causes us to stay trapped here on earth as an Earthbound spirit. More importantly, what steps can you take to prevent from becoming earthbound? So, for those of you who may be reading this and think this sounds all like gibberish as you never have heard of the term Earthbound, I will explain. An earthbound spirit is a human soul that was once living here on earth and has now died and instead of seeing the tunnel of light so many see, they have

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