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The Alchemist: Understanding Your Place in the World

When we hear the world Alchemy or Alchemist you immediately think of scientists changing metals into another substance or transformation of things. However, we are alchemists every day. We can change our lives and change circumstances by the way we perceive things in ourselves and those around us. An alchemist liberates themselves in the world as we know. Our spiritual side and truths can transform our life here on earth.

This world is full of rules, beliefs, social conditioning and much more but we all have an inner power and control of our own destiny. Being an alchemist is not about being perfect but finding ways and doing things to get in touch with your higher self and not allowing external factors governing your well-being here’s a few tips.

Thoughts - Everything we thought matters. Many of us think about random things and this leads us to feeling a certain way. Most of us dwell on the negative things happening because we want to change it or we are not content with it. Because of this we cannot see past the negative and this starts to affect your life and everything and everyone. The alchemist knows that our thoughts are temporary and cannot or should not rule us.

Perfection- If you go out into nature you will notice that a tree is not perfectly constructed and if you look at grass you will notice every single piece is the same size or color. Why? Because it doesn’t exist. So why do we strive for perfectionism? It’s ridiculous to think that life is perfect. By realizing you are not perfect and the world isn’t perfect we can learn how to accept all the imperfect qualities in us and around us and this is what makes us unique but special.

Self-Love – Many of us are not loving ourselves anymore or are so busy we think we need to immerse ourselves into jobs, careers, or family affairs to not focus on our immediate situation. Some of us have been abused or hurt and we’ve learned to love ourselves but at the end of the day we only have ourselves. We must deal with what we have gone through and learn that this doesn’t define you. You are capable of love. Telling you to love yourself is not going to help if you don’t believe it. You must learn what you love about yourself, what you are good at.

Chaos – Chaos is always looming and we all go through it and feel it. Those of us who are sensitive may feel this and react to it with lower vibrations or anger. You must prepare yourself always for when this happens. Don’t prepare for chaos but prepare yourself for when things don’t go well in your life. Laughing about things that haven’t damaged you. Minor things can be resolved through laughter it is good medicine. But most of the time we cause fractures in our own life and we lose the magic we have.

Inner Child – You might not know how to reconnect with your inner child. Everything you do should have an element of fun. No one loves going to work or doing something they are not happy with. You must feel it in your soul and find that innocence in everything that makes you feel reconnected and youthful.

Age – Remember that your age does not define you. Many of us look at 60 or 70-year-old and put them in a category and think when we are that age we cannot simply do what others who are younger and in their 20’s can. Why? Because we have self-limiting beliefs. An alchemist knows that their body has limitations but their spirit doesn’t. You learn how to create the magic and connect with that youthful place. Once we think we cannot do something we believe it and then we can’t move forward. But if you can push that all aside and remember your age has no effect on what you can achieve even if it takes you more time or you do it another way. Your ultimately go is to move with the rhythm of life.

Illusions – An alchemist understands what is shown in the world by social media and news is an illusion given to us as humans to get a reaction out of us. The illusion is that we believe everything we see and hear because we begin to think it must be true. An alchemist will question everything and not believe the hype or everything as it is shown without probing their feelings and asking questions to get to the root of it. This helps them understands if this is an illusion or reality.

Team work – You often hear the phrase “Teamwork makes the dream work.” This is one of the secrets of alchemy we understand as alchemists that we are not alone and we don’t have to do everything alone in this world. We were not brought to earth with many other people around us if we were meant to just be by ourselves and do things by ourselves. An alchemist will push pride aside and accept help when needed and embraces people to work with as team players. This changes the whole concept and perception of alchemy. This is what being an alchemist is.

You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be anything but yourself. This is one of the greatest lessons here on earth as spiritual beings living in a physical body. Honor yourself each day and know you can transform everything with your thoughts and vibration.

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