2018 Yearly Horoscopes

ARIES – This year brings a lot of excitement in your career. Where you once saw roadblocks, you are now going to find that things are a lot more exciting and innovative for you. You seem to take on a leadership role regardless if you are not working in that role. A lot of people cling to you and seek you out for guidance and often in the work space you could feel like you should be a therapist. While this is all lovely and fantastic, be sure to protect your energy. Energy vampires tend to cling to you on a greater level than other signs. It’s because your energy is very powerful and soothing to them. Use black tourmaline crystals if you can. By June and going forward you will notice that any

Signs Angels are Near

I often receive this question and how do you know if your angels are around you? It’s important to know that angels are assigned to us at birth and are with us throughout our journey here in the physical world. We also can have more than one angel assigned to us as well. Their mission is to be with us and the only time they may not be able to really protect us, is when we are vibrating at lower levels of energy. This is because the angels and archangels operate in the light and full of love. In turn, when we operate from love and light our angels can really be present and show us that they are there. When we are vibrating at a lower energy that is full of anger or discord, this is when angel

Pets and the Afterlife

It is important to know that our fur babies are with us in spirit after they pass. Ever heard that saying that all dog’s souls go to heaven? Well it’s true but it’s all animals. Their souls are unique and usually they come here to earth to be our companions and help heal us. They also are very intuitive. They serve many purposes. As a psychic medium I often do pet readings and I find such great joy doing mediumship readings for animals that have passed. Your pets do often visit just like souls of humans do when they cross over. Many of you may have had your own personal experiences where other pets in the family start barking into a blind space. To your eyes, you may not see anything there b

2018 World Predictions

President Trump/Administration – Things are not looking good in the administration. I see drama and more headlines. While Trump is still trying to make peace with other nations I see that there is a lot of uproar and burning bridges. More people within top positions in the FBI or his administration will be ousted or resign. There’s a lot of tension occurring. I also get that physically President Trump is being affected. The slurred speech and other behaviors we shall see in 2018 point to early signs of Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular issues. He is wanting to micromanage everything, but he needs to delegate things to others and loosen up. War – North Korea won’t back down and the last thing an

2018 Celebrity Predictions

As many of you know, I have made many predictions of which have been validated. Please note that these are not necessarily going to always occur in the time frame of a year specified and timelines can vary. I can only see what spirit allow me to see so, keeping that in mind thank you for taking the time to read these. CELEBRITY PREDICTIONS Rihanna – I see that Rihanna is a EMPIRE currently in her life. To be so young she has conquered the world of fashion, music, acting, etc. What hasn’t see done? However, she likes her moments of privacy. I see her really looking for love and I see headlines being made and showing her with a man who is also in the celebrity world. She may have found her tru

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