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Twin Flames Part II: The Chase and Run

Now I had covered that the twin flames sometimes come together and unite or spend some time during this life time but for whatever reason they separate. In most cases the reason is the similarities in personalities is like staring into a glass mirror. This can cause you to have that moment of feeling like this person is so deep and knows you better than yourself. While this is all fine and dandy, many of us fear others knowing our thoughts or not having some level of privacy.

There are several phases that Twin flames who come together in this life experience and I will outline them here.

Plutonic Phase- The relationship may start off very plutonic with strong surges of romance or attraction for each other but slowly this is replaced with control and protectiveness. Think about it for a second you and this person have shared many life times before but there is some unsettled business or periods of feeling rejected. When you are with someone who may have hurt you in a past life you may or may not remember this or if you have been apart and had other partners, they may always hold this against you. They might not be able to accept your past and come to terms with it. In fact, many twin flames will notice this is one thing that draws them apart. It’s a topic that keeps repeating itself and eventually leads to arguments.

Chase Phase – Some twin flames may be with other partners and still find that they are chasing the twin flame while in a relationship. So some of these twin flames deal with feelings of guilt or depression. They know subconsciously or at the soul level as to who is their twin flame but they don’t want to break up their existing family. This is where infidelity takes part in existing relationships and one twin may not want to wait or will put pressure on the other twin to leave their family or past behind to start over with them. Essentially this is like a rubber band which is stretched to it’s fullest capacity and eventually busts. Some twins leave or break up their families to be with the one who they love but if they have children from a previous relationship often struggle with depression or guilt thinking about what they had to do and the sacrifices they had to make, to be happy.

Run Phase – This is one of the phases in which one twin flame is very surprised with the intensity of the relationship and decides it’s too much. They run and once they run this can result in one or both twins going separate ways to recharge and decide what they want to do. Some reconcile and come together again to give a second or third chance but others just go and never look back.