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Published Dec 25, 2022

2023 Celebrity Predictions

Tory Lanez - I see that he was found guilty because he is but that he wants revenge against Meghan thee Stallion. 


Rihanna - I see her falling pregnant within 2-3 years or sooner. She’s wants at least another even if she’s said the contrary. 


Kanye West - I see he will continue to spiral out of control but he has a plan to make a comeback. I see he will eventually be forgiven and rise up from this. I see him going into production of movies or television series eventually. 


Dua Lipa- She’s on the path to reinvention and I see her working on new music but it may be a different sound from what we are used to hearing from her. 


Justin Bieber - I see him bouncing back from his major health scare from 2022. However, I do feel he has an autoimmune disorder which could cause other health issues to surface. 


Clive Davis - I see his health is not good and will continue to decline. This is something that we will eventually hear about. 


Jennifer Lopez - I hate to say that I don’t see Jennifer and Ben staying together. They will eventually separate or divorce. All is not well despite what they show the public and paparazzi.


Lady Gaga - I see her writing a book and also wanting to do more acting. There will be new music from her too within the next year and a half or sooner. 


President Biden - I keep seeing his health deteriorating but the public won’t know immediately. I sense he has difficulty with his hands and neurologically as well. His memory will begin to fail more.


Ariana Grande - I see her going through many life changes and still trying to get rid of depression. She has too many snakes around her but she will eventually leave the person she’s with and that will set her on a healthier path for your career. 


Netflix - I see Netflix continuing to become less and less popular. There’s a lot of revenue loss for the conglomerate and I see major reduction in staff due to inflation and other factors. 


Jenna Ortega - Her career will continue to soar. Her role as Wednesday has propelled her into stardom and we will see her in horror movies in the future and other tv roles. It’s just the beginning for her. 


Britney Spears - There’s a lot of speculation if Britney is truly okay. I feel she’s angry at her family and she needs to release all negative feelings tied to them otherwise she will be having a onset of further mental and depressive health challenges. She’s a prisoner to them as she gives her power to them. I feel she will continue to display weird antics but it’s to give others something to talk about. She’s far from being crazy.


Sam Smith - I see Sam being comfortable in his skin but he’s going through hormonal changes and this has caused his weight gain. He will eventually get the gastric operation to manage his appetite better and his overall health. We may see different music from him as well as time goes by. I see him wanting to be a father at some point he may adopt or use a surrogate. 


Doja Cat - I see her continuing to be scandalous and having some legal issues in the next two years or less. She will come out with new music and collaborate but I see her having some health setbacks too. 


Demi Lovato - I see her relapsing with drugs. She might say she’s sober but I feel she may fall back into a negative cycle and she hasn’t learned the lesson from her near death experience. She needs to take her mental health more seriously. 


Cardi B - I see her continuing to feud with other celebrities. She’s going to be involved in more legal issues concerning the projects she’s putting out. I see her falling out of love with offset. The relationship and dynamic we see of them in the public eye is false. There’s truly trouble in paradise as Cardi realizes he’s holding her back and she uncovers more secrets about offset! 

2023 World Predictions

Administration - I see more political uproar happening as we get closer to 2024. The current administration is still on a witch-hunt and will continue to seek ways to block Former President Trump from running for President in 2024. There is a lot of corruption occurring. 


Facebook - I see it losing is power and more whistleblowers coming forward on how corrupt it is and how it did censor people during the 2020 election. I see it eventually being replaced with another platform.


Cryptocurrency - There’s a darkness that pervades the crypto world and just like one powerful person was held accountable for his actions, we will continue to see more heads of companies be exposed and be prosecuted. There will be more strict laws to regulate digital currencies. 


Climate - Winter storms will be brutal and I see there being a hotter summer. We will see severe drought and during hurricane season we will we see more violent storms. I feel like the Caribbean and Puerto Rico and upper Texas and Louisiana coasts/borders need to be on alert for tropical storms and category 4 and 5 storms. 


Covid/Flu - I see there being mutations of Covid but it’s now associated as a common flu. However there will continue to be a rise of upper respiratory viruses and a NEW virus that is not well known to the public but acts as Covid and is more resistant to treatment. It will attack mainly people with pre-existing issues and who have immune suppressed disorders. It will puzzle doctors as traditional treatments may not work immediately. However, as we go into 2024 and 2025 there will be more known of this virus. 


Inflation - We will continue to see gas prices go up and down as inflation as its worst. Prices for food will be still at an all time high and more people will continue to struggle with the situation at hand. I see the people becoming angry at the system that is broken. 


Gun laws - I see the current administration working extra hard to restrict who can carry a gun and who can purchase one. This will upset many. 


Spiritual warfare - We will continue to see chaos in the world but also love. There is a huge battle between the forces of evil and good. Good will always prevail. This will become more evident through wars in other countries and involvement of the USA. The USA is deemed very weak by Russia & China among others like North Korea. They do not fear us any longer and will eventually try to become the most powerful countries in the nation.


Nepal - During my process of going into prayer and meditation this country and surrounding areas came up and I see it being affected by powerful earthquakes and some other scandals. 


Iraq/Syria- I see these areas full of battles and people still struggling and refugees wanting to find peace in other countries where there is freedom. I see more bloodshed that is senseless. 


Solar System - There will be a new star/planet discovered and speculation there is life on this planet too. The fact is that there are other beings in other planets which are alive. 


Consciousness - As we migrate more into a 5D and 6D state of consciousness we will see a new wave of spiritual people becoming awakened. We will see more souls leaving this earth to prepare for the spiritual battle coming. They will be more angelic earth souls leaving to help us better from heaven. More people will begin questioning the paranormal but also believing. 


Cellphones - Smart phones will become obsolete in the next few years and replaced with new technology that will be smaller and able to do the same function. The Tesla phone will be something that sets that into motion along with other companies unveiling a new product that people will go Gaga over.


Published Nov 19, 2021

2022 World Predictions

Pandemic – The big question is when is it going to end? The powers at be have created fear and that vibration is felt all through the world, though the awakened ones realize what is going on. I see there being variants but notice how we don’t hear anything about the FLU? I see the agenda is to keep pushing for people to fall in line with the process of things, however, I see people all over the world getting tired and resisting. I see people making their own decisions and I see the actual strain slowly beginning to fade into the background. Once where there was fear, there is a new wave of consciousness expanded. Meaning that people will be educated, and you will still have people getting the “thing” that is being pushed but then they will be okay. This has all created great division. I do feel like China has more of these viruses in development and it’s part of their way to create weakness in the world. Their hope has always been to be the big SUPERPOWER and the one country to controls the world. They succeeded with this pandemic and outbreak we experienced in 2020/2021.


Shortages – There will continue to be food and gas shortages here in the USA and affecting other countries as prices continue to sore. I also feel like this will be felt within the winter months with electricity and will trickle into healthcare and medication prices. Though, I do see that this is a short period of time.


Outages – There will continue to be rolling blackouts in certain parts of the world. These will be temporary but especially during winter/summer months we may experience more.


Administration – President Biden, I continue to see his health deteriorating and I feel like this is severe cognitive and physical decline. There are other circulatory issues that he may be experiencing, though I do feel like he will become a little more unpredictable with his mood swings. I see Kamala becoming more and more aggravated as she would like to have more things done differently than the President. So there is a underlying tone of disapproval that the Vice President has. I see more money being spent but also Americans upset at the way the administration is handling things. I see people who voted for this party regretting their decision in the long run. I see a lot of people being affected by their policies which will trickle down into taxes, government funded programming and such. How I see things is that many appointed to offices having no leadership and basically running the show themselves with very little supervision or communication. There is a time where I feel like Vice President Harris might take over for President Biden. I think many of us have felt this on a deep level and I’m not sure when this occurs, but I see it being very possible.


Anthony Fauci – I see him eventually stepping down, there is going to be a lot of continued controversy over this man and many Americans have lost faith in him and his decisions regarding the Pandemic. I also see him feeling very tired and going through something health wise as well. I feel like he has several health issues that he hides from the public but will eventually make news.


Facebook/Meta – I see there being a lot of changes in leadership and Zuckerberg and what he has done. I see tons of lawsuits and other legal issues that will slowly allow this to fade into the background. There is going to be a NEW platform that eventually takes Meta’s place. They are rebranding for many reasons, mainly legal ones but I see the power of Facebook and Twitter actually fading.


Censorship – Censorship will be changing too as there are going to be more whistleblowers that come forth and more truths that make the airwaves. It’s like Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey now are asking themselves how loyal their crew of employees was. The fact is that many of them were infiltrated by spies and people who have been working undercover for the government or a governmental entity. So none of their “Secrets” are so secret anymore. This was a CHESS move and there is fear among these huge platforms.


Australia – Australia there is so much spiritual wars and unrest in this once beautiful country. I see there being more rules and people being forced to get things in their body that they don’t want or approve of. I see there being stricter rules and it’s almost as if things will NEVER be the same again in Australia even when this pandemic is in the background. There will be others who will slowly apply for VISA’s when they can and move out of the country. Within the country I see there being change in the powers at be too. There is a lot of fear but the people’s voice is not being heard. I also feel like climate there will be changing. There will be a resurgence of wildfires if not careful. I also feel like there will be more violence/mass shootings quite possibly taking place in Sydney or close to that area. I see mental health being affected. This has affected many people.


CUBA – This is a beautiful country and I see there continuing to be oppression and people struggling but the spirit of the ancestors will be helping those who are there. I feel like there is something done to the current administration there and they are targeted by citizens. There is no justice and many will continue to starve or struggle to make ends meet. There will be a change though by the end of 2022 there will be some kind of energetic wave/shift. I see there being help coming from possibly other countries and through organizations.


Cryptocurrency – I continue to seeing the digital wallets and digital currency being something that grows but it will NOT replace the American dollar, at least not just yet! However, there is a lot of focus on changing that in the future. I see China again being the mastermind behind this. I do feel like there will be a lot of focus on which type of crypto to invest in but I see stagnation in bitcoin for some reason. Then I see growth in others. However, those who truly know what they are doing and investing in the right crypto will have massive profits. There will be some new laws placed on cryptocurrency to control it as well.


Climate – We will see a very cold winter in some parts of the North East of the USA and also many Southern states will be affected. I see earthquakes continuing to be very active. I have mentioned California having more but I still feel Taiwan, Ecuador, Mexico and parts of the USA will continue to see more powerful and frequent ones. I see there being something with the ozone changing too, meaning it’s getting worse not better. I see there being some type of smog or air pollution worsening and smoke that covers a city. This could be natural fires but I see that happening. Flooding will occur in the North USA and in some Southern states too. Hurricane Season will be active with many churning and I see one hitting near Florida or impacting part of that. I see some coming to possibly North East Texas near Galveston/Beaumont area. The whole Texas Gulf Coast is prone to getting a hurricane.


Trump – Will he run for re-election? There is a possibility he is thinking of it but I feel he is more so ruffling feathers. I see him working within the Republican party and still having a massive influence on people. In some ways, he is sitting there watching the current administration and is shaking his head. He is literally watching things and truly would do things differently. We would not be seeing the shortages, the higher gas prices, and much more. I see him enjoying his down time as well. He will continue to be the witch in this witch-hunt because the left does not want to see him run for office in 2024.


2022 Elections – There will be a lot of change and I see the Republican Party actually taking control of many areas. Though, they should not underestimate the Democratic party because there is still power and influence. When it comes to voting laws and such, you will see Blue States push for more voting without an ID and within RED states you will see stricter laws.


Elon Musk – With his BOSS move of bringing TESLA to Texas, you will continue to see Texas being a HOT commodity of freedom and also of business booming. Slowly Texas is becoming the conservative California. More businesses and people will flock to Texas for this reason. I continue to see transplants from New York, Michigan, Oregon, California and other states. They are choosing Texas because they have become slowly a more viable place to live and prosper. There’s a lot of money and farmers in California will eventually move to Texas too which will boost the agriculture business in Texas.

2022 Celebrity Predictions

Ariana Grande – I see a baby on the way for Ariana. I don’t know if this will happen in 2022 but I kept seeing pregnancy on the way and she’s ready to be a mother. In fact, I feel she could have a boy at some point in her life.


Mariah Carey – Totally love Mariah and have been a fan since day one!! I can say I see her working on new music and also one of her children doing something in the studio with her. I feel Monroe is going to take her mom’s career path with also doing something in TV.


Billie Eilish – I see her evolving and she has not only evolved into a more feminine look but also her music has evolved. I see her working on some new Music with darker undertone/vibes. I also feel she could be asked to be or star in a movie/tv role at some point.


Kim Kardashian – I see her and Pete being a thing in the past and she will continue to date others. Again this could change and there could be many turns for her but I feel like she does still think and care about Kanye. I see her writing a book in the future. I feel like she has so many things to say. Also see her re-marrying in the future.


Shakira – I see her eventually splitting from her man. Yes Although there is love there and children, I see her getting tired of some of the controlling ways her partner has. She will be shaking those hips to another man!


Bill Gates – You will see him eventually with another partner. I feel like for the time period he will remain single but not for long. He will be marrying again.


Justin Bieber – I see him and Haley having issues within their relationship. I feel like they do get along but I see Justin suffering from depression and resorting back to old ways. She will find out that he has done something that was kept secret and will choose to eventually leave but this relation will break up.


Shawn Mendes – I was right about him and Camila Cabello splitting but they are still good friends. I feel like Shawn eventually does come out as his authentic self. However, he might be seen with another female in the future but it’s more so to keep the tabloids confused.


Adele – I see her wanting to do something else. I see her loving music, but this album did not garner the sales that her last few albums did. She will continue to be successful, but I do feel unless she changes her musical style that others will slowly move away from this. She is still marketable, but I do feel like she would love to make different music. She will be expanding her empire and be into creating products.


Rihanna – I see her looking for love and to fall pregnant too. She is wanting to be a mother. She will fall pregnant, and I feel will be a single mom, but this is going to be her decision. I also see her wanting to make music again so within the next few years we may see another album but her priorities are with her makeup and lingerie line.


2021 World Predictions

When I do my predictions, they are not written in stone, free will can change a certain outcome. I know many of you have expressed the main people and situations that you want insight into. I welcome you to grab some coffee and sit back while I get into what I see and I see a lot for 2021. 


2020 Elections – There’s so much to say and so much I could say but I will try to keep this as minimal as possible. Fraud did occur and the intended winner was definitely cheated from this outcome. Let’s keep it real and be transparent. There has NEVER been an election quite like this year or even a year like 2020. This whole year was like a bad nightmare and while I’m writing these predictions the year isn’t over yet. When I tuned into the whole Presidency, I had two different visions. I saw initially President Trump winning re-election, heck many other celebrity psychics or popular mainstream psychics saw it too. Even prophets from all over the world saw this. But the hate towards President Trump runs deep. I do see that many interfered in this election and we are talking about POWERFUL people who I cannot name for my own security, but I will say that there are so many rich Billionaires and such that are not EVEN on the grid or map. 


I mean they are conducting businesses in the black market and had their own selfish and darker purposes to take down President Trump. They did not want to see him winning this election because hate is what had to be engrained in the mind and souls of humanity across the globe. The hate is coming from citizens in other countries. However, there’s so many more that love him. Would you believe me if I told you this was spiritual warfare? Would you believe me if I told you that Republican witches and Democratic witches were casting spells to secure an outcome and after the results even more witchcraft and deep magic was done. We aren’t talking about one person but rather covens. Coven against coven, this is something that sounds far-fetched and even like move or film material. 


However, I see visions and I’m here to simply share the insights from spirit with you guys. So, going back to the reason many celebs and elites wanted President Trump out was because they do not like that, he doesn’t play politics like many before him. He was not cut from the same cloth when it comes into politics, he is a businessman and celeb. He came from that world and knows a lot about people in the industry. Don’t you find it very funny that Epstein and Weinstein among others were taken down. The corruption runs deep. Human trafficking was another thing he was against and signed and passed laws to stop this. The other reason was that President Trump was actually stopping war and darkness love war, it’s a distraction. Notice under this administration the war was not overseas but rather here in the USA. BLM & ANTIFA rose up and they planted moles and people in every voting precinct, they manipulated the Dominion voting software and the list goes on that I will begin to sound like a conspiracy theorist to some but even Republicans who are now showing their true color are actually Democrat but posers. I had predicted this and this will help you understand why many who are in these positions as Republicans are against President Trump. Not only that but many Californians who are democratic have flocked to conservative states to inundate them and control the narrative. This has not been a plan in the making just now. This all started in 2012 under the most corrupt Administration which was the OBAMA administration. That was truly a dark administration and was the cause of many fatalities and senseless crimes. That was the time that BLM & ANTIFA actually rose up even more and were getting organized. There is no doubt in my mind that OBAMA administration fueled the narrative and hate when they realized their prized jewel Hillary Clinton did not win the election. Like I said election fraud runs very deep in every election but not like 2020. This is a whole other ballpark. The scope of it runs very deep. They made many narratives but their key to stealing the election was constructing a virus that was funded by many of these powerful people and disseminated in China. The virus was actually created many years going back like 14 years or more. I keep hearing that this was experimental, and many knew it would be a new weapon of the magnitude to cause population extinction. 


With a virus to control the world, it would strike fear, and this would cripple nations and countries. It would cause fear like no other. However, isn’t it funny that this happened in 2020 the election year. China knew that the only way to secure the election was to also partner with powerful BIG tech like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube to stop the exposure of their lies and magnitude of the truth from reaching the masses. They also knew that pushing mail in ballots would allow for fraud of the magnitude that we haven’t seen before. In addition to that they also knew that President Trump was going to push voting in person. So many of these machines were already programmed from the time a person voted in real time to switch the numbers to Biden. Biden did NOT and I repeat DID NOT win this election. He is not popular; he is not likeable, and neither is Kamala. They are the true illegitimate President Elect. They have many people bought off and many who will not admit the truth. However, the evidence is there and will come out in time. I see that President Trump is not the monster that others label him to be but again, he’s not perfect. He has his own flaws and has made mistakes, but GOD appointed him to be President. It was his destiny. It was his destiny to serve 8 years as well. 


So, in the visions I have seen, I saw him getting re-elected. However, the other vision was Biden being president in 2021. Biden does have dementia, and this is not a diagnosis but what spirit sees. I do feel like his health would not be the best and would deteriorate. This was all part of the master plan to get him to serve because it would be temporary. Kamala would be the one who would take over. Is it even a coincidence that Pelosi wanted to pass a law that would ensure if the president is not capable of serving they can be replaced by the Vice President? Under the Biden plan I see another shut down. The economy would suffer but mainly small businesses and the poor. BLM & ANTIFA were promised things in exchange to secure this election. I see him falling through and people who have voted for him, actually turning against him and Kamala. I see them reinstating many new laws that would take the guns away from people and punish others. They would also allow many people back into our country easily which would cause terrorist attacks to occur again. If you notice under the Trump administration we did not have the Terrorist attacks like we had under Bush and Obama. Biden and Harris are guilty of promoting the narrative of racism when they have created racism against White people and supporters of Trump. The amount of accusations and hate that Republicans have encountered has furthered the divide and The Democratic party is the cause of that. Under the Biden administration I see taxes going way up and restrictions on other programs and making it harder to apply and get the govt assistance you need. Social Security would be tampered with and your grandparents or parents or anyone disabled could be disqualified or meet harder criteria to get re-certified. There would be no cost of living increases like we have seen with the Trump administration. I see Kamala calling the shots and being very vocal on what she would like to do.  To the blind she will appear as a hero, this SHERO and glorified. However, they would go after many Republicans and make their life a living hell. Literally it’s no coincidence that the AOC is collecting names of Trump Supporters. They are not hiding their plans. I see many innocent people losing jobs and a recession of the likes we have never seen before and this would actually cause our country to become so weak that another powerful country could take over at any given moment. Biden and Kamala don’t even know about this. They are simply puppets being used by the elites who are the ones under control. Kamala could not handle this position and would be freaking out and deferring to her husband and other politicians like Obama and Hillary. I get a knot and cramps in my stomach when I tune into Kamala and her energy. She is not who she pretends to be. In her heart this feeds her ego. Being glorified. I see anarchy taking on the streets under that administration and many Republicans having to defend themselves and the war would be domestic. People who voted for them will be regretting this and this is coming directly from spirit. Don’t complain when your loved ones have lost their jobs or you have and you are on the unemployment line to only be told you do not qualify. 


Celebs were promised they wouldn’t see tax hikes, so this is another reason why all of them endorsed Biden/Harris. This benefited them and protected them from being investigated for the tax evasion that they have become used too. However, I do see them taxing the poor. They also talked a lot of crap on Affordable care under Trump and how our healthcare was destroyed after doing away with Obamacare, but the Obamacare was the worst thing ever. It only helped a few who had low income or people who weren’t working. Many who were working could not afford the monthly payments or were penalized for not having it. I see their version of healthcare not being any different and only helping a select few. Under this administration they would pass some bills and laws and have this “healthcare” package but there would be some red tape around this. Again, NOT what it appears to be. 


Now that I have gotten through that the BIG question is who is going to take office come Jan 2021. The answer is that only spirit knows but I do not see President Trump giving up and I do believe he will take it to the Supreme Court. GOD is under control. But why would GOD allow BIDEN/Harris to win the election and the answer is that he didn’t. Darkness has taken things before in this world and this election was no different. They took matters into their own hands and the coronavirus didn’t teach them anything. They took it and ultimately got what they wanted. But the people who have done this have major karma and are cursed by the ancestors on the other side. This is a curse that will follow the ones who played this role of GOD. Like I said it may be years before the truth comes out, but it will come out. 


Vaccines/Operation Warpseed – President Trump is doing what he felt the people needed to control this pandemic. Partnering with this pharma companies to create a vaccine that can help prevent or slower the spread of the virus. The problem with this is that I do see side effects from a spiritual perspective that would adversely affect people’s health. I see it causing joint stiffness and irregular heart rhythms and in some cases the onset of cardiac events. I see it weakening the immune system because a strain of this deadly virus is still incorporated in there as well as other metals which are toxic for the human system. It’s like chemotherapy but ten times worse. However, the effects would not be seen or felt immediately in everyone but rather be more severe in others. The side effects and outcomes would vary, and some could be irreversible. The vaccines were tested on mice and lab rats. I do feel some healthy people getting it and not having any adverse effects immediately but within 6 months they would start noticing. The thing spirit says is that once the DNA strand of that virus is injected it does something on the cellular level which would allow other deadlier viruses in the future to be more potent, essentially weaking your body’s immune defenses from fighting it. Will the vaccine be mandatory? Under a BIDEN administration it certainly would be and it would start with our healthcare providers, nurses, doctors, hospital staff. If you want to work, you will HAVE to have it. Then the airline industries will also make it mandatory until it becomes a ripple effect. This is when people who voted for BIDEN/Harris will end up waking up and realizing the magnitude of their stupidity. Trump has always promoted living in a free USA, one without basic human rights being stripped from you. 


I know that many of you who are reading this are probably saying, geeze is there anything good coming to the USA and the answer is that GOOD is always going to be there but so is evil. 


Nancy Pelosi – We all have grown to hate her and some love her, but I do not see her serving much longer or having the power that she has. She too has many health issues that she has not disclosed to the public and things coming soon to the forefront. She will end up having to step down primarily for health and also the stress will not be good for her. 


President Trump – What would happen if he is not our president? He would be back at his home enjoying the life he can. He is a president regardless and even though they would try to seek legal cases or try to hurt him in some way or another, they would not succeed. There are protections for Presidents. His supporters and fans will be there until the end of time and they would rise up to help their president. This is not me saying he will not serve a second term but I’m giving you the visions of what I see for him in the event he is not. Believe it or not, he did not see serving our country as President of the United States being a game. He did it because he felt the need to help. The tax evasion that the left has accused him of, are lies. All fabrications but they are greedy bastards (pardon my language) so they would still seek out any dirt they could find on him. Him not being president would hurt him emotionally, but he would be fine regardless. 


Ivanka Trump – I see her going away from politics but still creating awareness and focusing on her family and children. I do see her being successful in her businesses and work projects she would take over for her father in many ways and his businesses. Some would love to see her running for President at some point. While it’s not out of the question, I don’t see her wanting to go through what her dad went through. I don’t see her wanting that kind of pressure either, though she would be great. 

Don Trump Jr. – I see him going the political route and possibly running in a future election. He takes after his father. He is no Donald Trump, but I do feel like his temper could get the best of him as well. I see him writing more books about what his father went through in the future. I see him also involved in some scandals and headlines. He will stay very relevant even if his father would not serve a second term. I also see him involved in his own business dealings and those of his father’s. 


Coronavirus – Many have wanted to know when this will go away. The answer is that it will NEVER fully go away. Think of this as the virus. Fear has been a mechanism to control the masses and nothing has changed with the virus. I do not see the virus going away it will be the NEW flu. Although vaccines are there, I do see the fear subsiding and people returning to how they used to be without batting an eyelash but the laws of wearing those masks may stay there and again under a BIDEN administration this would be a law that I see that will NOT go away. There will be other viruses over the next 4 years that do introduce themselves and also be resistant to common medicine. However, I see humanity rising up and being more spiritually awoke so I don’t see the size of this pandemic or fear that has been created. Many have been asleep in a sense and paralyzed by fear. Those people will slowly have some kind of epiphany and wake up from their slumber to realize they wasted so many years of their life worrying about a virus and death. Death is inevitable and people cannot escape their destiny. We all exit at some point or another. I see a virus affecting food species and that would be the next target. This too will be one that is created in a lab and used as a form of population control. 


Voting/Electoral College – The voting system will eventually change completely, and I see states further out into the future exiting the 50 united states of America. They will want to be independent. I do feel if we do have an election in 2024 it will NOT BE the same way. It will be different and seeing that it would be entirely electronic. Again, this is NOT set-in stone but everything is changing and I see it being more fair. Under a Trump administration he would uncover all of this and would also ensure when he exits in 2024 that this would be the case. Under a Biden Administration, I see them serving 4 years and then Republicans voting them out and democrats too. Biden or should I say Harris would only serve a one term presidency. 


Qanon – They are a group of individuals who prefer to be kept anonymous, but they would continue to expose those in corrupt power. I see them dropping truth on Biden/Harris and people under their camp. They are always going to be there and present but from the sidelines is what spirit reveals. There is more truth in what they spread than fiction. I see Biden/Harris trying to label them as terrorists, but they do not kill or create violence like BLM/ANTIFA. 


Stock market – I see this being volatile, but I feel like it would thrive. Some will lose money in 2021 and some will gain but I see it taking a hit if there is a long lockdown like I see under a Biden/Harris. Now is the time to save money and also invest in silver/gold. Those two will be worth TONS in the future. Digital currency will become even more popular in the years leading ahead. 


Terrorists – Under a Biden admin I see war with other countries and putting our troops out there again. Under a Trump administration I see peace but I do feel like they will still be on alert for domestic terrorists. I see wars in other countries. I see the middle east having their own ongoing war. I don’t know exactly but I also feel like there is some terrorists that attack large buildings in places like France but also I see Germany having some attacks. This doesn’t have result in tons of fatalities, but I see these people being stationed there. I do see the USA being targeted. Shootings will take place again and mass exodus of souls. I see a public place could be a shopping mall or store where a crowd of people are targeted and shot at. These are all visions. 


Schools – I see schools returning by summer 2021 to normal for some places in the world. However, some will embrace learning via online. For some schools this will mean permanent shut down and hardly any staff. When schools do re-open, I see kids shooting other kids. Mental health has been affected due to the pandemic and I see that. I see that school shootings will be worse over the next 2 years because many children have been affected. 


5G – I see this disrupting our weather patterns and health of many people. I see this not being good and causing more harm. Animals will not be able to tolerate the areas where 5G is at and so many pets or wildlife will be affected. You will notice less birds in the air. Sharks are acting funny even now because they can feel it in the ocean too. The waves and frequency is also disrupting many geo-magnetic patterns causing weather events like you can’t believe. 


Climate – I see many earthquakes becoming even more prevalent. I see Cali having several but also North East United States, Mexico, India, Indonesia and even Japan experiencing more earthquakes. One near Alaska too. I see them being more violent and the aftershocks being even stronger. I see hurricane season being very volatile and many big storms affecting the Caribbean, east coast, Florida, Area of North Texas extending through Louisiana, Puerto Rico and more. South Texas coast may get another Tropical Storm that develops into a hurricane and hit somewhere along the gulf coast of Texas. This is not definite but a possibility from what I see. I see winter being harsh in some places in 2020 and 2021. I see large snowstorms. I also feel in 2021 the winter will be longer. Tornadoes will also be hitting Oklahoma area and Kansas. I see them also wiping out other small cities across the United States. I see a warmer summer in some parts of Canada in 2021 and 2022. I see fires in California getting worse as well. I also feel like there is something that happens in Hawaii. I don’t know what it is, but I hear screams and devastation. This feels more like a weather event. 


New Generation – I see that the babies being born under the pandemic and in the next 2 years being our next generation of Star seeds who will help heal the earth. I’ve said that before but they will be prepared and stronger than the generation of today. The Youth of today has been brainwashed by media, however, I see this next set of newborn being strong of mind. 


Divorces/Marriages (Love) – Now I have never done a prediction on love but I see love becoming stronger for many. Many will marry in 2021 as they have spent 2020 realizing they don’t want to be alone anymore. Many will enter serious relationships and come to terms with their sexuality. Those hiding in the closet will come out and be themselves. Many will gain that courage to speak their true heart. Many couples who are married will divorce because they will realize that they rushed or jumped into a relationship and really didn’t know the person. So divorce and marriage rates will be at an all-time high all around the world. 

2021 Celebrity Predictions


Kim Kardashian/Kanye West – I see them divorcing and I feel like they will not let the media know for months until it happens. I do see them still trying to work on their marriage, but I feel like the love is gone and Kim is conflicted. She is missing out on fun and experiencing something more. Kanye is very jealous and controlling at times but then so is she. I see Kanye focused on music but also wanting to do some kind of spiritual retreat. His level of weirdness will continue to be there. Kim, I feel will be focused on her make up brand and again wanting to do more in her legal pursuits. I see Kim being a momager and following in her mom’s footsteps and getting her children into tv/acting in the years to come. There might be some network or spin-off focusing on her and the children at some point but it may not be in 2021 but eventually. 


Ariana Grande – I see her thinking of motherhood and her love life. She is reflecting more about life and does feel lonely. I see her going through a BIG image shift and I also feel like her staying power or star power will slowly diminish in some ways as new talent takes her place. I see her though still being relevant but there will be some feud in the tabloids about her and another female. 


Billie Eilish – I see her making new music and her star power rising. I see her also transforming and her image as well. I feel like she may be rumored to be in a relationship with someone. I see her exploring her sexuality too. There is something about her that involves art. I see her developing merchandise to sell as well as being very much the Lady Gaga of our time. Shock value is coming. I see legal battles ahead for the young artist with other people who will say she took ideas/concepts. I see her slowly entering acting over the next few years. 


Jason Lee (Podcaster) – He will be entering a serious relationship. I see him also working on weight issues but feeling confident. He is creating something, and I see tv in the works for him or his show growing. I do feel 2021 will be super emotional for him so he will have to not have outbursts. 


Wendy Williams – She will continue to focus on new career endeavors. I feel like she is also thinking of some cosmetic procedure. I see her eventually leaving the Wendy Williams show. It may not happen in 2021 but at some point, I see her leaving that behind. She is going to butt heads with execs demanding more money. I see her being messy and still saying things that put her in the same line as Joan Rivers. I see legal battles for her too. 


Johnny Depp – I see fans still concerned for him. I feel like his health is not the best and I do feel there is a deep depression. If he’s not careful he could end up, needing to be hospitalized. I also feel like he is very conflicted with what is happening in the world. His personal life is further scrutinized, and love is something that he is searching for. 


Adele – I see her entering a new relationship, but it will be private. I feel like this could be a rapper or someone in the industry. I see her also changing so a sexier Adele is going to come out in the years ahead. I also see some issues with her voice which will be prevalent in her next album or new music. 


Mariah Carey – I see her focusing on her children and music of course. I see her children specifically Monroe wanting to do music and enter acting. These will be decisions Mariah has to make. I see her sister having a decline of mental and physical health. I see someone from her past coming back and wanting to fix a relationship. I see her and Bryan eventually ending their connection. The age difference is a major factor. 


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – I see them holding tight and fighting for their families to leave them alone. Prince Harry is bitter about how his family is treating Meghan and how they have shown their true colors. I also feel like scandals will continue to plague the royal family. However, I see Harry returning temporarily because the Queens health is going to be at the forefront. There is someone affected in the royal family which will prompt Harry and Meghan to visit them but it will not be a well-received welcome. Someone in the royal family or staff could catch Coronavirus as well. 


Beyonce – I see new music and also her continuing to expand her empire. I feel like there are issues within her marriage with Jay-Z and eventually Beyonce will be confronted with the reality that she wants to move on from this. I see her daughter Blu Ivy also involved in some creative projects but all with Beyonce’s approval. 





Published Nov 26, 2018


2019 World Predictions


It's that time of the year again where I make my yearly world predictions. I have taken some time to connect to source and these were the visions/insights revealed. Many ask me why don't you see anything good, but what I need to see and deliver is what spirit feels is imperative for us to know and to be aware. Being aware helps us use our free will to make any lifestyle changes or make decisions to help navigate through our life path and these world events. Some timelines/events can change and be accelerated or pushed out further due to free will. 2019 will be a year of huge transformation and while there has been a lot of separation in humanity and disconnection, this year seems to be promising in bringing more people together and consciousness being elevated. Light workers all around the world will feel the convergence of awakened souls all around the planet.


There will be more solutions to problems but we all must work together. This will be a year in which many of us will work through our stagnated life paths and work through healing areas that we have not been able to heal prior to this time period. More people will be called to seek unions so higher birth rates will occur and bring forth Starseed souls & Hybrid souls (New Race of Starseeds) that will bring healing and unity to our fellow brother and sisters. Many of these new souls are actually old souls being reincarnated so there is a lot of ancient power and wisdom. A greater connection to source. Ancient Magic/The Veil to spirit will also be much thinner and stronger. More skeptics will become believers as events and personal experiences shift them from skeptic to believer. 


President/Administration – I see more scandals centered around the administration. One in which the President is questioned by the FBI, some information is leaked once again. I am getting that Melania takes more of a step to do more and be seen more. This is part of her stepping into her power. I do feel that Trump’s sons will also be involved in scandals regarding other staff members.


US Army – There will be more scandals on women who have been abused and men as well. There is a lot of underhanded and abuse occurring at the hands of those who are overseeing our men and women in uniform.


North Korea – President Trump and Kim Jong-un will be back at it about the nuclear issues at hand and it will cause heated arguments and threats will continue to occur.


Economy – There will be some huge deficits in the government budget. I see cutbacks in many programs possibly even affecting SNAP, Welfare, and other areas. This will affect many who truly do need assistance from these programs. I also get there will be some changes in qualifying for public housing. Trump Health Care rates will go up over the next 2 years. National Debt will also increase compared to other countries.


Oil/Gas – Gas prices will continue to increase and where there were many cutbacks over the last few years around oilfield workers, I see more of a need for workers. I also feel if the drilling is not careful in the Gulf of Mexico there could be a major oil spill which would be expensive to clean up and also kill and damage many of the eco-systems, shrimp, fish, and creatures that live in the gulf or frequent the area.


Mexico – Has a lot more issues dealing with the Cartel and murder rates will be at an all time high. There is also some scrutiny around the President of Mexico and his way of handling local state/govt issues. Also get some epidemic of sorts that spreads throughout Mexico affecting most of the population. This will be airborne and is almost like flu like in ways.


Venezuela – I see threats being made by leaders, lots of innocent life’s threatened and senseless deaths. Natives will continue to immigrate to Columbia and other areas. There is a lot of fear among the public and the situation will not get better until the govt admits its faults. There is corruptness massively there.


World Wide Flu/Epidemics – This flu season will be one of the worse. I do feel the strain has changed and it will continue to affect those with a weak immune system, children and the elderly. However, many who are healthy will also continue to have cases that lead to death. There will be a resurgence of the Ebola virus in Africa and also another disease that is airborne and will affect parts of Asia and possibly spread but will be contained. 


Terrorists – There will be casualties all around the world but I see certain areas in the USA affected. Areas that need to be watched is Chicago larger structures such as the Willis Tower, New York taller buildings around the 9/11 site, one structure is the Statue of Liberty, and in Europe London, and Paris. I keep seeing the central area in Paris and again violence during the late night/early morning hours. All these area’s spirit says are areas of danger.


Amtrak – I keep seeing a derailing and many life’s at stake, possibly injuries and deaths.

School Shootings – These are going to continue but not at the magnitude that I saw for 2018.

Nightclub Shootings – 2019 is not a good year for club nightlife. There will be domestic terrorists who have mental issues and carry out mass shootings in clubs. If you must go to a club know the exits and have a plan. Security also needs to be stepped up.


Marijuana – While Marijuana is legal in some states and been passed for legal marijuana. I am being told by spirit that there will be forms of the synthetic version being sold as authentic and affecting many and causing death. There is a need of caution for those who are using it. The new strain/synthetic can cause seizures, paralysis, and cause long term effects such as memory loss, respiratory issues, swelling etc.


Natural Disasters – I am seeing catastrophic earthquakes all around the world and some affecting parts of the USA, Mexico, South America, Indonesia, India and China. Yes we have earthquakes all the time and some go unfelt but these that spirit see are not going to be small ones but HUGE large ones. Capable of collapsing large tall structures and burying people like we have seen in the past.  Tornado alley is going to have some major Tornadoes and places that have never seen huge twisters will see them. There is a lot of weather engineered disasters such as the California Fires which will continue. These are NOT natural, but man made. I see hurricane season being active in 2019 with some major storms affecting parts of Florida, Gulf of Mexico. I am shown Louisiana and Upper Texas should prepare. There could be a tropical storm/hurricane hit this area. Almost the same area affected in New Orleans during Katrina. Puerto Rico should also be on high alert. There will be at least 2-3 Category 3 and 4 Hurricanes during hurricane season. Winter will be harsh in 2018 and going into 2019/2020. Areas that are normally warm will experience some weird weather patterns. Flooding occurring in parts of the North of the USA.

2019 Celebrity Predictions

Below are the celebrity predictions for 2019. Enjoy! 


Ariana Grande – I see her entering a new relationship and her career also going through some difficult setbacks. There is also something with an eating disorder that she doesn’t admit but may come out in the following years. However, her emotional and physical health is not the best. She may consider taking time away at least 2 years break like many artists do then come back. She has a lot of thinking to do.


Billy Cosby – While he was involved in a lot of scandals and has existing issues I keep seeing his health declining.  Heart issues and there is something about Cancer as well. This could be rumors that he has cancer, but spirit tells me there will be more revelations in 2019/2020.


Cardi B – Cardi and Offset will have tons of legal issues rising and this will put a strain on their relationship. I do feel there may be thoughts of another child but Cardi may not want that immediately. There could be a possible separation between these two for a time.


Kim Porter – Mystery will continue to surround her death and there are several who know the truth. Her death was not natural according to spirit and there is foul play. More revelations will come out in 2019. People are curious and will not let this be swept under the rug so easily.


Khloe Kardashian – There will be more issues with Khloe and Tristan and I do foresee him turning back to his playboy ways. There will be more scandals in the Kardashian family and their partners.


Justin Bieber – Haley and Justin will continue to make headlines as there is news about their relationship. I do not see this being a long-term relationship/connection.


Paris Hilton – Will continue to experience pain/heartbreak in her love life. She may be in communication with her ex fiancé Chris Zylka but I see her eventually moving on. There will be another guy who enters Paris life should she allow it in late 2019/2020.


Demi Lovato – She will make a comeback from the overdose she experienced in 2018. We will see her collaborating with other artists and possibly her working on a new album. There is a lot of temptation for a relapse if she is not careful but she is surrounded by people who are really supportive.


Sam Smith – He will enter a new stable relationship. I do feel he has been in communication with his ex but ultimately he will be emerging with news of a new man in his life. I also feel he will reveal something important about his life. This could be like a interview that shocks some but is no surprise to others.


Kelly Ripa – I do feel she may be making an announcement in 2019/2020 about her health and family. I also see negotiation with the network. There are going to be some attitudes flying and possibility of a new co-host.


Scandals will continue to occur in Hollywood among celebrities, women will rise even stronger to put a stop to all the abuse and mistreatment. More actors will be exposed for their behaviors.



Published Dec 10, 2017

2018 World Predictions

President Trump/Administration – Things are not looking good in the administration. I see drama and more headlines. While Trump is still trying to make peace with other nations I see that there is a lot of uproar and burning bridges. More people within top positions in the FBI or his administration will be ousted or resign. There’s a lot of tension occurring. I also get that physically President Trump is being affected. The slurred speech and other behaviors we shall see in 2018 point to early signs of Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular issues. He is wanting to micromanage everything, but he needs to delegate things to others and loosen up.

Validation: Just as I saw President Trump blames FBI missed Florida school shooting signs due to being fixated on Russian Probe. 



War – North Korea won’t back down and the last thing anyone wants is war. While everyone actually thinks that President Trump wants war, this is not the case but I see North Korea continuing to test out nuclear weapons. I also keep seeing uproar in the middle east. While it is not yet certain there will be war, know that he will do everything in his power to protect our nation as a whole and if this includes war, it will. However, I am told that the probability of this is very high. This again doesn’t mean that war is going to happen but there’s a lot of tension in the entire world.

Validation: Trump meets with the Korean President. An agreement is met. 


Economy – There will continue to be an upswing to the USA economy. I see deficits decreasing and new business deals being done with other countries this will help with jobs. The stock markets seem to be more stable in 2018.


Gas/Oil – I see the price of gas increasing in the USA and worldwide in 2018 and I see the oil industry revived. Those who used to work in the oilfield will see more of demand once again. This means prices of meat and other items will most likely go up in certain parts of the USA and world.

Validation: As of March 2018 the gas prices have increased in the USA after 3 weeks of decrease. Source:


Natural Disasters – As we saw this year that the hurricanes in the ocean and gulf coast were very intense and very catastrophic, I see that 2018 will not produce as many hurricanes. I do not see Puerto Rico being affected in 2018 or Texas gulf coast. I see weather patterns shifting and the north part of the USA experiencing a milder winter in certain parts, but I do see a warmer summer for them and a little cooler in the south of the USA. California fires are going to continue in 2018 but not like we saw this year. It is not a good place to live in especially in south California. I am seeing earthquake activity increasing all over the world. We will see major earthquakes rock parts of South America, Central America, and Parts of Europe. I do see tornadoes spurring the central and east coast of the USA. These will be very intense and will wipe out communities. I keep being drawn to Kansas and Oklahoma but also North East. Spirit revealed this phrase to me “When black crickets appear a natural disaster is near.” This is the first time I heard this phrase but if and when crickets make their appearance, expect some climate patterns to be SUPER intense.


LGBT – We shall see a lot more discrimination with the current administration, I see a lot of discrimination and hate crimes being committed in 2018. This is not only in the USA but worldwide. Australia recently approved same sex marriage and I see for them that there will be a lot of opposition from religious leaders and those who carry out marriages. Headlines on these hate crimes and discrimination will be very much the norm in 2018.

Validation: Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee and 21 other Republicans introduced a bill on Thursday that would protect people and companies that object to same-sex marriage, as well as those who have sex outside of marriage.

The bill, dubbed the First Amendment Defense Act, says the federal government cannot change the tax status or deny federal funding to groups who discriminate against same-sex couples, or couples who have premarital sex, based on their religious beliefs.

The bill says that the federal government “shall not take any discriminatory action against a person, wholly or partially, on the basis that such person speaks, or acts, in accordance with a sincerely held religious belief, or moral conviction, that marriage is or should be recognized as a union of one man and one woman; or two individuals as recognized under federal law; or sexual relations outside marriage are improper.” 



Terrorists – We shall continue to see terrorists carrying out their acts of violence around the world and targeting the innocent. I also am seeing an increase in school shootings. As I’ve said this is horrible visions to see and spirit is limited on what it can give. But I was drawn to Colorado and the North East. This is a beautiful but crazy world we are living in right now and a lot of lower vibration and energies still linger and control man. Some of these killers and psycho paths are already vibrating at lower levels of energy and it’s a toxic mix. New York is a target spirit says among the larger buildings that go way up in the air.

VALIDATION: Just as I saw there was a school shooting in Kentucky at Marshall County High School where the shooter killed two 15 year old students and injured at least 18 others. This occurred on Jan 23, 2018. The next one was at a Salvador B. Castro Middle school in which a 12 year old girl shot and two wounded. A 15 year old boy shot in the head and in critical condition and a 15 year old girl shot in the wrist. There have been at least 23 shootings in the USA or attempts since 2018 began. 


Hollywood – I am hearing there will be a suicide of a very famous actor who is depressed. Spirit says this will be loved and well known but is not very open. I see this man having dark hair and when he was younger had chiseled jaw. I get he is currently single and divorced. I see mass exodus among celebrities in 2018. Some of these souls have already chosen exit points.

VALIDATION: Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, XXX Tentacion, Peter Stringfellow, 

2018 Celebrity Predictions

Rihanna – I see that Rihanna is running an EMPIRE currently in her life. To be so young she has conquered the world of fashion, music, acting, etc. What hasn’t see done? However, she likes her moments of privacy. I see her really looking for love and I see headlines being made and showing her with a man who is also in the celebrity world. She may have found her true love this time around. Expect to see lot of buzz around her and new music she is working on. We shall see new music and collaborations.

Validation: She launches Fenty Beauty, Lemon collab with Pharrell Williams, 


Beyonce – With Beyonce, she is coming back stronger than ever. I see her making and releasing new music early in 2018. She’s had her babies and now she’s ready to be back in the music world. Like she ever left? Some would call this a reinvention. I see her shifting a little and experimenting with new sounds and genres.

VALIDATION: Beyoncé and JAY-Z drop surprise new album, Everything Is Love: Stream


Jennifer Lopez – I see her making headlines as always but I see heartbreak with her and feeling as if her relationships always fall south. She is going to be working on some movie projects and we may see her on the big screen once again. She is shifting her focus.


Blake Shelton – I don’t see Blake and Gwen being together for much longer. I also get that Blake may do one or two more seasons of the Voice before leaving the show to pursue other projects. I see him still releasing music but he will take more on developing upcoming artists.

Validation: Rumors are flying....."Network executives are reportedly “freaking out” over the possibility of Shelton and Levine jumping ship after this season, and a production insider says that the show has offered each of them a $5 million bonus to stay on until 2020." Source:


Cardi B – She is out to steal the throne and while she has recently collaborated with Nicki Minaj I see headlines and rumors spread. I see Nicki feels her throne is being threatened. There will be drama between these two. Nicki cannot stay out of the headlines. I see Cardi B taking the world of rap and hip hop to the next level with her music and other projects she will reveal in 2018. I also see more tv appearances perhaps a reality show. This is just the beginning of her successful journey.

VALIDATION: Cardi is on top of the charts, they exchange words at Met Gala, New Album released.


Prince William – They say that there is no rivalry between brothers. I do see drama behind the scenes with him and his younger brother Harry. Prince William is jealous that his younger brother is making more headlines and also more relevant than him and Kate.


Shannon Doherty – Better known as Prue from the show Charmed, she has battled breast cancer and is a survivor. I see her writing a book and working on projects possibly returning to TV. She has a new outlook on life and is turning more to her spiritual side. She is one tough cookie! We haven’t seen the last of her. She is resilient.

Validation: She is going to be on the show The Heathers (2018) tv series.


Selena Gomez – She is not doing too good health wise but also in her choices of relationships. Her friendship with Justin Beiber will most likely result in the same patterns of heartbreak. She is needing a lot of self love and needs to shift focus.

Validation: Selena Gomez and Justin have taken a break from one another. Issues remain and Selena's family don't approve of Justin. They see potential issues and are worried about the affect he would have on her health since her kidney scare in 2017. 



Published April 10, 2017

Australian 2017/2018 Predictions

Normally predictions are made at the beginning of the year or right before a new year ends. While it is nontraditional I have been asked by many to do some predictions for Australia which is close to my heart and I hope to visit someday soon. I have spent some time in prayer and meditation and the insight I am seeing is what I see immediately in the next 12 months going into 2018. I want to thank everyone and send all my spiritual family in Oz many blessings in love and light.


  • OBESITY - While Australia is a very fit and healthy place I do see that the numbers in obesity will rise and within the next year where Australia is positioned we shall see that the rank will be higher in the nations with leading obesity.

  • PRIME MINISTER - I see Australian Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in communication and aligning with USA president Trump to create more business deals essentially profiting the Australian economy but also getting more involved with what is occurring with ISIS and Syria. There will be a stronger union. Now while Turnbull is doing this I keep feeling there will be more scandal surrounding the level of support he lends to the USA and the attention he is giving to the Australian Government.

  • TERRORISM- Terrorism in Australia we shall see some who are loyal to ISIS/Syria launch attacks. I keep seeing Sydney being a location and keep feeling this will take place near café's or larger section known for it's shops and popular spots.

  • MEDICARE - I see a lot of power struggles with the Health Minister and the doctors. I keep seeing the rebate freeze will be lifted but not in the time frame as expected but it will eventually occur before end of year.

  • REFUGEES- I keep seeing many riots, opposition for refugees wanting to enter Australia and those already living among many. Acts of hate/violence towards the refugees will make headlines. While there needs to be more peace, there is a lot of unrest in Australia over this.

  • CLIMATE - The summer climate was very hot for Australia this year and I see the winter being a little warmer than usual which will set record highs instead of lows. Going into 2018 I am seeing that the Great Barrier Reef is also affected there is also some kind of spill that will affect the sea life near that area. I see the population of sea creatures on the decline and some species at the point of extinction. More care and attention needs to be made in this area.

  • LGBT/GAY MARRIAGE– While this is still not recognized like here in the USA, I am seeing more and more opposition to the Commonwealth/Parliament and I am seeing by 2018 more focus will be on this topic but my spirit guides tell me that it will not be legalized until 2019-2020.

    • VALIDATION: While I saw it happening further in the future, the fact is that spirit showed me it happening. In December 2017 same sex marriage became legal in Australia. A HUGE landmark among aussies. ​

  • NEXT FEDERAL ELECTION – I keep seeing when the next election for Prime Minister takes place there will be a male who is younger that will assume office. This will not be Turnbull.



  • In 2018 we shall see more headlines about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman and pending separation. I get that Keith has had a lot of personal struggles that led him to taking a good look at what he was doing to himself but bad habits are hard to break. While they may look comfortable and in love in front of the camera don’t let appearances deceive you.

  • Iggy Azalea is struggling career wise as much of her attention and fame has slowly deteriorated. I keep seeing she may start focusing more on changing management within 2018 and reinvent herself. One thing is for sure, we have not heard or seen the last of her.

    • VALIDATION: It was announced in late 2017 that Iggy was in fact having issues with her management team and would not be able to release her album but there would possibly be new music in 2018. We shall see. ​

  • Adam Hills (comedian) – I keep seeing that Adam will continue to have success within Australia and there is something in the works for him like a comedy sitcom/tv projects in the works between 2018 – 2019 and some of his work will get more exposure in other countries.

  • Rebecca Gibney (actress) – I keep seeing that the television series Wanted may not be extended for a 3rd season which she is involved in many projects at the moment. I keep seeing that there will be another movie she will star in and this will be between 2018 -2019. I also feel she has been planning on doing something a little different with a book to be written so this is something more future oriented but not out of the question for this wonderful actress.

  • Kylie Minogue – I keep seeing her making headlines into 2018 with a new partner who she will be slightly younger than her but I keep hearing he is not in the same industry as her. I do get that she will be head over heels for this new guy, however, I do not see marriage in the future for Kylie unless she truly wants it. She is constantly reinventing herself and her public image comes first.

    • VALIDATION: Kylie is now dating Paul Solomons​


Published Dec 26, 2016


World Predictions for 2017


In Numerology 2017 is broken down as 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and 1+0 = 1. So ONE is symbolic of being the beginning and more importantly it represents new beginnings, rebirth, and a new cycle. You will see many changing jobs and careers this year. You will see a lot of people gravitating towards networking and expanding their capabilities. In our world, we are going to see a lot of new events and policies we have never seen before. Many will be positive and some will sadden us as spiritual beings here on earth.


2016 was a year of major changes and controversy. It was struggle for everyone at some level and lots of turns and twists on every path. I too was hoping I would get insight from my angels and spirit for 2017 and although it would be impossible to know everything that occurs, what I’m about to share with you is only a snippet of what was revealed to me. Keep in mind prayer and faith can at any time change the outcome of any predictions and our free will but at the present time this is what I see and hear.




US Govt – With the new administration taking office in January we are going to see a lot of revisions to existing policies. Healthcare in specific will be changing and although they said they would revise it to something similar I am hearing that Obamacare will be removed completely.

VALIDATION: He did repeal Obamacare as I had seen. 


Administration – I keep seeing key people who were part of Trumps campaign now being replaced as we have seen. Those who are appointed will either leave willing their position or step down as they are temporary. This administration will be very spontaneous in that unlike other presidents we saw more of a continuation of policies and appointed people but I see at least within the first year 2 key people who are like advisors to Trump will willing step down or be replaced. It will be something that causes a lot of finger pointing and messy but this is for the greater good of this administration.

VALIDATION: As President Trump took office we saw so many scandals around key figures who he appointed and either they left willingly or were forced out. This administration is the most chaotic in structure and we have seen more shifting EVER than in any other presidency.


Border Security - Although media shows Mexico to be opposed to the wall that President-Elect Trump wants to build I am seeing there be opposition by many. I do see him initiating the building of the wall but he may have to hold off. There will be stricter laws and screening process for those who want to come into the USA as I mentioned last year. I still see microchips being used to monitor those who enter the USA.

VALIDATION: He still is working on the wall but there has been traction lost as I saw. There is still no "Trump Wall." He did in fact stop people to come on VISA's into the USA for a short period of time, causing chaos and but congress and laws were put into place to stop him from having this kind of control. 


Economy - I do see more jobs being created in the USA and being kept but I also feel there will be some laws for those companies who want to outsource to another country. The USA can’t say no you can’t but the taxes that the administration plans to impose will make them think twice. I do feel this will have negative and positive aspects. Specifically, with our trade and stocks fluctuating this year. Some major companies may boycott or oppose newer laws passed this year and going into 2018. We will continue to see oil market increase and have lucrative profits. This will mean that gas prices have plateaued in many ways but will increase in the next 6 months into 2017.

VALIDATION: This is something that did occur. He did implement a NEW tax system to benefit everyone but the BIG companies and the rich. Gas prices did increase. 


ISIS/Syria – I keep seeing more and more events being triggered by the terrorists. America is not their only target and what spirit shows me is that they will target religion institutions and this will cause more reactions worldwide. I keep seeing Europe around the Vatican and specifically Italy. I also see the current Pope speaking more about these acts of violence. These people who claim to be supporters of the terrorists will continue to target events where people are gathered. In one vision, I saw a bridge and lots of water being targeted to disable or immobilize people creating a congestion of people and then terrorists targeting people. Again, I felt this to be in Europe and in or near the UK.

VALIDATION: I was right and there were many terrorists attacks in the world and in Europe like the incident in Paris where this terrorist ran people over in a crowd. Also on the London Bridge there were attacks against pedestrians. 


Terrorism/Copy Cats - There will be a lot of other copy cats who try to do similar things in America. I also kept seeing malls being a specific area or places where everyone should be on alert.

VALIDATION: We saw many instances of this like the Orlando Pulse Club shooting and the shooting in Las Vegas, The Shooting in Manchester during an Ariana Grande Concert, and the list goes on. 


Bankruptcy - 2 major companies in the world may file for bankruptcy and these are larger manufacturers.

VALIDATION: Westinghouse Electric filed for bankruptcy, however, there were tons of others who followed and here's a list: Charmin Charlie, Central Grocers Cooperative, Gordmans, Gymboree, H.H. Gregg, Marsh Supermarkets, Payless Shoe Source, Pen Air, RadioShack, Rue21, Takata Corporation, Toys "R" Us, True Religion (Clothing brand), Vitamin World and the list goes on. 


Mass Exodus – We will continue to see souls leaving the planet this year. In 2016 we saw many famous celebrities pass onto the spirit world but in 2017 we will continue to see some losses and some are not old. Why is this occurring and especially among entertainers and celebrities? Celebrities hold important positions that influence many here on earth. These are people who signed up to come to earth before being born and would impact the masses. Many of these souls have served their purpose and returned to the spirit world to allow new key figures sort of to take over or continue the creativeness and empowerment that many of these celebrities have. We all have roles in the world when we are born, some of us are healers and choose roles of nursing, medicine, ems, etc. The celebrities are responsible for the artistic versions of ourselves and get us motivated to follow trends or make our own trends. Think about it…every time we mourn the passing of someone famous, masses of living people all around the world merge together and for a few days or minutes we are connected as one. Although we may never understand why these things occur there is a synchronicity to all of these things and we are all connected. The passing of a soul is a celebration on the other side and healing energy takes place because the masses come together and closer.

VALIDATION: We saw so many celebrity deaths this year including the following Mary Tyler Moore, Sir John Hurt, Bill Paxton, Chuck Berry, Don Rickles, Charlie Murphy, Erin Moran, Jonathan Demme, Roger Moore, Gregg Allman, Adam West, Martin Landau, George Romero, Chester Bennington, John Heard, Robert Hardy, Jerry Lewis, Hugh Hefner, Tom Petty, Fats Domino, Lil Peep, Malcom Young, Della Reese, David Cassidy, Jim Nabors, Rose Marie, and many more. 


Diseases – I keep seeing that this year we will see diseases affecting poultry and batches of food we consume. This will make headlines and we may see certain products recalled around this. There will be a disease affecting animals this year. I see a lot of birds being affected and especially those who migrate north and south. 

VALIDATION: There were in fact many outbreaks of this through the USA and the UK with Listeria and more.  See this link for more info here in the USA recalls,


Mother Nature – We will continue to see the oceans stir and rumble this year. At least 2 deadly hurricanes will occur in the Atlantic and Gulf coast. Violent earthquakes will continue to plague the world specifically South America, Indonesia, and America specifically along west coast. There will be wildfires occurring in Mexico and I see many mudslides occurring around the world. This hurricane season will be super active and something to watch. The typhoon season in near China and Japan will also see devastation. Flooding in the USA among the middle portion and southern portions of the USA will also occur. I see summer being extremely HOT around the world and there will be record high temps. Global warming is melting more and more the polar ice caps and many glaciers. This phenomenon will continue to occur as temperatures continue to rise. Volcanoes in Mexico and Hawaii will continue to be active and stir activity.

VALIDATION: We saw tons of destruction among the USA and other countries with category 5 hurricanes and deadly earthquakes and wild fires, flooding and etc. Hurricane Harvey (I was affected by this hurricane), Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Jose, Hurricane Katia, the California Wildfires and the list goes on. 




Taylor Swift – I keep seeing her being offered a movie role/tv appearances that will change her career from music. This doesn’t mean she will stop her music career but she will step into new roles.

VALIDATION: Taylor has free will and she did take a sabbatical and hiatus from the spotlight to see if she truly wanted to pursue movie or acting roles. She decided she wanted to do REPUTATION her latest album. Like I said, everyone's free will can change certain outcomes but keep watching because I still see her doing movie roles. Key Note: take a look at her recent music videos and how they tell a store almost like a mini movie. 


Kim Kardashian – I still see Kanye and Kim divorcing. There is a lot of pressures and Kanye is not someone who is calm. The fact is that Kim has been unhappy for quite some time and despite rumors that an imminent separation is false, I still seeing this occurring. The Kardashian brand is deteriorating and needs restructure so this will make headlines.

VALIDATION: They were at the verge of separating and they are only together for publicity contrary to what they may say. If you notice in 2017 that Kanye was hardly with her or photographed with her. Kim really wants to divorce but like Beyonce is sticking it out for the kids for now. However more trouble and scandals lurk for the couple and their family in 2018. 


Beyonce – With Beyonce and Jay Z they are staying together for the sake of their children but we will see Jay Z emerge once again this year with new projects/possibly music. Beyonce has taken the spotlight but we will see more of him this year.

VALIDATION: We did see them sticking together as i have previously mentioned and they were definitely in the spotlight with Jay Z new album 4:44 and the announcement and birth of their Twins. 


Katy Perry – Katy is thinking of children and we could see new rumors circulating but there could be a pregnancy either this year or next but she is wanting to stay out of the spotlight a bit and have a more normal life. She is also working on new music projects.

VALIDATION: With her latest album released we saw her go through what appeared a breakdown to many. She did explain how she felt she had not acknowledged Katherine which is her real name and who she really was while thrust into the spotlight. Her album promotion included her appearing on guest shows cooking, doing normal things for a non celebrity. She is crying out for help in many ways and just wants a normal life. We shall see more about this in 2018 and the coming years. 


Johnny Depp – I keep seeing him being in the headlines but due to scandal that continues to plague him. He is an actor but I see health wise he may have some announcements made this year.

VALIDATION: Johnny Depp did not realize that he was in debt and had to cut his spending from $2 million per month and was in court. Documentation showed his ex managers poorly managed his money. He also was in a bad spotlight after June 2017 when he made the comment jokingly mentioning an assassination of the President. This made headlines and while he apologized this is just a glimpse of Hollywood Actors and their skeletons. 


Adele – There will more than likely be an announcement of a pregnancy this year for Adele. She is ready for another child. She loves her career in music but her roots are in her family life and privacy. Don’t be surprised if we hear more about this later this year.

VALIDATION: Again due to free will she has been trying but is having trouble due to stress levels. We still shall see her with another baby in the next year or so. She did cancel her touring but this was not due to voice issues as she her publicist suggested but rather her and her partner trying for a second child. 


Drake – I keep seeing him embracing the more bad guy side and I see legal scandals connected to him and making headlines in 2017. This has to do with his personal life and music. I also see him stepping into movie/tv role this year.

VALIDATION: We did see him in a tv show in the UK. We also did see legal issues continuing over songs written. Follow this link to read more:


Prince Harry – We will see Prince Harry in a stable relationship with the possibility of marriage either this year or the next. There is pressure among the royal family for him to be married.

VALIDATION: Just as I saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle annouced their engagement on Nov 27, 2017 and wedding to be on May 19, 2018.


Published February 18, 2016

🌍World Predictions for 2016

These were written on January 3rd and I never published but now I'm officially publishing these. I will add them to my website as well. If you don't believe or agree I understand and if you are easily shaken these may not be for your eyes 👀


I predict in 2016 we shall see stricter laws regarding VISA's being obtained specifically it will deal with the implementation of chips being utilized on individuals coming from another country into the USA. Th...e chips could come later but I see more strict laws around VISA's. 

VALIDATION: This is already occurring and being tested! 


There will be volcanoes erupting in particular Hawaii and other places as well that will cause damage to Mother Earth. With these disasters I also see many other climate patterns will surface and places not experiencing massive heat waves will experience. One involves a Tsunami affecting some area over the pacific. This will occur before summer ends. Massive flooding in parts of east coast of USA.

VALIDATION: This did occur but the Tsunami was just a warning.There were several deadly earthquakes and volcanoes among flooding. 


Solar systems will uncover new realms and life is possible on other planets.

VALIDATION: This is something that I still see happening but it will be some time until it is seen. 

Plagues or diseases thought they were eradicated may resurface. Flu strains will mutate and be stronger. A new disease transmitted similar to the AIDS virus will surface. It will start in foreign country. 

VALIDATION: This was the Zika Virus and other flu strains I had seen and did occur. 


Planes disappearing into the ocean. Specifically over 250 people in one instance and I see the Pacific Ocean.


Oil impacts and I see a huge rig or the Alaskan pipeline being impacted. More precisely oil spills and something surfacing. I keep seeing the prices of oil being astronomically higher than before. Enjoy low gasoline and oil prices. They will go higher than $4.00/per gallon in the USA and higher worldwide due to this crisis.

VALIDATION: Prices did in fact go up and there was several oil spills. However the greatest impacts around oil was the North Dakota Access Pipeline. 

Published February 16, 2016

📽Celebrity Predictions 2016📽🎼


I do apologize getting these out late but it's never too late. Here are some celebrity predictions that I've worked on this year and will watch closely.


Presidential election the election is going to cause shock and scandal. The person who I see becoming president will be male but it will be a close call. I won't say the name but I can tell you this will rock our nation. Many riots and petitions.

VALIDATION: While many colleagues and psychics were sure Hillary Clinton would win I knew it would be Donald Trump. At the time I could not give his name but eluded to it being a man who is well known and HUGE scandal. I knew it would be Donald but I did not want the backlash for predicting this a year ahead of time. This has to be one of the most POWERFUL validations i have received in my career.


Kim Kardashian and Kayne will split up. This will occur later around Fall 2016 if not before. As much as people see them together, a lot of family members including the mom Chris are seeing Kayne as affecting the Kardashian brand negatively.

VALIDATION: While this hasn't occurred yet it is only a matter of time. Many predictions will not occur during the year they are seen because free will can change anything. But the fact that they will happen eventually will. Kim has faith in him, but he is controlling and we shall see more in the next few years. 


Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello will divorce. While Sofia loves attention and is seeking true love after past failed relationships, some cheating will be taking place and this was really a publicity marriage.

VALIDATION: Again this is something that changed due to free will but there is problems in their marriage. Stay tuned as this will occur in the near future. 


Queen Elizabeth I do feel we will hear some health issues quite possibly announced and see her pull through. She's a fighter.

VALIDATION: She did in fact have pneumonia and came down with weak immune system. 


Twilight Fans do not be disappointed. I'm being told that the author Stephenie Meyer will be writing and or in the works of releasing a new book around this epic love story. A film will follow as well around 2017. She will make an announcement.

VALIDATION: While she has written and outlined the book concentrating on the characters in Twilight she had push back from the publisher but she will eventually release another sequel or book. Stay tuned. She did release The Chemist in 2017. 


Beyoncé and Jay Z will also file for divorce. As beautiful and powerful they are together. Beyoncé will not tolerate cheating and will move on.

VALIDATION: With confirmation that Jay Z was cheating on her, Solange got violent with Jay Z in the elevator and Beyonce was determined to separate. Her Lemonade Album was in response to Jay Z and his infidelity. However, they decided to stick together for the sake of the children. However, she will eventually divorce him. Again Freewill is at play here. Stay tuned....


Alicia Keys has been on hiatus but this year is her comeback and we will see new collaborations and great soulful music.

VALIDATION: She did in fact release a new album and also joined the VOICE. ​

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, I do feel she is going to announce her health issues continue as she is battling and fighting hard. She's been fighting cancer but many think she's still healthy. I see a decline in health.

VALIDATION: She is still fighting with a weak immune system. She did have to cancel appearances in 2017. 


Celine Dion will meet a new man who will take over her career. After the loss of her longtime husband and her brother she will bounce back because she's resilient. There's also a comeback in the making for her. An album dedicated to her late husband.

VALIDATION: It was reported by several tabloids that she was dating Pepe Munoz one of her spanish background dancers. She was managed by a new man but he stepped down and now she has a NEW manager. She is currently performing in Las Vegas but working on a new album and touring. 


Overall we will see many scandals in Hollywood with A LIST Actors and also in the music world. Many will use their name to support the presidential candidates. Stay tuned and connected.

VALIDATION: 2017 was a terrible year for many like Bill Cosby and other actors and producers involved in sexual abuse allegations. We also saw Kathy Griffin's career tarnished due to poor choices to express herself. There was a revolt among Hollywood against the President as well. 


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