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Symptoms during the Moon Cycles

During the different phases of the moon you might feel many physical differences. Believe it or not the lunar cycles strongly impact our physical and emotional aspects. We are all part of the universe and interconnected as I’ve explained in other articles so there is an invisible grid of energy that looks like a spider web. Whatever vibration is going through the universe at any given moment can set off a chain of events and change our behaviors. Humans and animals feel it the strongest. Let’s take a further look at what is felt and some of the affects.


  • During this lunar cycle you might strongly emotional, depressed, relationship issues may surface, you might feel utterly challenged to accomplish tasks. You might have more headaches, anxiety, spiritual awakening symptoms may be felt stronger.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do initiate ideas, proceed with any thoughts, be positive,

  • Don’t change your mind, pause and reflect, procrastinate


  • During this lunar cycle you might feel things more intensely. You might feel others emotions strongly, arguments may ensue, you might feel extreme shifts between happiness and sadness. You might even be melancholy. You may notice the behavior of others and express how you feel. Goals or wishes might be fulfilled. This is also a perfect time for haircuts as rumor has it that your hair will grow faster. LOL, but aside from that you might feel stronger hunger, spend more money, treat yourself, shopping for new shoes, and make a certain trip. You might find your stamina is stronger and physically you have more energy.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do complete ideas, put finishing touches to any project, and be proactive. Go outside and look at the moon. Set crystals out under the moonlight to charge.

  • Don’t keep secrets, sign contracts, gossip, initiate rumors, and over indulge.


  • During this lunar cycle you might find yourself more sympathy and compassion for others. You might forgive them for things that have hurt you. You might speak to an ex or reconnect with someone from the past. It’s all about clearing the air and fixing what’s broken in our life. You should reflect on what needs healing and focus on putting the pieces together again. You might feel less hungry and some physical changes may occur like loss of water retention, and possibly easier to lose some extra pounds if you’re dieting.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do release any negative vibrations and energy you have held on to. Release any pain and move on. It’s all about you purging yourself spiritually to reconnect with the truth. Cut the spiritual cords.

  • Don’t hold on to negative feelings, seek revenge, hurt others, and be bitter.


  • During this lunar cycle you may initiate change, make goals, brainstorm. During this time you need to set proper intentions for your life. Where do you want to go, do, etc. You might be more anti-social during this time, catch up on things you’ve been holding off on. You might experience more episodes of insomnia and restlessness at nights. Especially if you are psychic, you already know we wake up during the night time numerous times but you might feel it stronger during the New Moon. You might feel your nerves are on edge a little more than normal. Lucid dreaming may be more prevalent.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Do hold back from being around large crowds if you are empathic as you might feel shy. But if you’re okay it’s perfect to mingle with small group of people you know. Drink more water, exercise, eat healthy.

  • Don’t do much social or public speaking, make sudden decisions, and don’t say things without carefully considering the impact of your words.

Sort of keep a lunar journal and write down the things that occur to you during the lunar cycles and notice any patterns or trends that occur. This will give you a good insight as to what to expect emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Blessings in love n light. x

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