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Cheaters and Spiritual Breaks

It’s an interesting concept when you think you have found the person who you would spend your entire life with just decides to either dump you, leave you, or cause heartbreak. However, why do the people you have trusted the most often hurt you the worst? They were your soulmates or at least you thought they were and now your world is shaken up and torn apart.

While we all have a blueprint, we design and work with our guides and spiritual guidance team before being born into this life and existence, that same blueprint contains exit points not only to leave the world and return to the spiritual world but also contains exit points in your free will and areas of LOVE. We all heard that certain people become a lesson, experience or lesson learned. This is all part of our spiritual evolution and growth. However, you must understand the reason why your spouse, partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend has cheated on you. Was it something you did? Was it temptation? There are too many reasons why they could have done this but one of the main reasons is that the partner is seeking some type of healing that they can no longer find in themselves or in you. This is one of the main reasons why people cheat on one another. See every partnership provides you with physical and spiritual healing.

This doesn’t justify the fact that they hurt you and did this as it’s not spiritual and is a lower vibration for them but most cling to these relationships even when knowing the truth for the sake of a security blanket. It could be several things stemming from the familiarity of having a partner, shame of what others will think, financial reasons, and the list goes on. Remember the universe knows your intentions and this is where the lessons are. The longer you cling to a person who has chosen to be with someone else, the more pain you create for yourself and you are shutting yourself out on the blessings the universe has. Some are afraid that they will not have the willpower or strength to survive this separation or turmoil but in most cases, you will be just fine. It’s the FEAR that holds you back.

Another reason why relationships go bad is based on the intent and I am going to go into more depth. If you met someone who was physically attractive and that is your only reason wanting to be with them, then your relationship will more than likely not last. Listen to this carefully, YOUR RELATIONSHIP HAS NO LOVE! Yes, you may love their body but that’s not loving your soul and anything that is not true or genuine for your soul is not part of your destiny or life path.

Next you may be with someone only for their money. Yes, what attracts you is the security of having a home and money. Yes, you may work but having a partner who is financially secure and stable is very enticing. However, deep within your heart you don’t truly love them. You may trick yourself into thinking you do but your soul knows the truth. Therefore, relationships go sour quickly or after some time. Money and having a place to live doesn’t mean anything if you are unhappy spiritually and physically unable to feel love by the other person.

Another explanation would be karmic lessons that you MUST now learn from a past life. Some of the reasons I mentioned above may be what you did in a past life and now you are reaping those karmic lessons and having to experience them in your life now to move further and acclimate to the next level in your spiritual growth.

Sometimes the reason this person has cheated on you has nothing to do with this but rather just lower vibrations of lust, and spiritual bondages that they do not know how to get out of. Spiritual attachments can also lead to this as negative entities can drive others apart. So, like I have mentioned there are numerous reasons why people cheat.

If you are consulting a psychic, medium, or healer and obtain a reading and this comes up or your specifically ask them if your partner is cheating. Regardless of the answer you are given your soul already knows the truth and you should not attack the reader or feel they are lying. In many instances your soul asked this because a certain level of your inner intuition is telling you that there is reason and validity here. Your soul doesn’t let this idea go and it repeats in your mind and in your heart. While this may be negative news, we are just messengers and do not have control over what spiritual messages are given. An important lesson here is that Spirit will always tell you what you need to hear, and not what you would like to hear. Also, keep in mind there are different levels of cheating ranging from ideas, thoughts, actual physical, verbal, flirting, social media (online), and the list goes on and on.

The good news is that in some cases these riffs can be amended and healed if both partners are willing to work together and remember the reason they came together as one person. Prayers, counseling, forgiveness are sometimes band aids and the real healing will come from the soul level and both recognizing there are parts of you that still need healing or need each other.

Remember there is always something deeper in every relationship where one partner has cheated and hurt the other. It’s not as cut and dry as they just cheated on you. There’s a lesson, a growth, and evolution in all of it.

Blessings in love and light. X

-Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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