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Prepping for the 6th Dimension

If you are on Facebook or have some other form of communication you already know the universal shifts are taking place. The shifts are not just changes in our reality here on earth but at the spiritual level (your spiritual self) and the universal consciousness. For many who are still stuck vibrating at the 3rd and 4th dimensions you may have noticed that you are still shocked by humanity and what is occurring in our world. Some are just beginning on their spiritual path and awakening. This is what we are seeing in our world as chaos. This is what social conditioning and propaganda has done to our consciousness and to a certain extent we have become divided as humanity on earth. If you are vibrating at a higher level and tuned in with your higher self you are noticing how worldly matters do not affect you the same way as others or it doesn’t surprise you because deep down you know everything has happened with a purpose behind it.

As we move into the 6th dimension you are going to notice many things happening in our physical plane (earth) and to yourself (physical body) in response to the universal codes and universal shifts in consciousness occurring. Let’s first a look at what will happen here on earth as we shift.

Earths 6Th Dimensional Changes

  • Human Behaviors- Those still vibrating at old dimensions will be the ones spreading hate, anger, violence, depression, committing acts of violence but not knowing why they did this, taken by surprise by social or legal changes occurring,

  • Mass Exodus – People will leave this planet either by natural causes (disasters) or accidents and all will happen as it’s written. We will witness these first hand and not understand why this had to happen. Remember we never truly die as energy cannot be destroyed but many will opt for this exit to return HOME (Spiritual Realm aka Heaven).

  • Weather Patterns (Hurricanes, Fires, Tornados, Tsunami, Earthquakes, all epic proportions and will seem like these are the end of times).

  • Solar Flares and Global Warming, these will occur more frequently and affect our animals here on earth and plants (crops). Certain species will become extinct if they are already close to extinction.

  • Earth’s winters and summers will become more intense!

  • Something will be witnessed in the sky and this will occur at night and be like the aurora borealis but way different. This will be well documented and will occur within the next year or so.

  • Earth will sing (Meaning the strange noises and ringing we as star seeds, earth angels, spiritual people have already been experiencing.) The earth does feel love and pain and she will sing for us so we can hear this and be made aware. There will be strange sounds occurring in different parts of the earth.

  • Your pets and any animals will become more sensitive to these changes and may exhibit weird behavior themselves. They may become shy or afraid at times, their energy will shift.

  • Ascended Masters will start appearing (yes I know you’re probably thinking really?) The Blessed Mother, Jesus, St. Germain, and other illuminated beings who had the ultimate ascension and transitioned to the higher realms of consciousness will be working with many light workers and will appear or make news as they leave proof or revelations as I would like to call it here on earth. Yes, they are not a made-up fairy tale and are very real.

  • Faith - Our faith in the universe will be tested and more people must choose a side of darkness or light. Good vs. Evil this is a battle and you cannot hide in your home and ignore this. You will be given an ultimate side to choose and we always have but now more than ever you will need to prepare because those who choose darkness will be affected and impacted more greatly than those who chose the light. The darkness will the (war, the violence, the hate, the division, and the disease.

  • The Political System – The government we know will be different and not represented the same way. We will see shifts within structure and many people come and go. The people will uproar and focus on seeing the change we seek. Some states and countries will revise their laws.

  • LGBT Community – There will be some scandals around this and hate crimes may be witnessed but there are going to be more riots and protests for the fighting of equality. Does this mean the laws passed for marriage (yes) but there will be more riots.

  • We start seeing a shift in people’s attachment to their technology and a re-emergence of more simple times. This does not mean technology will go away but we are almost enslaved to our technology. People in the 6th dimension will let these tendencies go! We will see everyone coming together more and more love slowly emerging.

  • Marijuana Laws – I also see laws changing in this area and also destruction of mass farms which harvest and grow this plant.

Now we will look at the changes we will experience as humans:

  • Astral Travel – Those who astral travel will notice that their tendencies increase to travel to other dimensions.

  • Spiritual Awakenings – These will occur in people who were born 1980’s and some older generations will start to experience new waves of spiritual growth or seek the truth outside of the regular doctrine or belief systems imposed on them.

  • New Wave Hippies – We had a wave of people who were labeled as hippies but really were all about love for our planet in the 60’s and we will see more people becoming more involved in the movement to promote peace and happiness on earth.

  • Changing of eye color- There will be a new eye color or mutation of genes in the DNA of humans and will make an appearance. This is the extraterrestrials working on our DNA and evolution of humans here on earth.

  • Telepathy – There are going to be people who have this gift dormant and notice it awakens. This will be mental communication between people.

  • Cell phones will be evolving and new technology introduced but operates like a projecting on surfaces. I get this will be small and somehow incorporated into watches maybe into jewelry as well.

  • Human Intelligence – There are going to be expansion and new inventions and cures developed for certain type of cancers.

  • Self- Healing Abilities – We are going to notice these changes as well. We will rely less on medicine and more on ourselves and nature for cures.

These are just some of many more things to come but too much to mention here. Many of us are awake and ready for the 6th dimension and it will be our duty as lightworkers to help others shift into the new level of consciousness.

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