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Prepping for the 6th Dimension

If you are on Facebook or have some other form of communication you already know the universal shifts are taking place. The shifts are not just changes in our reality here on earth but at the spiritual level (your spiritual self) and the universal consciousness. For many who are still stuck vibrating at the 3rd and 4th dimensions you may have noticed that you are still shocked by humanity and what is occurring in our world. Some are just beginning on their spiritual path and awakening. This is what we are seeing in our world as chaos. This is what social conditioning and propaganda has done to our consciousness and to a certain extent we have become divided as humanity on earth. If you are vibrating at a higher level and tuned in with your higher self you are noticing how worldly matters do not affect you the same way as others or it doesn’t surprise you because deep down you know everything has happened with a purpose behind it.

As we move into the 6th dimension you are going to notice many things happening in our physical plane (earth) and to yourself (physical body) in response to the universal codes and universal shifts in consciousness occurring. Let’s first a look at what will happen here on earth as we shift.

Earths 6Th Dimensional Changes

  • Human Behaviors- Those still vibrating at old dimensions will be the ones spreading hate, anger, violence, depression, committing acts of violence but not knowing why they did this, taken by surprise by social or legal changes occurring,

  • Mass Exodus – People will leave this planet either by natural causes (disasters) or accidents and all will happen as it’s written. We will witness these first hand and not understand why this had to happen. Remember we never truly die as energy cannot be destroyed but many will opt for this exit to return HOME (Spiritual Realm aka Heaven).

  • Weather Patterns (Hurricanes, Fires, Tornados, Tsunami, Earthquakes, all epic proportions and will seem like these are the end of times).

  • Solar Flares and Global Warming, these will occur more frequently and affect our animals here on earth and plants (crops). Certain species will become extinct if they