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Cloaked Spirituality

We have spiritual people and then we have those who are cloaked in spirituality. As I embarked on this journey I have seen so many things in the spiritual world of psychics, mediums, healers, and I’m sure I will witness more as time progresses. For those of you just starting out on this path you have yet to experience the many ugly sides of spirituality. Yes, not all is sugar coated and rooted in the light. We do have quite a bit of “professionals” and I use the term loosely who pretend to be spiritual but are talking about someone behind their back, sees everything as a competition, their way is the only correct way and the list goes on and on. But why? Why are there so many people who strive to bash other professionals like them? It sometimes boils down to jealousy of your fellow colleague or better yet a rumor or rumors spread by others to discredit or bring your image down.

Most of us are so quick to listen to rumors that others spread but rarely do we consider the source and most of the times we believe everything that is fed to us by others because we tend to give the benefit of the doubt. The thing with spirituality is that it’s not enough to have the name attached to you. Yes, we do carry titles as psychic, medium, and healers to identify our abilities but spirituality carries no labels. A true spiritualist will not try to stop someone from their path to help others. There is no judgment. Only ego and those who are cloaked in spirituality will do this.

People who are cloaked in spirituality try to set up rules on how things should be done in a controlled environment or they find themselves with some authority or position and they become power hungry. Sometimes they are not sure if they are doing things to elevate their image or to do a good deed. They are usually torn on what is the right thing to do. They may be well versed in the subjects of spirituality or modalities but the one thing they cannot change is their intentions and energy. As I’ve said before you can easily identify who is doing their line of work for spirituality, popularity, or etc. They preach love but yet they judge others. It could be that the person they are bashing is spiritual and has attained some level of success in their field that they have been unable to attain. Much of this all boils down to ego. Those who are cloaked in spirituality tend to refute the fact that they can be wrong or they can still learn. They truly do not want to learn or think others could teach them something else. They may attack people at first by trying to impact their job, clients, or make excuses with no validations once so ever.

The fact is that when we deal with psychics, healers, mediums the world of spirituality has set up courses, modalities, techniques all positive to help others tap into their gifts or further develop the gifts of others. The problem with this is when those spirituality cloaked try to set ways of reading others or trying to discredit others on their methods of doing readings. Everyone’s gift is different and unique and you cannot tell someone that the way they are doing readings or healings is wrong and this is the “way” that is the “correct” way of doing things. Spirituality does not work like that. Many people who are spiritual light workers process and receive messages differently. There are people who use their gifts to channel, some receive messages or sense things, others may speak solely with their spirit guides, and you have others who speak with their angels to relay messages. When we consider things like evidentiary perspective of psychic or mediumship readings things may not connect immediately as everyone reads differently. Sometimes the information will not resonate with the sitter immediately because their mind is overwhelmed with what they just received or they are thinking hard to put two and two together. It is sometimes after a reading that days, weeks, or months later the reading will resonate or things will truly click.

There are others who will immediately be able to validate information given. It does not mean that the reader or spiritual person is wrong, but what is wrong is when those cloaked in spirituality try to discredit another reader or another person for their own purposes. Their connection with spirit is different than another person. We all have our own ways of relaying messages and it doesn’t make it wrong.

One area is future insights sometimes they will not manifest until the future so it’s hard to validate or feel the connection, this does not mean the reader is wrong. You also have to keep in mind that with any reading we are just messengers for spirit. Some of the information you have received can be altered or changed by you because of your FREE WILL. What we get are energetic snapshots of what we are being told or able to see within the confines of the gift we have. This is a great misconception where many sitters believe their reader was wrong because they didn’t see the things mentioned occurring. Sometimes they will not occur because the reading actually was positive for you and propelled you forward to make those necessary changes to avoid what the reader saw during your session.

Spirituality does not come with a manual and does not have a certain set rules or ways of doing things. When we start to put spirituality in the box we are deviating from spirituality into ego. Spirituality is not a cloak we wear or pair of hats or shoes. It is a chosen lifestyle, it’s who we are and we live and breathe it every moment of our life. This doesn’t mean spiritual people do not drop the cuss words, get angry, defend themselves or go through the same emotions as others. After all we are spiritual beings living a human experience. Spirituality is love and acceptance of others.

To those who have ever been a victim of a spiritually cloaked individual who has caused you drama or some type of upset, know that KARMA is watching and everyone in this world and the next reaps what they sow. Be sure to plant seeds of love and remove the ego, the judgement, the hate. Love is the only way forever and always.

Blessings in love and light,

-Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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