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Sneak Peaks at your Past Life

If you think this is your first time here on earth you are mistaken. The truth is that many of us are what we call old souls (individuals who have spent many lifetimes here on earth and display a certain level of advanced consciousness). Old souls usually feel disconnected from worldly matters that have no value like money, trends, and popularity. They tend to be more focused on compassion, earthly issues, protecting the environment and much more. If you have found yourself as the black sheep of your family or misunderstood by friends and society you could be an old soul. Most old souls as children display a certain level of maturity or knowingness that adults find intriguing. These types of children may be advanced or talented in areas of art, music, creativity, etc. They may also recall who they were in a past life. They may describe who they were, what they looked like, their name, what they wore, family members, etc. These reincarnated souls are old souls. So, what does this all have to do with sneak peaks at your past life?

At some point in the life you’re living right now you may feel inclinations of doing things you wouldn’t have thought of doing. You may find that you have certain phobias towards people, places or things. You may also find that certain foods may affect you. You may visit a place or see a place visually and feel connected to the land or area but you have never been there before in your life. Why would this occur? The reason is that subconsciously your soul is aware of these things and will send you signals when you are ready for your soul’s evolution. Not many people are aware of the reason why they feel this familiarity. Again, you probably have been there before. It’s no surprise some people have phobias like being in water or of heights but why? Sometimes in a past life you may have passed away in that type of environment. For example, someone who has a phobia of water and cannot or will not learn to swim, may have passed in a drowning accident in their past life. Now in their current life they tend to display these intense dislikes for these things or places. You may not understand why but your soul does. You also haven’t made peace with this and your soul carries this imprint. Therefore, people who have phobias seek professional help but still suffer from these even if they can mask or temporarily cure them. They may keep reoccurring until spiritual healing from a reiki master or someone who deals with past life regression assists you. Some people seek out hypnotism as form of therapy to deal with this.

You may also see snippets (visions) or dreams of yourself in a past life. You may remember things from your past life or soul mates whom you shared a life with. The reason you are dreaming these things is because when in a dream state, it’s easier for your soul to reconnect to these and learn what lessons or things you need to from this to prevent the same karmic lessons or issues form continuing to repeat themselves. Many of us are unaware why we repeatedly keep ending up with the same type of people in relationships that result in us being single and unhappy or why we continue to have the same habits and experiences. If you find patterns are reoccurring in your life this is past life/karmic lessons that are most likely repeating. Until you deal with this appropriately it will continue to happen.

How can I deal with is?

1. Past life Regression

2. Therapy

3. Reiki

4. Past Life Reading

5. Prayers to the archangels (Metatron or Michael)

6. Meditation

These are some of many ways to deal with these things. Again, if you are having dreams you will need to keep a dream journal and write down what you remember (places, colors, smells, conversations, etc.). Information is being shown and given to you to make some peace with all of this.

Some people also have the PAST LIFE SNIPPETS when they first see or meet someone. They may feel like an immediate connection as if when they consider their eyes they know this person but don’t remember or can’t explain it. This is you recalling this person from your past life. In most cases, you shared a past life together. Sometimes someone from our past life and soul family will come into our life so we can continue the healing we didn’t experience in a previous past life. You will feel this calm energy and like this person is the only one who comprehends you. There is a mutual understanding that goes beyond time and space. This is the soul connection and the past life snippets.

Next time you have some feelings or dreams unveiling information you cannot understand or interpret but feels right and feels familiar, these are past life snippets being shown to you. Your soul’s memory bank is depositing new information into your memory. While you may not understand this, you will learn to accept or continue your quest for answers. Remember age is only a number for your physical body, your soul is infinite and not defined by a number. Your life that you are living now is only a snippet in the evolution of your soul’s existence.

Blessings in love and light. X

-Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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