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Empath Wounds

As empaths, psychics, mediums, and healers we may not realize that the energy of others can affect us not only physically but also spiritually. Since we are highly sensitive people (hsp) and able to connect with others emotions they can latch onto the person who is tuning in. If you are beginning your spiritual journey as an empath, you may feel suddenly like the emotions you are carrying are not yours. These could feel out of place and not the norm. Sometimes we may not even realize we are a different person spiritually until a loved one mentions to us that our personality or energy seems off or different. Although our soul is composed of energy and cannot be destroyed, it can still make us feel emotional pain because our soul is not free but in a vessel (our human body) which transports it. When we are tuned in, there isn’t a manual to control what or who we feel energy from, so this is where we can suffer empathic wounds. These are energetic imprints that are absorbed by the person who is an empath.

You may feel/do the following.

  • Extreme Moodiness

  • Sadness or deep sorrow

  • Anger, Hate, & Resentment

  • Pain

  • Frustration

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Attachment

  • Spiritual Bondages (addictions)

The list can go on and on. The empathic wounds will heal but you must find out whose energy you have absorbed. In many instances, it will be the people you were last around or who may have low vibrations and emanate the things mentioned above. Now some empaths may carry this energy for prolonged periods of time and when they do it creates a wound/scar in their energy and soul. It can cause the person to become more vulnerable and have issues letting go. This is frequently seen in people who have been in hurtful relationships but they still love the person and think of them even when they are already in a new relationship and with someone new. The pain isn’t very easy to go away nor are the feelings.

What do you do if you have empathic wounds?