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Tuning into Spirit with Disabilities

A big misconception is around people with disabilities and this could range from a physical or mental standpoint. Our gifts tend to become stronger when one of our 5 senses are compromised or if we go through some type of medical trauma or situation that transforms our live on a deeper level. When we consider people, who suffer from autism, ADHD, or other condition we may think they are not able to tune into the spirit world or they may make comments to us and we pass them off as being in state of mental illness or etc. While science continues to make progress with many medical diagnoses there are numerous cases reported of the wrong diagnosis or cases in which spirituality is involved and there is no scientific explanation that can be placed.

So what I’m getting at to be more precise is that those who exhibit signs of autism or have it and those who may suffer from mental illness if they are telling you things that you may not be able to understand like they are telling you that they are seeing people in their room but you can’t. Or they see other worldly beings but you can’t. Don’t ignore them but take them as being serious. Essentially, we are all so busy and glued to the matrix we live in and in this we see everything cut and dry and form a logical standpoint. However, anyone who is spiritual and has had their own spiritual experiences can tell you when they had their experiences whether it was a haunting or some other form of paranormal experience that they were not thinking about this or even expecting it to happen. It just happened. But many times when psychics or mediums are tuning in or channeling information a part of our brain that is unused is switched on and there is some studies being done that shows us in that moment a part of our brain is working but science may or may not see activity.

Those who are suffering from a physical disability either eye sight loss, hearing loss, touching, tasting, we all have had to rely on our other senses and strengthen these senses. Like those who are legally blind may not be able to see with their eyes but their intuition is very much on point and if someone enters the room they can hear them. So their hearing developed further. With psychics, mediums, and healers we have essentially tuned into our extra sense (intuition) and rely on it at times. With those who are mentally or physically challenged they have disconnected at times from their immediate surroundings and their consciousness or spiritual side emerges making them more sensitive to the spirit world. So some people who have worked in psych wards may have found that there are patients who talk to people or things that the workers cannot see. Or they may tell you something that you think that there is no way for them to know but it makes sense or resonates with you on a deeper level. These individuals may have medical conditions but this doesn’t inhibit or stop their connection with the spirit world. They are in fact more in tune than some of us and are very sensitive to what they see.

Spirits have an easier time manifesting around anyone with a physical challenge as well and may see them as targets for attack or to get the families attention. So if you have any one who has some challenges and they are going through some paranormal issues, just know there’s more to what you or others can see. Spirit is always around us. I’m not saying that you should ignore medical advice as that should always be taken seriously and listen to it. However, from a spiritual standpoint anything that a doctor cannot explain or cannot diagnose may be something on a spiritual level that should be considered and looked at more deeply.

Blessings in love and light. X

Raymond Guzman, Spiritual Medium

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