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2018 Celebrity Predictions

As many of you know, I have made many predictions of which have been validated. Please note that these are not necessarily going to always occur in the time frame of a year specified and timelines can vary. I can only see what spirit allow me to see so, keeping that in mind thank you for taking the time to read these.


Rihanna – I see that Rihanna is a EMPIRE currently in her life. To be so young she has conquered the world of fashion, music, acting, etc. What hasn’t see done? However, she likes her moments of privacy. I see her really looking for love and I see headlines being made and showing her with a man who is also in the celebrity world. She may have found her true love this time around. Expect to see lot of buzz around her and new music she is working on. We shall see new music and collaborations.

Beyonce – With Beyonce, she is coming back stronger than ever. I see her making and releasing new music early in 2018. She’s had her babies and now she’s ready to be back in the music world. Like she ever left? Some would call this a reinvention. I see her shifting a little and experimenting with new sounds and genres.

Jennifer Lopez – I see her making headlines as always but I see heartbreak with her and feeling as if her relationships always fall south. She is going to be working on some movie projects and we may see her on the big screen once again. She is shifting her focus.

Blake Shelton – I don’t see Blake and Gwen being together for much longer. I also get that Blake may do one or two more seasons of the Voice before leaving the show to pursue other projects. I see him still releasing music but he will take more on developing upcoming artists.