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2018 World Predictions

President Trump/Administration – Things are not looking good in the administration. I see drama and more headlines. While Trump is still trying to make peace with other nations I see that there is a lot of uproar and burning bridges. More people within top positions in the FBI or his administration will be ousted or resign. There’s a lot of tension occurring. I also get that physically President Trump is being affected. The slurred speech and other behaviors we shall see in 2018 point to early signs of Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular issues. He is wanting to micromanage everything, but he needs to delegate things to others and loosen up.

War – North Korea won’t back down and the last thing anyone wants is war. While everyone actually thinks that President Trump wants war, this is not the case but I see North Korea continuing to test out nuclear weapons. I also keep seeing uproar in the middle east. While it is not yet certain there will be war, know that he will do everything in his power to protect our nation as a whole and if this includes war, it will. However, I am told that the probability of this is very high. This again doesn’t mean that war is going to happen but there’s a lot of tension in the entire world.

Economy – There will continue to be an upswing to the USA economy. I see deficits decreasing and new business deals being done with other countries this will help with jobs. The stock markets seem to be more stable in 2018.

Gas/Oil – I see the price of gas increasing in the USA and worldwide in 2018 and I see the oil industry revived. Those who used to work in the oilfield will see more of demand once again. This means prices of meat and other items will most likely go up in certain parts of the USA and world.

Natural Disasters – As we saw this year that the hurricanes in the ocean and gulf coast were very intense and very catastrophic, I see that 2018 will not produce as many hurricanes. I do not see Puerto Rico being affected in 2018 or Texas gulf coast. I see weather patterns shifting and the north part of the USA experiencing a milder winter in certain parts, but I do see a warmer summer for them and a little cooler in the south of the USA. California fires are going to continue in 2018 but not like we saw this year. It is not a good place to live in especially in south California. I am seeing earthquake activity increasing all over the world. We will see major earthquakes rock parts of South America, Central America, and Parts of Europe. I do see tornadoes spurring the central and east coast of the USA. These will be very intense and will wipe out communities. I keep being drawn to Kansas and Oklahoma but also North East. Spirit revealed this phrase to me “When black crickets appear a natural disaster is near.” This is the first time I heard this phrase but if and when crickets make their appearance, expect some climate patterns to be SUPER intense.