Signs Angels are Near

I often receive this question and how do you know if your angels are around you? It’s important to know that angels are assigned to us at birth and are with us throughout our journey here in the physical world. We also can have more than one angel assigned to us as well. Their mission is to be with us and the only time they may not be able to really protect us, is when we are vibrating at lower levels of energy.

This is because the angels and archangels operate in the light and full of love. In turn, when we operate from love and light our angels can really be present and show us that they are there. When we are vibrating at a lower energy that is full of anger or discord, this is when angels tend to be there but cannot really help us. The reception and protection aren’t the best and this is because this isn’t the frequency they operate on. Therefore, some people who are very depressed, just experienced a loss, or cannot forgive, usually cannot connect with their angels.