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Signs Angels are Near

I often receive this question and how do you know if your angels are around you? It’s important to know that angels are assigned to us at birth and are with us throughout our journey here in the physical world. We also can have more than one angel assigned to us as well. Their mission is to be with us and the only time they may not be able to really protect us, is when we are vibrating at lower levels of energy.

This is because the angels and archangels operate in the light and full of love. In turn, when we operate from love and light our angels can really be present and show us that they are there. When we are vibrating at a lower energy that is full of anger or discord, this is when angels tend to be there but cannot really help us. The reception and protection aren’t the best and this is because this isn’t the frequency they operate on. Therefore, some people who are very depressed, just experienced a loss, or cannot forgive, usually cannot connect with their angels.

I will go on to say that angels do hear everything you say and communicate to them. It doesn’t matter if you say it in your mind or out loud, they know.

So here are some signs that your angels are near:

  • You feel a presence that is full of love always watching you or around. It’s not scary but rather lovingly.

  • You see blue speckles of light, gold, or any other color appear quickly. This can be during meditation or while awake.

  • You can see a bright light appear and then disappear.

  • You often find feathers around you.

  • Every time you are going through something rough you will tend to see butterflies, doves, any kind of bird.

  • You see angel numbers frequently like 222, 12:12, 11:11, 333.

  • You came close to being hurt in an accident or an accident was prevented.

  • You feel a warmth deep within radiating out (the touch of an angel).

  • You hear a high-pitched frequency in your ear or ringing.

  • You tend to gravitate towards angelic things like angel wings, angel pendants, angel artwork, etc.

  • You smell floral fragrances that you have never or rarely smell (gardenia, rose, and etc).

  • You tend to find someone following you while out in public and then watching you but they disappear and you never see them again.

  • You feel an overwhelming sense of inner stillness and calmness.

These are just a few ways of knowing that you are not alone, and spirit is always around you. You never have to worry with angels that are protected. The will help guide you and when they are present evil cannot be present. Evil usually evades or runs away from the light and from angels. Angels do not require sleep as they are spiritual in nature so they are around us 24/7.

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