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Pets and the Afterlife

It is important to know that our fur babies are with us in spirit after they pass. Ever heard that saying that all dog’s souls go to heaven? Well it’s true but it’s all animals. Their souls are unique and usually they come here to earth to be our companions and help heal us. They also are very intuitive. They serve many purposes. As a psychic medium I often do pet readings and I find such great joy doing mediumship readings for animals that have passed. Your pets do often visit just like souls of humans do when they cross over.

Many of you may have had your own personal experiences where other pets in the family start barking into a blind space. To your eyes, you may not see anything there but if spirit of another pet that’s crossed is there, most animals will see them. They could also feel them. The hardest thing to do is often let go of our pets when they are sick. I recently had an experience in which a friend who had a fur baby, noticed a change in the behavior of their puppy. In many cases when your pet is ready to cross over willingly and without intervention or assistance, you could notice that they may lose appetite, they lack interest in the usual.

Many just lay there without energy. They could be sleeping more than normal just like a human soul that passes from a terminal illness or an illness that weakens them. One common thing is that the person starts sleeping a lot. This is because the soul of pets are using their remaining energy to transition to the other side. It’s hard to see but in several instances, I have witnessed myself that this occurs.

Most people who have a strong bond with their pets may also feel premonitions before they pass. This could be like upset stomach, nausea and feeling impending doom or anxiety. This is because energetically you are linked to your fur baby and their soul is preparing your soul for the acceptance of this. While it’s not easy to accept, none of us want to see our pets suffer or be sick. Just like human souls, if your pet had cancer or other illnesses and was in pain, they are healed immediately and not in any pain when they cross over.

Sometimes they will leave you signs before passing and this could be some clumps of their fur, a barking, you could feel like a brush of air on your feet or ankles. If they always sat on your lap or on your bed, you could still feel that pressure or indent. Another common question that is often wondered is that if souls of pets reincarnate just like human souls do? The answer to that is that yes, they can but pets are different in their souls. Since they are pure of heart and come here selflessly to earth to help humanity, they don’t have karmic lessons like we do. However, they can come back as your spirit guide, and guardian angel.

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