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2018 Yearly Horoscopes

ARIES – This year brings a lot of excitement in your career. Where you once saw roadblocks, you are now going to find that things are a lot more exciting and innovative for you. You seem to take on a leadership role regardless if you are not working in that role. A lot of people cling to you and seek you out for guidance and often in the work space you could feel like you should be a therapist. While this is all lovely and fantastic, be sure to protect your energy. Energy vampires tend to cling to you on a greater level than other signs. It’s because your energy is very powerful and soothing to them. Use black tourmaline crystals if you can. By June and going forward you will notice that any ideas to grow your own business or take on a self-employment is just what you need. But being a workaholic some of you could take on 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Think smarter.

In your love life you will notice that this year is one for the books. You will have a complicated relationship because part of you wants to be dedicated to your partner but part of you wants to focus on work. If you are stuck working long grueling hours or your shifts are opposites, this could stir trouble in the love department. Make time to spend with your partner or spouse. The first part of the year can be very passionate but by September, you could find yourself busy and feel as if your relationship is missing something greater. Stagnation permeates your house of love.

In your family and personal life you may find that people who are being fake show their true colors. This is not any news to you because you may have already known this to be true, but you are waiting to hear straight from them. They will expose themselves for who they really are so just be patient. This year is going to be very good in weeding out those acquaintances that no longer serve your greater good. Be very clear on what you are willing to tolerate and not tolerate. Others can try to take advantage of you. You may also feel like you are now more in tune with your higher self and this will help you when chatting with new people or meeting new people. Use your gift for discernment to help you make the best decisions. This is a year of transformation and success. Keep shining Aries.

TAURUS – There is a lot changing for you this year dear Taurus. You are one of the zodiac signs that is constantly evolving, and you never do just one thing for a long period of time. You seek constant change and through this you grow. This year you could be contemplating a major life decision such as moving to a new city or state, you could also decide to change your job entirely. It all depends where you are on your spiritual path, but one thing is certain and that is that you will keep up with any changes needed and adapt well to your environment. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in the world because your light is literally radiant and very balanced.

A part of you could also be easily influenced by a friend who is like a sister energy or friend. You look to this person often for guidance or support, however, they could be secretly ready to embark on some new journeys for themselves. This doesn’t mean that they will not stick around to show you love or support, but they too are evolving with you. Be supportive of any endeavors this person has.

From February until September you will experience the greatest momentum in all aspects of your life and at times it could feel as if you are working non-stop. Be sure to delegate any work that you can and don’t take onto too much or you could easily feel tired and exhausted.

In your family life there is celebration and new beginnings, if you have grown children who are now adults, you can expect some new births in the family or announcements like marriage or engagement. This is a very auspicious time in which you are starting to see how well you have taught others lessons and how they continue to grow before your eyes.

There will be some lessons for you to experience as well and this deals with others insecurities. While you have done a lot of work in 2017 on your own fears, you will see others projecting theirs. The thing with this, is that some of those fears can directly impact you as a sensitive and empath and bring you back memories of your past. Try to move past this graciously and with a smile on your face. There hasn’t never been a more confident time in your life as it is right now. Bravo!

GEMINI – You’re a ball of sunshine this year dearest Gemini. You have truly worked hard in 2017 and perhaps experienced the greatest challenges ever. However, you are not a victim of your circumstances and you have learned to be stronger than others. This year though if you are single, you may notice there are greater tendencies to be on dating apps, or seeking out potential partners. While you can be shy at times, you really are fixated on your love life. The key here is to go after what you want. Do not let your mind play games with you to the point that you entirely forfeit an opportunity to meet your soulmate. If you are already with your soulmate you could see your relationship reach new heights.

2017 was also challenging with your friendships and there could have been some volatile energies around you. Being that you are so likable and innovative, some people could have seen this as a threat to them. They often do not like when others are more successful than them. This is not your problem. So if you saw a lot of friendships cycle out of your life, you are not the one to blame. This was divine intervention and with this year you will notice more stability and harmony in this area. The friends you have around you now are loyal and can be trusted.

If you work in an office type of environment or with several employees, it can easily be a situation where you are exceeding any expectations your boss or higher ups had of you. Others will be jealous and show their negative energy. They will either make comments to disturb your peace or lie about you. Let them have fun because you are on a higher road and they cannot travel it with you.

CANCER – This year could be one that spooks you a little. If you are a skeptic on spirits or have trouble believing, you could become a believer. It is possible for your house to have activity from spirit and this is something we call a haunting. You could be picking up spirit as well and they could be following you wherever you go. This could be happening because your medium abilities are now awakening, or you have gone through something traumatic that has triggered these experiences.

In your love life you could still be feeling lonely at times. You could be asking yourself what is wrong with you and why can your friends find partners so easily. You will need to dig deeper in your questions and ask yourself, are you living in your authenticity. Are you hiding a part of yourself that you don’t want others to judge you on? If this is the case, you can easily bypass all turmoil in your love life and find someone who truly understands you and loves you quickly. Before this year ends you may find a true partner and soul mate. However, if you keep feeling as if nothing will happen and you are not taking steps to go outside your comfort zone, then these changes will not occur. Your free will is at play here Moonchild.

In your financial area you could be finding that money falls into your lap by just doing your job. You could receive referrals, or you could be promoted. There is a lot of focus on your career this year and it feels exciting. Roadblocks are now lifted, and new opportunities surround you. You could have two places that may be interested in hiring you, but you must choose which one is best.

By the end of the year you will feel more liberated and carefree. For the first time in a long time, you are now able to be happy. Embrace each moment.

LEO – Some issues or people of your past could return to your life this year Leo. You may not understand why things are happening as they are, but there could be some lessons that you thought you had learned, but in reality still need closure or healing from them. Spirit will use a lot of our experiences to get us on the path we are supposed to. If you are finding it hard separating yourself from an ex or a family member, this would be the reason why. From May moving forward you will notice a lot of the drama surrounding others settles down and leaves you for time to focus more on yourself.

In your work environment you could be pushing the boundaries and speaking your mind. A boss may not like this and wants their employees to fear them or just to be fearful. If you are in such a situation, get out of it or report it to an employer. You need to feel like a human being and not attacked at work. Never speaking up will result in changes never occurring.

In your finances they are highlighted this year and you have the potential to make good money. If you volunteer your time to a cause or organization, you will see it bloom and grow.

Your abundance and blessings this year has the potential to touch others and they can follow in your footsteps. If you are noticing that others are putting on a good show online about how fabulous their life is, know this is not reality. A lot of people online are not who they claim to be. You pretty much live with a level of awareness and this is something rare in today's society.

VIRGO – At times from the beginning of the new year until May could be feeling this strong push from the universe and this has to do with your decision making. 2017 served to help bring you some clarity but at times you could have second guessed yourself or struggled between two decisions. This new year brings out the more assertive side to you. Others have often gotten into discussions with you about your indecision so this could have prompted you to become more sure of what you want. You may also notice from May moving forward that you are no longer seeking the approval of others. Trying to make others happy is something you have striven for in the past, however, your reality is shifting.

In your work career, you may seek some certification, study, or take courses to develop your skill set further. This could also be self studying that you do, but rest assured you are ready for the opportunities coming up and surrounding you this year. A boss may give you more responsibilities not because they don’t like you, but because they see your potential. You could also develop strong feelings for someone in the work place. Be careful to not overstep your boundaries or mix business with pleasure. This could easily escalate and you may have trouble dealing with the repercussions later.

Some anxieties can easily flare up if you don’t take some time practicing self-love this year. It is super important to dedicate some time doing this and also living in state of gratefulness or thankfulness. Doing this, you will rarely feel as if you don’t see your blessings happening. The truth is that your blessings are manifesting very clearly but if you are too focused on what hasn’t happened, you can’t realize what has.

LIBRA – Are you still living in the past Libra? There could be issues from your past still haunting you and the beginning of this year starts off with you feeling as if you’re still broken. This is not how those around you see you, and they admire your inner beauty and strength. Rarely do you let others see your fears or troubles. One way of releasing old baggage is to pray, meditate and know that all the things you’ve experienced this far is just lessons and you are now wiser. A family member could also be bringing up past mistakes you made and not proud of. If they choose to hit below the belt, be sure to cut these people out of your life. You don’t need negativity around you right now. You are doing the best you can and need to continue loving and honoring yourself.

In your love life you could have recently married or dating someone. While the honeymoon phase is now over, you could feel at times like you jumped into this relationship too quickly. Know that you can work through all issues. If you are not being communicative or they are not, it will be something that needs to be addressed. You don’t want to go through the same routines this year either, so you will seek clarity and change.

In your work life you could find that you love your job but not the people you work with. While this may not be the case for all your co-workers, there are some who play favorite or a boss who plays favorites. This is irritating if you are putting your best foot forward. If your boss is not making changes and you don’t feel this environment is good for you, it may be time to start looking for a new job or career.

SCORPIO – You could start off this year still stuck in old routines and patterns and someone else around you, could want to help bring you out of this. Don’t see this as them trying to dictate your life, but rather they are being guided by spirit to help you. To bring you some joy and happiness. Life is worth laughing and not taking yourself too seriously. If you have been trying to fall pregnant or conceive, this is also a year in which you can easily fall pregnant. You must stay positive.

If you are in a relationship, your partner and yourself could be wanting to move locations and to start your family or build it further in a place that is calmer and away from the busy city life. Family members may not agree but you are doing what you want and that is fulfilling for you.

This is a good time around fall to start writing your thoughts and ideas and letting out anything else that you have kept built up inside. Starting your diary is a good idea. This can help you release a lot of these feelings that would never see the light of day and cause you emotional and mental distress. If you can do this, you will feel liberated.

Financially, this year will be better for you in terms of career and earning potential. You will work hard but you may also think of investing or getting stock. This will be good in the long run. If you seek out someone you trust, they may want to help you as well.

SAGITTARIUS – Your spiritual side is awakened now more than ever. If you were spiritual previously in 2017 you may find yourself working further in this area. You could take on some courses, study, read books, perhaps even start reading others. Others surrounding you may not believe in your way of thinking or your beliefs, but many won’t understand your path and the journey could be a higher calling so if you are able to push past this and embrace who you are, you will find happiness in this area of your life.

In your work area you could be very fixated on a trip or traveling. Work could provide this for you or you could plan to travel yourself. If you haven’t taken your vacation a good time to take it would be during the summer months or winter months and go somewhere you find magical. This is very good for you and those in your family.

In your family area you could find that you are being a little over protective of your children or even spouse. There are things you want them to adhere to but you must draw a fine line between your work life and family life. Many times, the two get mixed and your family members could feel as if you are treating them like you would treat others in work.

By the end of the year you could feel you are running low on energy and your immune system can be compromised easily. Take frequent breaks when you are feeling tired and be sure to dedicate some time to yourself and listening to your body carefully.

CAPRICORN – This year you could start off the year feeling as if nothing you do for someone who is a narcissist is never good enough. This person seems to criticize you on everything you do, and at times insults you verbally. You may also feel like when you try to put your best foot forward this person just wants and wants but never gives to you. This can be so draining and it’s time to put your foot down. Do not allow anyone to make you feel inferior or make you feel like you are not worthy.

In your work area, schedules could be mixed around or changed. If you work a day shift, you may be asked to work a night shift, or you could be asked to do someone else’s job. This may not set well with you. If you are not wanting to do this voluntarily, you need to speak up and let others know exactly how you feel.

If you have appointments to go to this year, be sure to call and double check before showing up as things could change at the last minute. Financially you could also feel as you are barely keeping your head above water. If there are others in your house who are not working but able to, you need to give them an ultimatum and let them know they cannot continue to live off you or your kindness. You deserve help and shouldn’t carry the burden of having to do everything yourself. They may not like what they hear but may have a wake-up call.

AQUARIUS – This year is full of surprises for you dear Aquarius. These are pleasant surprises. The last two years have been extremely rough. For the most part you have put on a smile and have pushed yourself past your limits, often feeling so tired of everyone and everything. The seeds you have planted, are now paying off. You will reap what you have sown. A person who hurt you in the past could now apologize to you, this could be for their own good, but you may experience some healing on a deeper level.

Spirit of passed loved ones could also be around you more strongly and you will feel them and at times you could dream about them. This is all validation of things you already felt or wondered. There is some relief here. With stress this year you could want to get fit and take up a dancing class or exercise class. If you are more reserved, you could find a buddy to jog with or take a walk with.

In your family life you could feel pressured to help someone with money. Be careful to borrow and be sure this person has a good history of paying you back. Often, we decide to help another person, but they have burned us in the past and we ignore this or become accustomed to these behaviors. You don’t want to become complacent.

If you are single, this is a good year to date someone or even marry them. You could feel like things in your life are moving too fast. This acceleration is good for you. Go with the flow.

PISCES – Your work life starts off the year and you could be very fixated on your job. If you are working in a position with little room for advancement, you could be considering finding other employment. You now are realizing your potential and see that a boss will never change. The hardest part is letting go but you can do anything you put your mine to. New opportunities surface so if you are looking for another job, keep your resume up to date.

In your personal life you could be in a web of love. There could be two people who show interest in you or who you feel interest in. This can become very toxic quick, especially if none of you are willing to realize that this cannot continue without someone getting hurt. Speak from your heart and know what you want and don’t lead anyone else on. Don’t keep secrets.

Financially, you may find that you have some extra money to spend and may want to spend it quickly or on impulse. Don’t buy impulsively and take time to decide between wants and needs. You can find that if you need money at the last minute, you will have the money to address it but you must save even if it’s hard to do.

Spiritually, you could feel as if you are receiving messages from spirit strongly. You could see angel numbers and have premonitions before things occur. This is really a good indication that you are evolving and stepping into the 5th dimension of consciousness. Keep working on it until you master your gifts.

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